Meet our DJs!

805 Mad Hatter

WED 2 – 4am   ✱   Programming since 2018   ✱   ♍️

I have been with KCSB way before and returned and been here 4 to 5 years and no slowing me down got so much content and love to the music that I got to show the radiowaves

My show plays all music all reggae and lyrical hip hop, oldies, old school, neo soul, and so much more, we don’t play that stuff on others radio stations!!

FUN FACT:  I am father of 4 and husband to the most beautiful women in the world love music and concerts

Alex Tea

host of Steeped in Sound

TUES 9 – 10pm   ✱   Programming since 2019   ✱   ♐️

I’m Alex Teeaaa (they/he), a DJ dedicated to the quest of finding the weirdest sound people will still dance to. In my pursuit of finding weirder, more experimental, and even funner music, I went to KCSB to broadcast my noise and connect with other music enthusiasts. I’m also a student and member of the pizza community.

Steeped in Sound aims to platform experimental dance music created by queer people, people of color, and other underrepresented people within the underground dance music scene. Steeped in Sound features mixes ranging from grooving house to pounding techno and complex breaks and beyond.

FUN FACT:  I’ve competed in cooking competitions! And won!



host of Secondhand Sounds

THURS 2 – 4pm   ✱   Programming since 2008   ✱   ♏️

When I arrived in Santa Barbara in 2008, I knew that I found a home in KCSB, my favorite independent community radio station in all the land. I currently record my show from Austin, TX, where I pine every day for the Pacific Ocean.

My show highlights artists within the genres of soul/R&B/funk, such as Jamaican soul, psychedelic funk, Chicano soul, underground doo-wop, obscure girl groups, deep funk, afro funk, high school stage bands, and pioneering female-fronted soul. The show is structured to intentionally highlight the stories and contributions of women and BIPOC artists within these genres.


co-host of Just Two Girls

FRI 1 – 2pm   ✱   Programming since 2022   ✱   ♋️

I’m originally from the bay area and I’m a sophomore stats and data science major at ucsb. I’ve been volunteering with kcsb for over a year now but I started programming fall of 2022. Getting to know the kcsb community has been so much fun and exploring the station’s different opportunities has been such a great experience. I love finding new music and I love sharing music with other people!

Every Friday from 2 to 3 pm, Ava and I create an eclectic track list centered around a theme. I play a mix of old folk and 90’s indie rock while Ava plays foreign music and funk. We have a lot of fun talking on air about the theme and each other’s picks. We are truly just two girls.

FUN FACT:  I get a lot of bloody noses



co-host of Just Two Girls

FRI 1 – 2pm   ✱   Programming since 2022   ✱   ♍️

I love going to music committee and getting to explore new music through shows on the station! KCSB has been such a fun community to be a part of 🙂

Every Friday from 2 to 3 pm, Bella and I create an eclectic track list centered around a theme. She plays a mix of old folk and 90’s indie rock while I play foreign music and funk. We have a lot of fun talking on air about the theme and each other’s picks. We are truly just two girls.

FUN FACT:  I was born blonde!


host of Word on the Streets Radio

WED 10pm – 12am   ✱   Programming since 2007   ✱   ♌️

I started DJing at age 16. I would visit KCSB on the weekends. I would play at Shows ‘ and Private events at a young age. I went on to promoting underground hip hop shows in the 805 area at local nightclubs. I became a DJ at KCSB FM in 2007, and now serve my community as a resource for local musicians, artists and Dj’s to be able to get their talents heard via our show “Word on the Streets Radio” on a weekly basis. Tune in Wednesday Nights at 10pm!!

I started the show word on the streets radio in 2007 being inspired by a DJ that played on KCSB in 1990 named DJ T Stone. T-Stone provided us a place to be able to showcase our talents as young artists in the 805 area on his show. Today I carry on the tradition that T-Stone and other Dj’s throughout the year have done by contributing to the local hip hop scene and supporting our areas artists and artists From beyond!

FUN FACT:  I started a website called 805HipHop.Com in 96 to show support to independent artists from the 805 area that came a major resource for Hip-Hop artists in the 805 Area before social media.

Facebook  /  Instagram  /

D, Z and Little J

hosts of The Better Way Gospel Hour

SUN 8 – 10am   ✱   Programming since 2005

When Little J was 7 years old, D brought him to help “operate the board” for Brother Matthew Brown on Sunday mornings. Both were struck by this amazing man who started Santa Barbara’s first black barber shops, promoted gospel bands and had run gospel radio shows across CA. He had great stories (like Sam Cooke driving through LA, or gospel bands crashing at his parents’ house), and a love for Jesus and caring for those in need. For one year, Brother Brown, D, Z and Little J co-hosted the Better Way Gospel Hour, before Brother Brown’s passing in November 2017.

The Better Way Gospel Hour, started by Brother Matthew Brown in the 1980’s, continues to bring gospel music to the central coast with D, Z and Little J. Pastors Bill and Bernadette Johnson from Providence 1st African Methodist Episcopal (AME), and St. Philip AME have called in weekly for about a decade, with a Sunday morning Teaching. The enormous variety of Christian musicians is highlighted, from the original old acapella gospel and modern choir gospel, to the many Isla Vista local musicians and modern music from around the country and world—all proclaiming the “good news.”

FUN FACT:  My first radio show was at WIQH “Why I Quit Highschool” in Concord, MA in high school.

DJ Alcast

host of Sueño Suave

WED 2 – 3pm   ✱   Programming since 2021   ✱   ♐️

I’m Alex and I’m a 4rd year at UCSB, and I also work at KCSB as the Program Director! (∩⪧.⪦)⊃━☆゚.* I’m a music studies and sociology double major, and am originally from LA. I have a super wide-ranging music taste, from rap, rnb, alt & indie rock, dnb, and honestly so much more (my spotify is a mess), and used to have a show called Mood Swingz where I’d flip between these genres. I’m also Guatemalan and Mexican so I’m trying to focus more on Latin music with my new show, Sueño Suave, so tune in!

