(remote) request line /
voicemail box!

for music submissions:

Jack McKinnon &
Marion Suchowiecky

internal and external music directors

the MDs review the music that is sent to the station and are responsible for corresponding with music industry representatives, labels, and artists to solicit music for the station. please send new releases, demos (all formats welcome) !

[] &


asteriskMusic submissions should be sent to the attn of “music directors”

mailing address for USPS, letters, envelopes:

PO Box 13401
Santa Barbara, CA 93107-3401

mailing address for UPS, FedEx, OnTrac:

1055 Storke Communications Building
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

for press inquiries:

Dorien Medina

Digital Media Coordinator

social media / website / blog editor


Claudia Qi

Promotions Director

promotions / ticket giveaways / live performances


Daniel Huecias

Production Coordinator

public service announcements


for studio booking:

If you are interested in booking our studios for a remote interview, please note that KCSB does not have an ISDN line. We are, however, able to provide a tape sync, Skype connection or other types of two way connectivity. For additional information, please email us at tapesync at or call us at (805) 893-3921

other kcsb staff:

Aidan Manousos

General Manager


Alex Castillo

Program Director


Marley Calderon

Assistant Program Director


Cameron Kurland

Sports Director


Jackie Sedley

News Director (Internal)


Jennifer Yoshikoshi

News Director (External)


Justin Africawala

Music Librarian


Naila Irfan

Business Coordinator


Shirley Wang

Publications Coordinator


Will Bacaj

Assistant Engineer


Samuel Tan

KJUC General Manager


Rebecca Greenberg

KJUC Program Director


Lekha Sapers

Archives Coordinator


advisory staff:

Lisa Osborn

News & Public Affairs Director

Jennifer Kiser

Assistant Director for Independent Media

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