Get Involved!


Want your own radio show?

If you want your own radio show on KCSB-FM, then you want to sign up for KJUC!

KJUC (KCSB’s AM radio counterpart) is an 8-week-long program where our KJUC General Manager and KJUC Program Director will train and mentor you to become a radio DJ!

You will have the opportunity to practice making your own radio shows live in-studio. Our goal is that you develop the content discovery and technical skills, as well as the legal and procedural knowledge needed to be a successful radio DJ, while meeting a ton of people with similar interests along the way.

We accept applications at the beginning of each quarter, so be sure to stay up to date on when we have our quarterly orientation in order to apply!

In the event we cannot accept everyone who applies, how well your proposal considers the KCSB mission statement and whether or not you can attend in-person training will be factors in who makes it in. If you have any questions, please email our KJUC GM Shirley and KJUC PD Ava.


KCSB Sports 
If you’re interested in broadcasting and reporting on sports and sports related content, KCSB Sports is the place to be! With KCSB Sports, you’ll have the opportunity to write sports articles for our website, contribute to the weekly Gaucho Sports Spot (5:30-6PM on Wednesdays), conduct interviews with athletes and coaches, and broadcast UCSB games! Check out their instagram and twitter to see more of the action! If you would like to become involved please email our Sports Director Vince (


For those of you interested in other types of broadcast journalism, join KCSB News! KCSB news gives UCSB students and community members the chance to report on local and national issues by writing articles for our website and creating radio spots, which air during the KCSB newscast, Mondays and Thursdays from 5-5:30 PM. These newscasts are also uploaded to soundcloudspotify, and apple podcasts. They also maintain social media and produce an exceedingly popular weekly  newsletter (sign up to receive it here). If you plan on joining, please email the News Directors Joyce Chi and Zoha Malik with your interest and/or any questions.


Write for our blog!

We are opening up our blog to the community! Increasing our presence not only as a radio station, but also as an independent media organization adds so much depth and opportunity here at KCSB as we aim to uplift marginalized voices, diverse perspectives, and non-commercial music/art. Write reviews, artist interviews/features, conversation/opinion pieces, and more! Personality in your writing is welcome (and encouraged!).

1. Email your pitch to our Digital Media Coordinator (
2. If accepted, start writing your piece
3. Enter your draft into our spreadsheet
4. The DMC will give feedback/edit, revise if necessary
Everything you need to know is on our Pitching/Blog Guide. Email our DMC Yasmeen if you want to get involved or if you have any questions! (


Promotions Committee
The Promotions Committee is the volunteer arm of KCSB’s publicity department, which is in charge of making sure the student body and community know what’s going on at KCSB and expanding our listenership and reach. If you sign up for this committee you’ll be able to help schedule on-air concert ticket giveaways and plan our own concerts here at the station! To sign up, please reach out to our promotions director, Will.


Music Review Committee
Music Review Committee is a fun weekly meeting hosted by the music department, which helps us sort through new music that’s been sent to the station, and gives you the chance to hear a lot of recent music (some of which hasn’t officially released) and discover new tunes to listen to! Each week you’ll get to choose and review a few albums that we’ve been sent, and then your review will be used to determine whether or not that album gets added to our music library! It’s also a great opportunity to meet other people at the station and enjoy some tea and snacks. To express your interest and/or ask questions please reach out to our Music Directors, Bella and Marion, or show up to the committee on Wednesdays from 4 PM – 5 PM in the KCSB courtyard (directly underneath Storke Tower).


Archives + Production Team
We have a new volunteer opportunity this year for those of you interested in creating short-form content for KCSB! You’ll get the chance to make PSAs, bite-sized music shows, history shows, and plenty more using all the archival material from the past 60 years at the station. Contact our archives coordinator Rosie and production coordinator Hazim if you’re interested.