Take a short day dream in the middle of your afternoon with Sueño Suave, a dream-oriented Spanish indie rock and r&b show. Each week, we break down a specific kind of dream you may have (i.e. flying, running late, etc.) while listening to music reminiscent of that kind of dream. We will dive depths of dream symbolism, parallels between your real life and your dreams, dream journaling, and so much more! I also love to take suggestions on dreams to dive into, and songs to play, so swing by and I hope you have a good sueño (-, – )…zzzZZZ

FUN FACT:  I have a russian munchkin cat that loves to scream at me while I cook.

DJ Biff

host of Planned Spontaneity

TUES 6 – 8pm   ✱   Programming since 1994

I grew up in Goleta, started listening to KCSB in 1967. You could call in and request a song that you couldn’t here on regular radio! Been listening ever since.

On my show I play a little of this, a little of that, and then some. My show is divided up into three segments, and each segment there is a theme, be it Surf, R&B, Soul, World Music, Ska, Down Tempo Electronica, to name a few. But I kinda specialize in mid to late 60’s era, because I’m old (ish) My voice has been honed from a life of gin and cigarettes……;)

FUN FACT:   I’ve had the same car for 41 years. A 63 Chevy // instagram: @sir_robbo_of_cabo

DJ Darla Bea


SUN 8 – 10pm   ✱   Programming since 2007   ✱   ♍️

I am Winner of the “Best Event DJ in Santa Barbara” Award 7 years in a row! I’m Born & Raised in Santa Barbara, CA, and a Graduate of UCSB 2003 in History of Art & Architecture. I first started listening to KCSB-FM in high school during the mid to late 1990’s and tuning into shows like Ska La Carte with host Adam Korn. This is my 15th year broadcasting my weekly radio show on KCSB-FM and it’s still the most fun ever!! I love being on the mic and taking calls from locals but most of all sharing music and Darlapedia factoids on air.

“ROCK IT PROPERLY” is a saying from Jack Black during an outtake of the School of Rock movie while the band were practicing playing music. It encompasses my shows eclecticism as whatever theme, genre or music I’m focusing on it has to “rock” it properly – not necessarily rock music per se. From Afrobeat to Zydeco from ABBA to Zappa. I have special voice recordings that I personally collected from Jack Black, Kyle Gass, Dr. Demento, Nardwuar, Michael McDonald, Jeff Bridges, Dr. Drew, The B-52s, English Beat and Of Montreal that I play throughout my show. My show is like the movie the School of Rock – a 2-hour class through your radio or listening device where gold stars are given for class participation. My ‘students’ are quite dedicated, having had listeners for the past 15 years stay tuned in.

FUN FACT:   I started tape-recording myself at age 3 doing using a portable cassette player. My father went to radio broadcasting school. My mom’s maiden name translates to one who plays music = Muzikar!

Instagram @darlabea  /  Facebook @djdarlabea + FB Group “ROCK IT PROPERLY”  /


co-host of Free Samples!

TUES 8 – 9pm   ✱   Programming since 2022   ✱   ♊️

DJ DEAN is a fifth year earth science major / philosophy minor from los angeles, ca. growing up he was subjected to his dad’s old cd’s and forced to play jazz clarinet, and would always hear old melodies in pop songs. this fascination with sampling led him to start producing at 18, collecting vinyls to fuel his addiction. he joined kcsb in 2022 and loves skating, reading, thrifting and making ironic commentary on oxford comma usage.

On Free Samples! I play an eclectic mix of songs sampled in hip-hop pulled from 60-70s Soul, Cambodian rock, 30’s Jazz, City Pop, etc. Each week centers on a food related pun, e.g. “Soul-Food” for Soul, “Shaken Martinis” for Spy music, and listeners can try and guess which song is sampled in a popular hip hop song.

FUN FACT:  my ELO is ~1200 on


co-host of Free Samples!

TUES 8 – 9pm   ✱   Programming since 2020   ✱   ♌️

I was a volunteer freshmen year, Production Coordinator second, and I was DMC for a little bit too. I also ran “feel good inc.” with Erika Sweet, where we showcased underground, mostly femme identifying, RnB artists. I think KCSB is pretty cool.

We have different themes every week, and we talk about samples used from songs we find in mainstream songs. It’s a great way for people who produce their own music to find new sounds. My personal favorite show was when Dean got into the history of the Amen break, and he circled an entire playlist off of an eclectic range of songs that sampled from that one little drum loop.

FUN FACT:   (this is the fun fact i’ve used in every gsm since i was production coordinator) eric andre once facetimed me during a live show but i didn’t answer.

DJ Down Tempo

host of Booting Up

WED 7 – 8am   ✱   Programming since 2023   ✱   ♉️

Hi! My name is Chloe and I am a first year studying computer engineering here at UCSB! I started programming for KCSB spring of 2023, and it has quickly become my favorite part of the week. When I am not indulging in my passion for finding and listening to music, you can probably find me playing for the UCSB women’s ultimate frisbee team, practicing my guitar, or sipping on a nice hot coffee at a local sb cafe.

I have always been intrigued by the way in which technology plays a role in music; specifically, how this role has developed and changed throughout history. Booting Up is a show that explores just that, by diving into a different subgenre of electronic music each week! I am here to start your Wednesday mornings off on the right foot 🙂


DJ Elyas

host of Rock Your World

THURS 6 – 7pm   ✱   Programming since 2022   ✱   ♉️

Heyy, my name is Alex, and I am an Economics and Political Science double major at UCSB, originally from San Diego, California. I have been a part of and programming at KCSB since the beginning of 2022! I have loved music and radio since I was little, from rock to electronic music. In the future, I would love to work in the music industry, on the business and marketing side, where I could help artists with their passion for music grow and reach a wide audience.

I have been doing my show, Rock Your World, for over a year now! It highlights the different varieties of rock and alternative music and its history, ranging from shoegaze to grunge to indie-rock. I am inspired by modern takes on 1990s and 2000s sounding rock, where guitar effects, such as distortion, are heavily present.

FUN FACT:   My DJ name is my middle name!


dj fei fei (菲菲)

host of digi dreams

WED 10 – 11am   ✱   Programming since 2020   ✱   ♒️

I’m Claudia Qi, and I host Digi Dreams every Wednesday from 10am-11am. Playful, eclectic, kitschy electronic music from all over that I love (∩`-´)⊃━☆.* Lots of Shibuya-kei, house, UK garage, drum and bass, and indie game soundtracks.

