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Trump’s Nuclear Legacy

KCSB News and Sports · Trump's Nuclear Legacy Journalist Jeffrey Smith, a fellow at the Public Integrity Institute in Washington DC, recently published an article in the LA Times, detailing the Trump Administration’s plan to spend many billions of dollars on revamping the US military nuclear arsenal. KCSB’s Harry Lawton […]

Removing Parler from the App Store

KCSB News and Sports · Removing Parler from the App Store The social media app that insurgents who stormed the US Capitol reportedly used to plan has been removed from app stores, but the data trail it left behind could be used by law enforcement to track down the individuals […]

The UCSB Graduate Division’s Racial Justice Fellowship

12 Jan, 2021

news / ucsb

KCSB News and Sports · The UCSB Graduate Division's Racial Justice Fellowship The Racial Justice Fellowship Program at UCSB is offering graduate students committed to racial justice the opportunity to furthering research on issues like systemic racism and how it affects their communities. KCSB’s Aubrey Valerio spoke with Interim Graduate […]

How California COVID Notify Works

KCSB News and Sports · How California COVID Notify Works The California COVID Notify app is allowing students on UC campuses to keep track of possible COVID-19 exposures. Using Bluetooth technology, users can anonymously exchange info on whether they have been diagnosed with COVID-19 without sharing info on their location […]

KCSB’s Guide to Making Your Ballot Count

22 Oct, 2020


MAKE YOUR VOICE COUNT! THE DEADLINE TO TURN IN YOUR BALLOT IS NOVEMBER 3RD (Voting is already underway!)   This could be the most important election of your lifetime. If you are a registered voter and have requested an absentee ballot, it should be on its way to you now. […]

The 37th State Assembly District Candidates of Santa Barbara County

16 Oct, 2020


KCSB News covers the candidates. KCSB reporters spoke to Steve Bennett and Charles Cole, running to represent the 37th District in the state Assembly, which covers Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. KCSB’s Kali Acquaah interviews Steve Bennett, a Ventura County supervisor and local educator.   KCSB’s Aubrey Valerio speaks with […]

The 24th Congressional District Candidates of Santa Barbara County

16 Oct, 2020


KCSB News covers the candidates. KCSB reporters spoke to Salud Carbajal and Andy Caldwell, running to represent the 24th District in Congress, which covers Santa Barbara County and portions of Ventura County. KCSB’s Alexandra Goldberg interviews current representative of California’s 24th district – Congressman Salud Carbajal. KCSB’s Robert Stark speaks […]

AS-UCSB Virtual Community COVID-19 Response Town Hall Replay

01 Oct, 2020


More than 160 students and community members were in attendance at the AS-UCSB Virtual Community COVID-19 Response Town Hall on Monday. The event was presented by the A.S. UCSB Office of the External Vice President for Local Affairs, UCSB Health & Wellness, the County of Santa Barbara, Joan Hartmann – […]

Voting in Isla Vista During a Pandemic

25 Sep, 2020


The community of Isla Vista is notorious for its long history of political activism, progressive momentum, and high voter turnout among students in the area. KCSB’s Ashley Rusch spoke with Viviana Marsano, Isla Vista Liaison and Senior Advisor to Campus Organizations in the Office of Student Life, about the community’s […]

Honoring Ruth Bader Ginsburg in Santa Barbara

25 Sep, 2020


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who served on the court for over 27 years as a fierce pioneer of gender equality, was honored on Wednesday in a private service at the court’s Great Hall attended by her family, close friends, and the remaining eight justices. Following the news of […]

COVID-19 Health Protections for Farmworkers in Santa Barbara County

25 Sep, 2020


Santa Barbara County is taking action against the surge of coronavirus among the Central Coast migrant farmworker community with a new health officer order and housing program. KCSB’s Aubrey Valerio spoke to Lucas Zucker, the policy and communications director at the Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy (CAUSE), […]