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The History of Abortion Laws in the U.S.

22 May, 2019

current affairs / news

Since this past week, the U.S. has been in a state of political divide over abortion legislation on the state level. KCSBs Daisy Kershaw takes a look back at the history of the fight for legal abortion in the US as well as at the current abortion debate.

The Rippling Effects of America’s Teacher Shortage

01 May, 2019

current affairs / news / ucsb

A report aiming to capture the magnitude of the US’s teacher shortage was released by the Economic Policy Institute last month. Tine Sloan, an associate teaching professor at the university of California, Santa Barabara, talked to KCSB about the shortage and its causes, as well as how organizations and legislators […]

UCSB A.S. holds Town Hall of Food Security

25 Apr, 2019

isla vista / news / ucsb

On Tuesday, April 16th, The Associated Students of UCSB held a townhall to re-evaluate the communities progress towards Food Security of students and the community of Isla Vista. KCSB reporter Kody Chong covers the issues brought by speakers and community members at the town hall.

Santa Barbara Faces 2023 housing Mandate

25 Apr, 2019

central coast / news

Anyone who’s tried to rent in Santa Barbara knows it’s hard to find a place to live, and now the state of California is calling on Santa Barbara to build more units by 2023. KCSB’s Robert Stark talked to city planner Renee Brooke about how the city is working to […]

UCSB Theater’s Costume Shop

25 Apr, 2019

news / ucsb

KCSB Reporter Yingran Zhu gives a look at the people behind UCSB’s costume shop and the work they do for the university’s lively theater schedule.