I joined KCSB last summer while looking for something more creative to do after being burnt out from pre-law. I remember touring the music library during my freshman orientation, and it was my favorite part of visiting UCSB for the first time. It’s very sweet and surreal to be working and programming here now. I’m pretty much always at the table during our DIY shows, so don’t be a stranger :3

FUN FACT:  I have an orange cat named Punchy after my childhood crush on Punchy from Animal Crossing

playlist of every digi dreams song  /  Instagram  /  Neocities

Dj Gryphn

host of Smiley Smile

SAT 9 – 10pm   ✱   Programming since 1991   ✱   ♒️

My career as Dj Gryphn started in London during the first electro wave of the early 80’s, playing in underground clubs while also hosting my own weekly , Club Boy. Also responsible for compiling weekly underground dance floor charts for New Musical Express , a weekly international music publication.I later moved into a more avant-garde mixing at the birth of the Industrial scene at the notorious Iron Orchid club, while also being head of promotions at Recommended Records. At the birth of House music I finally found a long time home as House music summarised my entire history of deep listening. To this day I, Gryphn , have not stop playing vinyl . Often searching out vinyl only releases , white labels , unknown artist releases. I am a true digger and have been Dj amongst underground scenes for 40 years. All my shows are presented with vinyl!


All vinyl continuous mix show. With a main focus on underground house music from every corner of the globe. Hard to find, vinyl only releases, white labels, unknown artists and limited edition releases.

FUN FACT:  Born in the year of the rabbit

Soundcloud  /  Instagram @stevengryphnhorwood

DJ Jill and DJ Mike

hosts of The Old Millennials

FRI 10 – 11am   ✱   Programming since 2022   ✱   ♉️ + ♊️

We joined KCSB in 2022 as a curious couple wanting to expand our media knowledge into radio. After getting through the KJUC program, we were stoked to join as Community Programmers and get the opportunity to bring our goofy married selves to the airwaves, and discover (and share) some awesome music along the way.

The Old Millennials is a PA/CA show hosted by Jill and Mike, a couple of creatives who grew up in the ’90s alongside the Internet, and are curious about how technology and trends from that era have shaped the modern world. Between 3-7 minute narrative mic breaks — a mix of silly nostalgia and serious analysis of current events — Jill and Mike curate a selection of global ’90s underground dance music that is thematically linked to the topic of the day.

FUN FACT:  We make visual art too! Jill is a painter and Mike an illustrator.

DJ Lez B

co-host of Embarcadero is Burning

WED 12 – 1am   ✱   Programming since 2023   ✱   ♏️

I’m a long time listener of KCSB but this year is my first time programming!!! I’m super excited to be furthering the gay agenda via the airwaves (^O^☆♪

Hey I’m Taryn (aka DJ Lez B) and I co-host Embarcadero is Burning with DJ Yan!! Embarcadero is Burning highlights queer subgenres of music. Every week we pick a new genre and do a deeeep dive exploring older music as well as more current stuff. Playlists cover everything from disco rap and ballroom to hyper pop and hip house. Our show is by gays for gays <3

FUN FACT:  I have a pet snail  🐌

DJ Yan

co-host of Embarcadero is Burning

WED 12 – 1am   ✱   Programming since 2023   ✱   ♏️

I stumbled onto KCSB because I too have main character syndrome! Sudan Archives also grinded on me in concert, not everyone has that.

Join DJ Lez B and I as we compete to see who’s the greater Scorpio Sun, Sag Moon, Scorpio Venus, Scorpio Mercury, Aquarius Mars, Cancer Jupiter, etc. etc. between the two of us (definitely me).

“Embarcadero Is Burning” explores the music that soundtracks underground queer subcultures from across the ages — it’s a show by the gays and for the gays! The title is a riff on Paris Is Burning while also paying homage to an iconic moment in IV/KCSB history, the 1970 burning of the IV Bank of America. Come listen to us sample house, disco, bounce, hip hop, and (almost) everything else in between while we simultaneously try to shoehorn Cakes da Killa into every show!

DJ Lorraine

host of Paperback Tracks

WED 8 – 9pm   ✱   Programming since 2022   ✱   ♏️

As a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed freshman at UCSB, I had intended to study English. Time passed, however, and each quarter brought a shiny new interest into my field of vision. Needless to say, English didn’t last, and my eyes finally adjusted to all the ‘bright ideas’ that had been flashing into them. But I found a way to couple my literary interests with other passions, and ‘Paperback Tracks’ was born (Winter 2023)! Becoming a part of KCSB-FM has already been such a wonderful experience, and I genuinely cherish this community. Thanks for tuning in and catch you Wednesdays!

For an hour every week, Paperback Tracks explores connections between word and sound through a wide array of stories, genres and themes. We talk music, we talk books. When I first started the show, a friend of mine confided that she “fell asleep to the sound of my voice” while tuning in. Now that may not sound like a rave review, but I felt touched. It was a perfect appreciation of the nature of radio; to tune in and out when you’re going somewhere and half-doing something else; to provide a layer of texture to an otherwise too-quiet room. Whether you want to feel a poem, lean into a sound, or sail into dreams on the curl of a phrase, I hope that the show can bring a little spark of value into your life.

FUN FACT:   I can lick my elbow


host of Los Elegidos Radio Show

SUN 7 – 8am   ✱   Programming since 1994

I started on KJUC during the summer of 1993, 1 quarter later I was on KCSB with a show titled God’s Rhythmic Anointed Poetry (gospel hiphop), then around 2004 the title of the show was changed to Reality HipHop – I left to be a missionary in Mexico during the spring of 2007, and have finally returned (remote programmer) as of January ’23 with spanish (gospel) hiphop . . .

Los Elegidos Radio is comprised of all spanish gospel hiphop coming from Mexico (where I live) and all other Latin America countries, featuring a lot of underground artists, and hosted by our youth group (Los Elegidos Bible Club) from Ensenada, other youth groups throughout the area, and some of the artists involved in gospel hiphop.

