14 Jun, 2024

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As the end of the 2023-2024 school year approaches, so does LGBTQ Pride Month! KCSB’s Music Department wanted to highlight some wonderful Queer musicians to celebrate and uplift these artists. This is just a small portion of all of the work that LGBTQ artists contribute, we hope that these picks […]

☆Spring Playlist☆

17 Apr, 2024

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Spring has sprung in Isla Vista! The sun is out and Santa Barbara’s students are taking on their final quarter of the 2023-2024 school year. This April, KCSB’s Excomm put together a track list of songs to accompany our students and community members this spring. Whether you’re exploring the bluffs, […]

☆Women’s History Month Playlist☆

19 Mar, 2024

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To celebrate Women’s History Month, the KCSB music department, with the help of our Assistant MD’s and members of the Executive Committee, have put their heads together to bring you a curated playlist featuring some of our favorite women musicians!  This playlist aims to show that the power and prowess […]

Valentine’s Day Playlist

15 Feb, 2024

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There are so many types of love – love for a partner, love for a friend, love for a radio station. Here at KCSB we want to celebrate love this February with a curated Valentine’s Day playlist by our lovely Excomm. Check out our picks as you’re shopping for chocolate, […]


29 Jan, 2024

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It is impossible to overstate the profound impact that Black musicians have had on modern music. Almost any contemporary musical genre can be traced back to Black musicians who pioneered it. This Black History Month, KCSB’s staff is putting their heads together to highlight some of our favorite Black musicians […]


28 Dec, 2023

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Fall quarter is over, and winter break is here! KCSB’s Executive Committee assembled a playlist of the chillest songs they know to accompany your winter activities. Whether you’re ice skating, decorating cookies, or walking on the beach (Santa Barbara Winter is very similar to Santa Barbara summer, let’s be honest), […]

Excomm’s Spooktober Playlist

23 Oct, 2023

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October is here and Halloween is just around the corner! KCSB’s Executive Committee put together a playlist of spooky songs to accompany all of your Fall activities. Whether you’re carving pumpkins, getting lost in a corn maze, or doing a seance, this playlist is the perfect way to get in […]


17 Sep, 2023

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It’s Hispanic Heritage Month, and here at KCSB FM, we wanted to put together a playlist to showcase the diverse musical genres which have flowered from a variety of Hispanic countries. Though this playlist is by no means exhaustive, we hope it will be a good introduction to the range […]


18 Aug, 2023

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Summer is here and we’ve got the perfect playlist for all your summer activities!  At the end of every school year, KSCB selects the 18 members of the Executive Committee who are responsible for organizing and running the station’s day to day operations. To show off our new Excomm’s music […]

Lekha, our APD, Takes Newport Jazz Festival 2023

25 Jul, 2023

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words by: Lekha Sapers (Assistant Program Director 23-24′) If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you have some degree of musical interest – perhaps even, an appreciation for jazz (?). If I’m assuming correctly, then you’re in for a treat. As a native Rhode Islander, I have been privy to the […]

Pride Month Playlist

16 Jun, 2023

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  This Pride Month, KCSB wants to highlight some of the amazing LGBTQ+ talent that exists in music! The LGBTQ+ community has always been at the forefront of musical innovation, pioneering genres like disco, contemporary pop, and more! We hope to put you on to some new artists, as well […]

Pride of Ages Playlist

14 Jun, 2023

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words by: Sam Rosen Hey hey hey! My name is Sam Rosen and I am the (former) Communications Chair for the Queer and Trans Graduate Student Union (QTGSU) here at UCSB! I am so honored that KCSB reached out to our organization and gave us the platform to share our Pride playlist with […]

AAPI Month Artist Spotlight + Playlist

16 May, 2023

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In celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, our Music Department, along with some of our friends involved in different AAPI serving orgs, put together a playlist to highlight our favorite musicians who identify as Asian American and/or Pacific Islander! We have also included a list of newly […]

Spring Playlist

17 Apr, 2023

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  Spring has sprung, and Excomm is bringing you the best tunes to frolic in a flowery meadow to! Enjoy the songs that remind us of the season of blooming flowers, renewal, and growth! <3   JUSTIN’S RECS “Snowy!” by Your Arms Are My Cocoon This year spring break seemed […]

Women’s History Month Playlist

28 Mar, 2023

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This Women’s History Month, us here in the music department at KCSB wanted to highlight some of the amazing female talent that exists across all genres. Whether it be soulful vocals, belting ballads, or screaming feelings, women put together some pretty amazing music. That’s why we gotta celebrate that and […]

KCSBae Playlist!

14 Feb, 2023

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It’s Valentines Day, and whether you’re a lover or a loner, KCSBfm’s Executive Committee’s got the tunes to keep you covered.   MARION’S RECS  “Tender” by Blur This song’s lyrics do a really good job of describing the best part of falling in love with someone, which is that they […]

Zan Zendegi Azadi: Iranian Music and Revolution

21 Dec, 2022

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words by: Ava Kuredjian Music is a huge part of Iranian culture. From classical to jazz to pop to hiphop, Persian music covers every base imaginable. Before 1979, Iranian music was a meld of influences from around the world, merging them with a distinct Persian flair. However, after the Islamic […]

ExComm Holiday Playlist

09 Dec, 2022

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This holiday season, KCSBfm’s executive committee put their heads together to bring you the best tunes to keep you warm and jolly! We hope these songs will be the soundtrack to your wholesome winter season!  MARION’S RECS  “These Days” – Cat Power Winter is definitely a reflective time, maybe because […]

