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KCSB News – Music Submission Contest!

02 May, 2023

blog / news

KCSB’s News Department is looking for new music for their twice-a-week newscast! Their current theme music has been around for a while and they’re ready for a change. We’re hosting a Music Submission contest! If your audio gets chosen, you will win a shirt, hoodie/sweatpants, AND a KCSBear! The Department […]

January 2023 Storm Coverage

09 Jan, 2023


Here are links to important real-time resources: Emergency Updates – click ‘read more’ in red on the top of the page for the latest emergency information including evacuations and warnings.  You can also sign up to receive emergency text alerts. Weather Information & Warnings National Weather Service Santa Barbara […]

Aidan and Ryan’s Hard Summer Recap

05 Aug, 2022

blog / news

Last Weekend, KCSB’s own Aidan Manousos and Ryan Miller travelled to San Bernardino for Hard Summer, an annual dance and electronic music festival put on my Insomniac Events. With excitement and open ears they saw several familiar and unfamiliar artists play throughout the three days of performances. To find out […]

Inside IV: Munger Hall Campus – Community Forum

18 Jun, 2022

isla vista / news / ucsb

Happening June 1: “Munger Hall: Student and Public Response Panels.” Organizers say this event, at UCSB’s Campbell Hall, will provide an opportunity for diverse stakeholders to participate in a forum on the controversial proposed University of California Santa Barbara’s (UCSB) Munger Hall student housing project. KCSB’s Jennifer Yoshikoshi spoke with […]

Inside IV: CHAMP on Proposed Munger Hall

08 Jun, 2022

isla vista / news / ucsb

Campus Housing Alternatives to Munger Hall, Please (CHAMP), a new coalition, recently united with several UCSB orgs and others who are concerned about UC Santa Barbara’s plans to build ‘the world’s largest dormitory’ at UCSB. KCSB’s Dick Flacks spoke with UCSB alumna Deb Callahan, who assisted students in organizing a […]

Beyond Timely Warnings, Episode 2: Policy

31 May, 2022

isla vista / news / ucsb

KCSB News brings you Beyond Timely Warnings, a new feature series investigating sexual assault at UC Santa Barbara. In the second episode of Beyond Timely Warnings, KCSB’s Cecilia Aden and Molly Wright unpack the policy surrounding sexual assault at UCSB and its impact on survivors. Our theme music for this […]

The Economic Implications of the War in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine could stabilize the world’s food supply, as both Ukraine and Russia make up a significant portion of the world’s grain supply. KCSB’s Robert Stark speaks with Matt Stoller of the American Economic Liberties Project about the ramifications of the conflict and US economic policies on food […]

Inside IV: Deltopia Weekend – Keeping it Local

31 Mar, 2022

isla vista / news

Isla Vista’s unsanctioned annual street party is supposed to happen this weekend. And, locals are making a strong effort to keep the festivities upbeat and local. KCSB’s Jennifer Yoshikoshi speaks with community leaders Spencer Brandt (president of the IVCSD), and Shannon Sweeney and Diana Collins Puente from Associated Students UCSB […]


31 Mar, 2022

blog / events / news

Interested in audio journalism? KCSB News is searching for student storytellers to join our team this spring quarter!! Learn the fundamentals of radio broadcasting and journalism. KCSB News offers the opportunity to cover local and larger stories in the field, conduct interviews, and produce newsletters and radio spots that are […]

IV’s Local Government Turns 5 Years Old

13 Mar, 2022

isla vista / news

Cityhood for Isla Vista has been a dream for decades. In recent years, IV residents came together to form a local government. This week, IV’s local government – the Isla Vista Community Services District (IVCSD)- turned five years old. KCSB’s Dick Flacks spoke with Jonathan Abboud, general manager of the […]

Inside Santa Barbara’s Northern Branch Jail

26 Feb, 2022


KCSB News · Inside Santa Barbara’s Northern Branch Jail Santa Barbara County opened its long-awaited Northern Branch Jail in Santa Maria this January, following a long history of litigation and controversy at the county’s 50-year-old Main Jail. But while the new building is marketed at a beacon of hope for […]

The Authenticity of Queer & Trans Art

22 Feb, 2022

news / ucsb

On February 18th, UCSB’s Resource Center for Sexuality & Gender Diversity held its quarterly Student Art Gallery presenting works centering on this quarter’s theme: “Metamorphosis” and “True Self.” KCSB’s Terrie Jeon speaks with featured artists, the author of this quarter’s theme, and RCSGD’s marketing coordinator.

From Pharma to Federal Inmate: The Martin Shkreli Story

04 Feb, 2022

health & science / news

Martin Shkreli became one of the most hated people in 2015 after he legally hiked the price of a life-saving drug. He was constantly embroiled in controversy surrounding his professional life – and his romantic one. Here’s KCSB’s Joyce Chi with the story of how Shkreli went from a child […]

KCSB News Holiday Special ’21

23 Dec, 2021


KCSB News · KCSB News Holiday Special '21 Twas’ a night at KCSB and all through the station, not a programmer was stirring, because of winter vacation. Scaffolding wrapped Storke Tower with care, in hopes that no stone would fall through the air. Though reporters were nestled all snug in […]

Inside IV: Pandemic Stress + Potential Emotional Impacts of Munger Hall

19 Dec, 2021


KCSB News · Inside IV: Pandemic Stress + Potential Emotional Impacts of Munger Hall The emotional toll of long-term pandemic stress on young adults, and the potential mental health stressors of living in an isolated dorm room with no windows are just some of the topics KCSB’s Jennifer Yoshikoshi discusses […]

A Look Into America’s Opioid Epidemic and California Legislators’ Polarizing Response

19 Dec, 2021


KCSB News · A Look Into America’s Opioid Epidemic and California Legislators’ Polarizing Response Earlier this year, California legislators authorized harm reduction services in select cities in hopes of curbing overdoses. Examining the opioid epidemic and lawmakers’ contentious solution, here’s KCSB’s Joyce Chi and Zuri Wilson. This piece was written […]

The Historic UC-AFT Agreement

19 Dec, 2021


KCSB News · The Historic UC-AFT Agreement An Unfair Labor Strike across the UC system was averted after the union came to a groundbreaking agreement with the UC after 2.5 years of negotiation. The agreement brings UC lecturers greater job stability, specific and transparent performance review criteria, increased compensation, and […]

Unpacking UCSB’s Long Range Development Plan with the Daily Nexus

19 Dec, 2021


KCSB News · Unpacking UCSB's Long Range Development Plan with the Daily Nexus While the term Munger Hall has received national recognition in recent months, many are unaware of the complexities within the context behind the controversial building project. Of particular importance is UCSB’s Long Range Development Plan, the contract […]