FUN FACT:   My wife and I are missionaries living in Ensenada, Baja Norte, Mexico – it is such a blessing being back on KCSB!!!


dj scrypt

host of productive discourse

WED 1 – 2am   ✱   Programming since 2023   ✱   ♍️

the diy scene brought me into undergound punk and hip hop, but my dad brought me up on (in my humble opinion) some of the best music that i probably never would’ve discovered on my own; he mostly introduced me to the older necessities as a kid like the clash, the cure, dead kennedys, the prodigy, and way too much more to list, which i then used to curate into my own personal taste. i’ve also been a singer for years and i recently started producing on the side as well, which i’ll hopefully plug into future shows!

my show is an eclectic blend of a multitude of different postmodern subgenres, but most notably forgotten or under-appreciated post-punk/hardcore, new wave, and noise rock bands, sprinkled in with some lesser-known drum & bass/breakbeat artists, as well as some underground hip hop favorites mostly hailing from memphis or the south in general. i hope to immerse my listeners into the world of the continually-expanding myriad of music that we are gifted every single day by incredible artists through their own unique blends of sound.

FUN FACT:  yodie


DJ Sinclair

host of Basscadet

MON 4 – 5pm   ✱   Programming since 2022   ✱   ♈️

Hey I’m Isabella and I’m a Psychological and Brain Sciences major at UCSB. I started the KJUC program here my freshman year and have hosted multiple shows since including one focusing on goth and industrial music as well as one centered on electronic music subgenres. I’ve also had the pleasure of DJing under my alias SHUTBOY for KCSB events where I get to share the wonders of breakcore, happy hardcore, webcore, and my music with the world!

Basscadet is an electronic show where I search the cosmos far and wide for eclectic electronic tunes. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, ranging from genres like future garage, 90s rave classics, synthwave, glitchcore, nubreaks, and everything in between. Now and then, I subject my listeners to the most chaotic and abrasive synthesized sounds.

FUN FACT:  I produce electronic music and love making kandi for all of my homies!

Instagram  /  Spotify: @isabellasinclair



host of BATTER UP

SAT 2 – 3am   ✱   Programming since 2019   ✱   ♍️

Grew up in SB, joined the US Army then came back.

Hey what’s up everybody. I am DJ SOUNDBLASTER and I host a show called BATTER UP which currently airs on Saturdays 2-3am. BATTER UP is a show dedicated to underrepresented hip hop artist and underrepresented hip hop songs. I try to make this show a place where artist can showcase their talents and their hustle. I believe all artists should be given the opportunity to be as successful as they can be.

FUN FACT:  I was born in Guatemala

dj sourdough

host of Apricot Jam

WED 3 – 4pm   ✱   Programming since 2022   ✱   ♏️

Hi! I’m Shirley and I am a third year at UCSB studying English and Communication. I have been involved with KCSB since the fall of my second year ^_^ I am the publications coordinator for 2022-23 and have been doing my show for just over a year now! I love being able to harness my silliest creative powers to make fun stuff for the station.

Apricot Jam is an eclectic show for sharing and savoring. I love using my show to explore genres and musicians I’m unfamiliar with, so sometimes it’s a chunky preserve, other times a smooth jelly. Also a bit laboratory.

FUN FACT:  I never watched SpongeBob as a kid


DJ Spicy Tuna

host of Ambient Ambivalent

THURS 7 – 8pm   ✱   Programming since 2022   ✱   ♉️

I’ve been programming on KCSB since January of 2022. In the past, I hosted a program called Words Are Magic, which focused on highlighting lyrics in music. During my mic breaks, I would analyze the lyrics of the previously heard track and delve into the songwriters’ inspirations and backgrounds. Outside of KCSB, I enjoy drawing and painting, hanging out with my cat, eating at new restaurants, and watching films, as well as filmmaking.

Ambient Ambivalent features music that serves to set a mood and tone (which is the actual definition of “ambient music”). Typically ambient music is thought of as instrumental, but the “ambivalent” half of the equation denotes straying from this convention and focusing on curating an atmosphere, not contingent on the genre or presence/absence of lyrics.

FUN FACT:  I know all the world’s capitals by heart!

Spotify: amitshf

DJ Turk

host of Haircuts for Gauchos

THURS 8 – 9pm   ✱   Programming since 2023

Heya! I’m a music and communications student who started getting involved and broadcasting at KCSB in my second year at UCSB. I was a music department intern in the fall of 2022 and I started my show in the spring of 2023!

Haircuts for Gauchos is primarily about Barber Beats and vaporwave electronic music. Tune in because this stuff will change your life.

FUN FACT:  I’ve been playing the cello for over a decade!

Spotify: amitshf


host of plugged in !

THURS 12 – 1am   ✱   Programming since 2022   ✱   ♏️

I’m the digital media coordinator at KCSB, and have had my show for over a year! KCSB is cool because I get to nerd out about music with some of the coolest people in the whole world. One of my first memories—if not my very first, was asking my dad about his Lil Wayne CDs. 

i host plugged in!, where i play some of the coolest rap music coming straight out of the internet today. songs to count money to. every week i turn on plugged in and get swagged out. u should too

FUN FACT:  i have Laotian royalty in my bloodline ? idk that’s what my mom says

Instagram  /  Spotify


host of back east

FRI 11pm – 12am   ✱   Programming since 2023   ✱   ♐️

Hi! My name is Emma and I’m a student at UCSB pursuing a double BA in Global Studies and Statistics and Data Science. In addition to music, I love the outdoors, fashion, film, and cooking. I was lucky enough to participate in KJUC during Fall 2022 and have been programming since Winter 2023! <3
P.S. My awesome headshot was taken by @moneyshotsiv on Instagram!

As a New Jersey native, “back east” is an ode to my home. Every week I choose a different genre or era of music and highlight artists from the east coast, sharing history and fun facts along the way. I hope you enjoy listening to this show as much as I enjoy planning and hosting it! 😉

FUN FACT:  I have five tattoos (one of the great state of New Jersey!) and eleven piercings and my parents are so supportive!

Instagram  /  Spotify

Grace Bones

host of House of Chic Radio

FRI 11pm – 12am   ✱   Programming since 2020

James Hancock hails from the UK but now lives between LA and the UK. He has over 20 years experience as a professional music producer, ghost writer, remixer & DJ with over 120 releases, 250,000 physical records sold and 2 UK top 10 dance hits. As a DJ, James has extensive experience in creating a soundtrack that will suit virtually any crowd. His unique musical adaptability and sheer love of good music has allowed him to incorporate his passion with his work. As well as having various residences, James has DJ’ed at many of the top clubs in the UK and Europe including Fabric (London), Ministry Of Sound, Sonar (Barcelona), Printworks (London), Pacha (London), Eden (Ibiza) to name but a few. Festival appearances include Glastonbury, Lovebox,
Latitude, Cream and SW4.

