Bandcamping in Self-Isolation

“Written by Matt McPherson aka Wane Lietoc, External Music Director and DJ of  Wane Lietoc Consumes the Bloghouse! and Lietoc’s Krankcast Currently, as I type this up, I have left Santa Barbara for self-quarantine south in Escondido. In these delicate times, KCSB, from community programmers to student leadership, is shifting in […]

Wane Lietoc’s 12 Albums of the Year

04 Jan, 2020

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Written by Matt McPherson aka Wane Lietoc, External Music Director and DJ of  Wane Lietoc Consumes the Bloghouse! I’m stubborn about music, generally. It seems odd to think about it like that, because I spent much time interrogating at least 150 albums this year. Back catalogs from discogs and album […]

MUSIC REVIEW: Lumpy Records

10 Oct, 2019

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Written by Matt McPherson, External Music Director Music Director policy has us on an active hunt for music, from the mere curios to the glaring omission. Sonically, there’s much the station can benefit from. Case in point: recently, a programmer tipped me off to a little label called Lumpy Records. […]

World Music Wednesday: Child of the Rainbow

07 Jan, 2019

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Few albums of the past decade resist simple categorization as Gurrumul’s 2018 release Djarimirri: Child of the Rainbow does. Gurrumul hailed from Australia’s Elcho Island as a member of the indigenous Yolngu people. Born totally blind, he never learned braille or used a guide dog and was intensely shy. A […]

Scene and Heard: Good Time and “The Pure and the Damned

21 Dec, 2018

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      Connie, the protagonist of the Safdie brothers’ grimy, propulsive crime thriller Good Time (2017), is not a good person. After a botched bank robbery results in the incarceration of his brother Nick (who served as Connie’s accomplice), Connie hurdles through a night of increasingly poor choices as […]

Way Back Then: “Hi Scores” by Boards of Canada

05 Mar, 2016

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[March 5, 2016] By Spencer VH With a career spanning over twenty-five years, Edinburgh, Scotland’s Boards of Canada just might be one of the single most influential electronic music artists of all time. That being said, they still might also be one of the most underrated.  With compositions in mainstream […]