Spooktober Playlist

19 Oct, 2022

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This month, our staff put together an October themed playlist for you to listen during your spooky tomfoolery! Read on to see words from our staff about why they chose the songs they did! MARION’S RECS  “Anemone” – Brian Jonestown Massacre From the outset, the name “Brian Jonestown Massacre,” draws […]

Hispanic Heritage Month Playlist

28 Sep, 2022

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This month, KCSBfm is celebrating the wide-reaching impact of Hispanic culture. For this month’s playlist, members of KCSBfm’s Executive Committee highlight the breadth of Hispanic culture’s contribution to music by choosing their favorite songs from a myriad of culturally-influenced genres. Hispanic punk/emo/skramz – Justin Genre background The history of Latinx […]

✰ ExComm’s Summer Camp 2022 Playlist ✰

26 Aug, 2022

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Need a new playlist for those late summer barbecues? ExComm has got you covered.  Each summer, KCSB gains a new Executive Committee made up of 18 members that together are responsible for the planning and execution of daily station operation and programming. Together, we also curated this summer-camp playlist for […]


29 Jul, 2022

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July 23 – August 22 element: fire key words: confident, bright, bold, proud, regal,  symbol: the lion modality: fixed – steady, determined, calm planetary ruler: Sun Words and Music Curation by Chloe Kimmel, Digital Media Coordinator 21-22 No one loves life quite like a Leo! Much like the sun, Leos […]

91.9 KCSB-FM: Aidan and Ryan Take Hard Summer 2022

28 Jul, 2022

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Hey Ravers! Aidan and Ryan here, we’ll be in San Bernardino covering Hard Summer this weekend, and we wanted to put together a playlists of some artists to watch for! From techno to house, to jersey club and hip-hop, Hard Summer features three days of stacked lineups across a multitude […]

☆Desert Island Playlist☆

26 Jul, 2022

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For this month’s playlist, the music department imagines that while on a journey across the high seas in search for great music for the KCSBfm music library, their ship is wrecked by a torrential storm and they were left stranded on a desert island. These are the ten songs that […]

cancer season ☾✩☽

11 Jul, 2022

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Words + Music Curation by Chloe Kimmel, Digital Media Coordinator 21-22 June 21 – July 22 element: water key words: empathetic, maternal, intuitive, sensitive, dreamy, observant, creative, nurturing symbol: the crab modality: cardinal – active, quick, and ambitious planetary ruler: Moon. Classically, the moon was thought to be the protector […]


28 Jun, 2022

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As a goodbye from the 2021-2022 music department, each member of the music department picked 5 songs that they think the other two members would like.    MARION’S PICKS FOR YOUSEF  “Sao Paulo” – Braxton Cook – I think you’d like this song because of the fast and groovy drumming […]

❀ Music Department Spring Playlist ❀

31 May, 2022

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MARION’S RECS  “Lady In The Darkest Hour” – Kate Bollinger – Kate Bollinger’s voice is so remarkably sweet. This is a song about being patient when times are tough, and trusting that better days are around the corner. My favorite parts of this song are the strings which are featured […]

Exploring Asian American Artists with EASTBOUND

20 May, 2022

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Words by Justin Huang   boylife boylife is the solo project of Ryan Yoo of mmmonika, a Los Angeles-based indie band. The boylife sound was first introduced with the song peas, a song more reminiscent of a slow R&B song with upscaled production and poetic lyricism. While the song itself […]


29 Apr, 2022

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To celebrate KCSBfm’s 60th anniversary, the music department, with the help of DJ Darla Bea, created a playlist showcasing our favorite tunes from each decade since KCSB’s inception.    1960s – MARION I’ll preface this by saying that KCSB did play classical music for the first few years of our […]

6 Hip Hop Songs to Soundtrack Your 420 High

20 Apr, 2022

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Happy 420 to all the KCSBong rippers and KCSBlunt smokers out there supporting community powered radio. Hip Hop has a long history of producing music about marijuana and, over the years, some truly fire joints about firing joints have made their way into the world. During last Thursday’s episode of […]

Femmes in Clubs Playlist✩

31 Mar, 2022

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What better way to end Women’s History Month than on the dance floor? I curated this Femmes In Clubs playlist with inclusivity and bass in mind, so throw these songs on the CDJ and embrace this eclectic mix of hard techno, jersey club, drum ‘n’ bass, deep house, and electro! […]


17 Mar, 2022

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Enjoy this playlist featuring songs that KCSB’s music department has been listening to this March!   MARION’S RECS  “Waters Of March” – Marisa Monte, David Byrne – This track perfectly utilizes musical tension to emulate that funny little game the seasons play with us each year around this time- is […]

❦pisces season❦

10 Mar, 2022

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February 18th – March 20th element: water key words: emotion, imagination, sympathetic, mystical, intuitive, romantic, escapist, unrealistic, deception symbol: two fishes modality: mutable – flexible, adaptable, restless for movement and change planetary ruler: jupiter (traditional) & neptune (modern) – jupiter is related to abundance, fortune, expansion, and knowledge. Neptune governs […]

Spotlight Programming: Woman’s History Month

08 Mar, 2022

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Happy International Women’s Month from your friends at KCSB-FM!! To celebrate, we’ve created a specialty curated spotlight of female-fronted content for the entirety of Women’s History Month. Join us every Friday from 5-6pm during the month of March to celebrate the impactful voices of women in media on 91.9 FM […]