House of Chic is 60 minutes of the freshest House music from around the globe with a guest DJ each week providing a 30 minute HOT mix.

FUN FACT:  I have lived in 12 countries



Greg Drust

host of Country Kaleidoscope

THURS 11am – 12pm

My life’s work has been to collect, archive, study, and share American Roots Music. Continuity between generations is essential. Time can be used as a filter to sift out past mistakes. That’s true for all of society, as well as individuals. Culture, heritage and tradition can be preserved to give a person a sense of identity and belonging, and to hold on to the accomplishments of arts and science. I’m happy to “give back” to KCSB, which had been my radio home from 1972 until 1993. I was a founding member of the Santa Barbara Blues Society, and have remained active in many music support groups over the years. My broadcasts of diverse musical styles have been heard on FM, AM, and Internet Radio continuously since 1973. Since I now reside in Milwaukee, WI, I’ve been promoting the local regional European-American Folk Music: Polkas. It’s a joy to return to KCSB with a fresh radio series for all of my California friends, and friends-to-be.

Country Kaleidoscope is a 100 plus year history of Country Music. Various genres of country are explored, such as Honky Tonk, Blue Grass, Western Swing, Rockabilly, Old Timey, and Cajun. Some programs are thematic, while others provide a mix. None of this music is heard in the mainstream media. We honor accomplishments of artists from a bygone era, while promoting those who are keeping the traditions alive today.

Hannah & Karis

hosts of note to self

SUN 7 – 8am   ✱   Programming since 2023   ✱   ♓️

we are are both new KCSB programmers, pisces, communication majors, roommates, and in serious need of some time apart.

combining our love of music and literature, our show “note to self” plays an eclectic array of songs that relate in one way or another to a new book each week. tune in to hear amateur reviews, analyses, and general discussions of the stories and songs we love. yes, it is basically an epic book club.


hannah’s instagram and karis’s instagram

Happy Trails

hosts of Sonic Sojourns

TUES 10 – 11am   ✱   Programming since 2023   ✱   ♐️

Hi! I’m Peg, a Santa Barbara community member and new programmer at KCSB and thoroughly loving the experience! I’m from Chicago originally and music has been important to me since I was a kid. My parents were teenagers when they had me and the radio was always on at home. It got turned w-a-y up whenever Elvis or Chuck Berry came on. They were cool enough to understand that, on Feb. 9, 1964, the Beatles changed everything for me. I have worked as a bookstore manager and publisher’s sales rep, and, for over 30 years, with horses, in a variety of roles. Horses, like music, are vital to my very soul.

On “Sonic Sojourns” I explore a different theme each week, through music and spoken word audio clips taken from various sources- -films, speeches, poetry readings, etc. and hope that my playlists evoke fun aural experiences for the listener. And I am thrilled to be able to share all the incredible indie artists I’ve been discovering as a result of being lucky enough to have my own show on KCSB!


FUN FACT:   I once played bass (poorly) in an all-women band.

juicy g

hosts of Organelles of Sound

MON 2 – 3am   ✱   Programming since 2023   ✱   ♌

Hi! My name is Kyle. I’m a second year UCSB majoring in Sociology with minor in Asian American Studies. I first heard about KCSB through fellow programmer dj cygnus when they started hosting their show plant lullabies during Spring 2022. After meeting some of the members of Excomm and going to more KCSB events, I was moved to try my hand at radio programming. The KCSB community is so warm and welcoming and I’ve had a great time expressing my passion for music while supporting independent radio :3

I co-host Organelles of Sound with dj cygnus! Organelles of Sound is all about dissecting the music that we love and showcasing our favorite underground artists and bands. Music is like the human body. The BPM keeps its blood flowing and like organs inside the human body, each instrument works together to create something beautiful. Whether it’s a twinkly guitar riff, heavy 808s, serene woodwinds, or an other-worldly sample, each creative choice an artist makes adds to their vision. We love to highlight the artistic choices that catch our ears in exciting ways.


FUN FACT:   I’ve been playing the drums since middle school!


Julian <3

hosts of An Old Kind of Love

THURS 9 – 11am   ✱   Programming since 2022   ✱   ♒

Hello, I’m Julian and I am a jazz musician and a jazz fan. I’m pretty cool, big fan of Steve McQueen. Feel free to call in and we can talk about jazz and good movies <3

My show is for everyone, but especially jazz fans. We start the first hour with softer, cooler jazz, then in the second hour we get a little crazy with some bebop and hard bop >:)


FUN FACT:   My mom listens to all my radio shows!  / My Pinterest makes a good visual companion for my show


co-host of domo and justin’s happy hour

TUES 11am – 1pm   ✱   Programming since 2022   ✱   ♒

Hello I’m Justin (★▼▼)o┳*– one of the first things I did when I transferred to UCSB in 2021 was apply to KJUC and have been a part of the station ever since. I’ve also worked as the Music Librarian for 2022-2023. I forget exactly how I found out about KCSB, maybe it was through one of my Alpha Charlie Foxtrot frat brothers or during football practice or something. Regardless, I’m super grateful to be a part of the station. Highly recommend volunteering here if you’re interested because if I can do it literally anyone can.

“domo and justin’s happy hour” is an incredibly charming two-hour long excursion into different subgenres of independent rock and DIY: slowcore, shoegaze, jangle pop, slacker rock, emo, Alex G-core, etc. It’s basically the radio equivalent of Family Guy and The Sopranos put together…


FUN FACT:   I have about 11,000 edits on Wikipedia  /  Bandcamp  /  Spotify  /  My favorite hill 



MON 12 – 1am   ✱   Programming since 2023   ✱   ♉

i’m about to graduate from UCSB, and i just started getting involved with KCSB this year! i’m from san diego, and i hope to stay in beautiful isla vista until i move to the bay in the fall. my love of music would never have started without the help of the internet. music blogs and online communities have been a huge influence for me. i’ve also loved exploring the LA music scene during my time here.

internet excess features a lot of hyperpop and music from underground queer music scenes. it’s music for chronically online gays. it’s music for feral club rats. it’s music for your inner hot girl.



Lady J

host of Fire Pon Rome

THURS 9 – 10pm   ✱   Programming since 1995   ✱   ♍️

My name is Lady J and I have been a radio DJ at KCSB since 1995-96, programming a variety of Reggae shows, namely “Positive Heights” and “Fire Pon Rome”. As a music lover, I play music that feels good and uplifts the soul. As a UCSB Graduate Alumna and KCSB veteran, I am passionate about broadcasting quality programming within our non-commercial educational medium. I love family, fun, food, fitness, flights, adventure, entertainment, yoga, community, and KCSB.


“Fire Pon Rome” is a Reggae, Dancehall, & Dub music program that showcases local, domestic, and international artist whose core themes are centered around one love and positivity.



Lazy Susan

host of Susan’s Room

FRI 3 – 4pm   ✱   Programming since 2021   ✱   ♐️

Inspired by my local rival, both on the airwaves and being the favorite child, seeing my brother DJ on Cal Poly’s KCPR was the catalyst for my own take at UCSB. I immediately sought out KCSB my freshman year and began my journey as a college DJ and fellow music enthusiast (but I started that journey a long time ago). What caught my eye about KCSB was its mission to represent underground artists and to create an accessible platform on the air. I felt a sense of pride knowing I would contribute to this mission, and that feeling resonates today.

Hello! I’m Lazy Susan, the host of Susan’s Room (…well it’s my room isn’t it?). Here in my sacred space, we explore any and all genre variations that my little hands can get ahold of. We’re talking 2010’s indie rock to 70’s roots reggae to psychedelic jazz to bluegrass. What can I say? I’m a greedy music listener… so join me Mondays 4-5pm and let’s satisfy all of our musical cravings.

FUN FACT:  I once was the lead singer of a rock cover band B)



host of Lietoc’s Demands Remain Unwritten

SUN 6 – 8pm   ✱   Programming since 2019   ✱   ♉

After several years of sitting on the fence, Lietoc joined KCSB in Winter 2k19. They somehow became Internal Music Director between the 2019-2020 school year. During that time, they also built a tape collection and started moving their nose towards documenting new DIY tape releases on Tabs Out. Additionally, Lietoc has been working with Thomas Moran since the end of 2020 in various capacities on TBD while pursuing a degree in Library Science

Lietoc’s Demands Remain Unwritten is the final successor program to a series of one quarter shows that changed names between 2019-2020. Faint echoes of lost futures, found within new n’ old pulpy tape music (from komische to private press dance and field recordings), reverb saturated bliss, and modernist and dadaist punk or noise excursions. All being channeled through label spotlights, yearly surveys, and non-canonical dives. And of course, the latest developments in the ubiquitous college rock marketplace of pastiche. Broadcast remotely, from Southern California.

FUN FACT:  They are a “decent” ebay bid snipper

Maestro Mysterio

host of Beyond The Scope with Cameron Kennedy Douglas

SAT 3 – 4pm   ✱   Programming since 2023   ✱   ♊️

I fell in love with radio during the pandemic, I took a radio production course at my last college, PCC, and when I learned that UCSB had its own radio station I knew I had to try and get on. I worked through the KJUC program with Sam and Becca and they helped me form my loose idea into a fully fledged show. I also love the 90s tv show Fraiser, even though it was before my time, and working at at a radio station is fulfilling all those Fraiser dreams.

On my show I showcase obscure music related in someway to media, I’ll throw in some more well known stuff every now and then but I strive to keep it obscure and unknown. I will have shows where I interview people and some weeks where I go one on one with the listeners and just showcase the music myself. I want to give love and attention to music and sounds that may not have gotten their deserved spot in the limelight

FUN FACT:  All 3 of my names have 7 letters by complete coincidence.



host of enter the void

THURS 6 – 7am   ✱   Programming since 2023   ✱   ♏

hi!! my name is maya and I’m from venice beach. i’m a second year film & media and communications major. this is my first quarter programming at KCSB!! i’m super excited to be here, i’ve always had a passion for music which started with my dad’s cds and eventually evolved into my own huge record collection and playing drums ((:

kcsb allows me to combine my love for books and movies with my passion for music and just geek out. i talk about a couple new movies, tv shows, or books each show and connect them to the music i play to develop deeper understanding ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა

FUN FACT:  im the biggest elliott smith fan ever ever

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Ms. Rigby

host of CineTracks

SUN 2 – 3am   ✱   Programming since 2022   ✱   ♍

I’m a first year here at UCSB who got involved with KCSB as soon as I got here! I have always loved music and my dad had a creative job growing up, so I figured I would give it a go. Joining this was a really awesome way for me to get assimilated into the school-the people here at the station are some of the coolest there are.

Movies and hot takes are two of my favorite things, so mixing them with a passion (music) seemed like a no brainer! If you’ve ever used the app Letterboxd, it’s a lot like that, where I’ll discuss reviews and movie structure. But the core of the show is a soundtrack for an iconic/favorite scene from the film! If you have movies you want reviewed, feel free to send them my way 🙂

FUN FACT:  I’ve swam with dolphins

Instagram  /  Letterboxd: Solene08


host of Hardly Strictly Americana

SUN 10am – 12pm   ✱   Programming since 2016   ✱   ♎️

I am a lesbian cat mom and musician with a lot of music on my hard drive and opinions about just every bit of music I comes across. Before coming to UCSB, I programmed at KSPC in Claremont while in undergrad; I wanted to continue doing radio once I came here, and after being in KJUC during Winter 2016 I started doing Hardly Strictly Americana the quarter after. I have been a graduate student and subsequently a lecturer at UCSB, but I have kept my show going during all of that time because collecting the music, putting it together, and playing it on air is just too much fun. Outside of music and spending time with my cat, I enjoy gardening and hiking, and presently work for the National Park Service.

As the name implies, “Hardly Strictly Americana” draws upon a base of folk, bluegrass, and other genres under the “Americana” umbrella, but mixes that music up a fair bit. The show regularly features non-English language cuts, deep tracks, video game, anime, and movie soundtracks, and a lot of other stuff that complements the Americana well, but wouldn’t normally get played alongside it. In addition, the show includes a high percentage of non-white, non-male, and non-cishet performers.

FUN FACT:  I’ve been to Antarctica! I originally came to UCSB for graduate school in Earth Science, and as part of my Master’s Degree I spent two months there collecting samples.

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Penny Lane

host of Echoes of the Revolution

FRI 2 – 3pm   ✱   Programming since 2020   ✱   ♉️

In addition to being a DJ at KCSBfm, I am also the station’s External Music Director. I began DJing in my freshman year and have continued doing so throughout my college career. I absolutely love the KCSb community and I am grateful to have found a home amongst like-minded folks, right underneath Storke tower.

Echoes of the Revolution is an eclectic show which focuses on genres such as contemporary and classic psychedelic rock, jazz, folk, shoegaze, and many many branches of punk. The goal of the show is to shed light on artists who have been overlooked within these genres throughout history, and educate the audience on what makes them special.

FUN FACT:  I grew up in Mexico City!

@marionsooch on instagram 🙂


host of the art of giving song away

TUES 10pm – 12am   ✱   Programming since 2020   ✱   ♐️

helloooo i’m becca, and i’ve been programming on KCSB for about three years :O i finished KJUC right before COVID, so i started programming on FM remotely. i produced my show, melancholy corner, from utah for over a year, and i remained part of KCSB through my sophomore year at the university of utah. returning to UCSB and live programming in 2021 made me re-recognize my passion for community radio. KCSB has been one of the most significant parts of my college career, and this year i started producing a new show and began working as the KJUC program director!

my show is a dedication to my friend Scott who passed away in February of 2021. i play an eclectic mix of music, usually focusing on a specific genre each week. i try to talk about music the way i would’ve spoken to Scott about it because he never got to see me fully flourish in my radio career. if he were still alive i imagine we would’ve spent long conversations discussing the music i play, why it’s significant, and what it means to program with non-commerciality and inclusivity in mind. this one goes out to you, Scott!

FUN FACT:  i grew up in a pink house!!

@_beccagreenberg (my insta)  /  Spotify 


host of Street Spirit

WED 9 – 10pm   ✱   Programming since 2022   ✱   ♉

I’ve been programming on KCSB for about a full year now, which has allowed me to build a pretty insufferable music taste! Love nerding out about all things music, and way into fashion and design. It’s been great being at KCSB and getting to kick it with some really cool people

Street Spirit is an eclectic show showcasing some crazy tracks that establish some evocative atmosphere. Its named after one of my favorite songs and I’ve been having a blast mixing together music from all scenes. 🎧

FUN FACT:  I have an Aphex Twin tattoo

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Shemaiah & Francesca

hosts of Black Girl Magic

TUES 3 – 4pm   ✱   Programming since 2022   ✱   ♊️ + ♑️

I’m Shemaiah, a third year Sociology major with minors in Applied Psych and Black Studies. I’m currently the VP of Caribbean Student Association (CSA), an intern with Healing Justice SB, and an intern with Black Student Union (BSU). I love meeting new people and trying new things.

I’m Francesca, a third year Sociology major with minors in Applied Psych and Black Studies. I’m currently the President for CSA, and an intern for BSU. I really enjoy listening to music, traveling, and pink !

We’ve been with KCSB since last year and we really love that we were introduced to this opportunity to give a voice to our black community here at UCSB. It’s been such a great experience !

Black Girl Magic is basically a series of episodes where we discuss the Black Experience throughout all aspects. Some topics that we will discuss include, black issues surrounding hair, dating, attending a pwi, racism, sexual assault, sexual ettiquette, and a whole lot more where that came from.The purpose of our show is to educate the larger population and form a black voice for our small but mighty community here at UCSB and in general. We encourage all listeners to tune in to our show to hear about different perspectives on real issues that occur within the black community that everyone can relate to or begin to understand at the end of the day.

FUN FACT:  One fun fact about us is that we are Caribbean Sisters! Francesca is Haitian and Trinidadian and I am Jamaican. 


The SKAvenger & First Ska-fficer

hosts of SKA TREK

SAT 10 – 11pm   ✱   Programming since 2012 & 2020   ✱   ♒ + ♉

I have been a programmer at KCSB since 2012. I’ve been hosting Ska Trek since 2020. Prior to that the show I hosted was called, Radio Xicana, where I focused on sharing underrepresented female vocalists from Latin America. The First Ska-fficer is the diligent second-in-command aboard the starship. Prior to Ska Trek, they hosted the international music show “Human Sounds” in 2021 before being chased off of planet Earth by the government. With our powers combined, we are SKA TREK.

SKA TREK is a work of fiction inspired by Star Trek: The Original Series. Every week we travel to a new planet looking for the best ska to deliver to you. Our goal is to showcase the diversity and robustness of the genre, which includes but is not limited to ska, rocksteady, ska punk, ska jazz, roots, 2 tone, third-wave ska, skacore, and to feature many artists from different countries on planet Earth that push the genre in new and exciting directions. By the end of the show, you’ll surely be a skanking Trekkie!

FUN FACT:  Ska’s not dead.

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Steve S

host of Joyful Cosmos

MON 6 – 8pm   ✱   Programming since 2002

1990 – 1996 “Eat Some Paste” on WRCT Pittsburgh. 2001 – KCSB News. 2002 – 2007 Several shows with varied formats at varied times on KCSB. 2008 to present, Joyful Cosmos, Monday evenings on KCSB.

Content: Music and sound constructions from artists and producers in various places and cultures. Selections frequently emphasize current dialogues amongst localized traditional musics, global music cultures, and contemporary sound making and recording processes. Creative improvised musics, electro-acoustic explorations, field recordings of traditional musics, electronica, noise.
Structure: Recordings live mixed for focused listening. Often the flow is smooth. On occasion, there will be turbulence. Each two hour segment contributes to ongoing radio broadcast of Earth-based sound making into the cosmos.

FUN FACT:  My favorite vegetable is Radicchio.

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Summer and Sabrina

host of The Night Shift

FRI 2 – 2:30am   ✱   Programming since 2023   ✱   ♒️ + ♍️

Summer and Sabrina are both fourth year students at UCSB. Summer is a Canadian wannabe, and Sabrina is a Redditor. From a young age, they both spent too much time on the internet, wasting hours upon hours of life overanalyzing pop-culture. These experiences proved to be valuable training for hosting a show where they ramble at length about horror movies, books, and TV shows and make obscure pop-culture references while being very opinionated.

We joined KJUC in fall 2022 and are very excited to host our first show.

Two horror fans chat about their favorite genre, gushing over spooky movies, books, and more.

FUN FACT:  Summer likes window stealing (it’s like window shopping but stealing – imaginary stealing), and Sabrina’s greatest fear is: getting into a car crash while Ed Sheeran is playing, making all her relatives think she was an Ed Sheeran fan, and then they play “Shape of You” at her funeral.

Sunnyland Steve

host of Views of the Blues

Mon 12pm – 3pm   ✱   Programming since 2007   ✱   ♉️

Sunnyland Steve has been a lover of blues music since his teenage years whose journey into the tradition began with exposure to Elvis Presley and exploration into Presley’s blues influences.  He has been a board member of the Santa Barbara Blues Society, the oldest existing U.S. blues society (founded in March 1977) for over forty years, and is a contributing writer of articles and album reviews for two national blues magazines.  He has been co-promoter and stage emcee for a myriad live blues performances locally, regionally, and nationally. He has hosted “Views of the Blues” on KCSB-FM since January 2007.

Blues music is an original American art form and the basis for rhythm-and-blues, rock-and-roll, hip hop, rap, and much of jazz and country music. ‘Views of the Blues’ presents the best in blues music in its historical context, including its provenance in west African and African American cultures.

FUN FACT:  I grew up listening to and loving classical violin music


host of TBD

SUN 24 – 6pm   ✱   Programming since 2017   ✱   ♉️

I was a student programmer at KCSB starting in 2017 and worked on the KCSB Executive Committee until I graduated in 2019 and have been a volunteer community programmer ever since. It was at KCSB that I found community radio and DIY Music to be a huge passion of mine. DIY organizing is so important and it feels great to give back to our community via music.

Hi! I’m Thomas! I’m the host of TBD which airs every sunday 4-6pm! TBD is where i give a wide range of DIY Musicians and artists spanning all different genres, backgrounds and scenes a space to be heard outside of their local scene. I try to host live performances and interviews every week.

FUN FACT:  A rat is going to jump into your mouth. Do you prefer it jump headfirst or butt first and why?

Instagram  /  Youtube

Tío Chuy

host of ¡Muévelas!

TUES 6 – 8am   ✱   Programming since 2013

I am a Ginger… there, I said it. I may be white bread, but I still got me some spice! As everybody’s Uncle, Tío Chuy, I’m also a vinylphile, a dancing machine and a hopeless hot sauce addict. I remember taking dance lessons with Las Cafeteras at the Franklin Neighborhood Center, getting to interview Poncho Sanchez, Buyepongo, Eddie Palmieri, the Afro Cuban All Stars, and La Misa Negra. So many amazing friendships have blossomed with DJs, musicians, and our listener community! Leave your worries and some sweat on the dancefloor y ¡Muévelas!

When I turn on the radio, I am ready to let go of the worries of the world and fall into a music that stirs my soul and shakes my can. When you tune in to ¡Muévelas! you will experience a wide range of lively, Latin music with a special love affair for Afro-Cuban Jazz.

FUN FACT:  I have multiple hot sauce collections – ¡echale salsa!



host of Grrrls Who Rock!!!

FRI 7 – 8am   ✱   Programming since 2023   ✱   ♐️

I am from Los Angeles and to quote a guy I met at a house show, I did grow up in “basically the best music scene ever”. I practically live in concert venues and wouldn’t have it any other way. I became an FM programmer for KCSB in early 2023. I decided to become a programmer for KCSB because music has been such a crucial constant my entire life and I have always been incredibly inspired by my favorite artists and bands. I really admire KCSB’s mission statement and wanted to join KCSB because of the opportunity to showcase voices that have been underrepresented in the past and even now.

Hi, I’m Valeria, I host the show Grrrls Who Rock!!! which airs every Friday @7am ! Grrrls Who Rock!!! is a show where I play rock and its sub genres made by women and gender expansive people from the 60s to now. Every week I try to have a theme or focus on a specific sub genre and try to expose listeners to artists and bands they might not have heard before.



Witch Doctor

host of American Roots Radio

SAT 9 – 11am   ✱   Programming since 2016   ✱   ♐️

I’m a UCSB alum who’s totally obsessed with music. I began hosting my show, American Roots Radio, in 2016, and have fallen deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole ever since.

American Roots Radio is an historical overview of traditional American music from the twentieth century onward.

FUN FACT:   I traveled extensively around Venezuela and started paragliding while there.




SAT 2 – 3pm   ✱   Programming since 2022   ✱   ♋️

87-year-old programmer who happens to sound like a 20-year-old college student. Educator and goldfish philanthropist. Proud grandmother of 8.

EASTBOUND is an Asian music show. 

Listen to my voice through your car 😺

FUN FACT:  I am the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.


Yours Truly

host of Dear Country Music, I’m Sorry

MON 3 – 4pm   ✱   Programming since 2022   ✱   Sagittarius

Hi! I am Yours Truly and I love all things yellow, music, and KCSB! I am originally from Berkeley, CA and am a soon-to-be UCSB graduate in March 2023 with a degree in Psychology and Brain Sciences and a minor in Spanish. After going through KJUC in the Winter of 2022, I started at KCSB that Spring under the DJ name of bbygreens. Since then, each day I walk into the studio SO grateful for the outlet this station offers for someone who feels music in every bone in their body and wants to share that with everyone 🙂

Dear Country Music, I’m Sorry is my apology letter to the genre of country music for hating it for so long. On my show I tackle misconceptions I used to hold about country music (i.e. “all country music sounds the same) and use the wide variety of songs out there in the genre to prove my old “country hating self” wrong. Along with playing music, I educate myself and my listeners on country music history, news, and artists who deserve all the hype in the world! Tune in on Mondays at 3pm!

FUN FACT:  My first concert ever was The Wiggles