805 Mad Hatter | Jus’ Good Music

My Show is everything Reggae and Real Lyrical Hip Hop / Rap and Neo Soul and much more

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Alfred | The Creek Walk

The Creek Walk is a collection of classical and folk music that depicts themes of the natural world either through lyrics, title, instrumentation and more.

I am a student in the Music Department at UCSB and like to use this show to highlight interesting subject matter I have picked up on both academic and performance settings. Through the creation of this show, I aim to narrow my focus on the study of ecomusicology–the overlap of nature, music, and culture–something I would love to study after my undergrad. I am from Napa, California where I was raised on what used to be my family’s dairy farm so from a young age I have learned to love the outdoors.

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Alise | Salad Days

Isla Vista is the epitome of youth: a hedonistic, happy community that thrives off of collective moments that remind us how grateful we are to be young and alive. Liv and I capture the spirit of Isla Vista through Salad Days, an eclectic music show that focuses on extremely youth-specific moments that we have all somehow felt.

I joined the KCSB airwaves during my junior year of college with my co-host, Liv Siegel, as a way to use music, something so meaningful to me, to connect with people. Although I am passionately pursuing dental school, I would be lying if I said my dream career wasn’t one in the music industry.

I am from Newport Beach, California, so moving up the coast to study chemistry at UCSB has kept me a SoCal beach girl my entire life. I love music from all genres and eras, but indie surf rock will always have a special place in my heart. <3

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Angel Lopez | Rock Latino

I started this journey with KCSB in 1995. Latin Rock has been part of the Latin American culture since the 1950s. I felt that since I was a local DJ to the Santa Barbara area, I needed to encourage our community to learn more about this impactful genre of music.

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Ashbee | Secondhand Sounds

My show highlights artists within the genres of soul/R&B/funk, such as Jamaican soul, psychedelic funk, Chicano soul, underground doo-wop, obscure girl groups, deep funk, afro funk, high school stage bands, and pioneering female-fronted soul. The show is structured to intentionally highlight the stories and contributions of women and BIPOC artists within these genres.

about ashbee: raised in the southwest and west. pro-labor feminist doing her thing in the heart of texas.

absolutely blissed out to be back at KCSB, my favorite independent community radio station in all the land. I currently record my show from Austin, TX! And I’m very happy to be back with KCSB, my favorite independent community radio station by the sea.

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Benjamin Sawyer | Orchestral Oasis

The Oasis presents Western classical music from Medieval times to the present, with genres across the board and introductions to each piece. Compared with some KCSB shows, the Oasis is not venerable–it is now into its 9th year.

We share with listeners great Western art as it takes the form of music, including background introductions to each piece. The show has evolved into being extensively programmed by suggestions from listeners and friends.

about: I am a retired librarian, organic farmer, and amateur viola player. Susanne and I did a number of years of backstage work with the Santa Barbara Symphony and the Rogue Valley Symphony in Oregon.Susanne and I played in the community orchestra for ten
seasons in Plumas County, where we had our farm.

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Bryan D. Brown | The Return of CoolMojo

I play a collection of avant garde and “free” jazz with some occassional detours into other genres.

favorite kcsb memory?: There were a lot of great memories… kind of hard to pin one down. The live broadcast of the Dalai Lama on April 24, 2009 from the Thunderdome was a pretty significant event and everyone worked really hard to pull it off, so let’s go with that.

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The Candy Mountain Rambler, Hattie Belle | The Candy Mountain Mixtape

The Candy Mountain Mixtape is a runaway examination and soulful public display of the American musical and cultural landscapes.

Hattie Belle is a former contortionist for the traveling Deja Vu Circus. Her bar-room voice was discovered by the Candy Mountain Rambler, an uncompromising radio prospector from Indiana, at a roadside performance of Annie Get Your Gun.

They live in the shadow of oak trees, deep in the heart of the Candy Mountains. Every year when the harvest moon nears its peak, you can hear the sound of their lonesome fiddles blowing down from the hills to the Pacific Ocean.



Chryss Yost | Schooled Radio

Schooled Radio is a half-hour public affairs show which includes interviews with local teachers, students, and administrators on the topic of education in the broadest possible sense, from preschool to grad school, to wine tasting and crafting. We are all learning, every day. I co-host with George Yatchisin.

I received my Ph.D. in education from UCSB. I previously hosted Writers’ Cafe and Library Radio on KCSB. I’ve worked at UCSB for over 15 years: in the Center for Black Studies Research (where I was managing editor of the Journal of Haitian Studies), as an artist at the Library, and with international students before my current position at the Gevirtz School.
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 D-Tragic | Word on the Streets Radio

Tune into Word on the Streets Radio representing the best of Independent Hip-Hop from the 805 and beyond!

about d-tragic: I love to build with artists and help them get their music heard far and wide! There’s nothing better than being the DJ who played it first!

what inspired your show?: I originally came to KCSB my first time at age 16 and got to rock with DJ T-Stone (Tim Stone) and he inspired me to keep the torch moving! After getting involved with DJing at clubs, promoting shows, and working in recording studios with artists, I decided to start a show to showcase our local hip-hop community and other independent artists worldwide. Here we are mad years later still rockin’ it in Studio A!

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about dj darla bea: Winner of the “Best Event DJ in Santa Barbara” Award 5 years in a row! Born & Raised in Santa Barbara, CA, and a Graduate of UCSB 2003 in History of Art & Architecture.

favorite KCSB memories:

• Listening to KCSB-FM in high school during the mid to late 1990’s and tuning into Ska La Carte and host Adam Korn. Which inspired my love of ska, rocksteady and reggae as well as Mr. Bungle. 

“Rock It Properly” is a saying from Jack Black during an outtake of the School of Rock movie while the band of children (students) were practicing playing music. It encompasses my shows eclecticism as whatever theme, genre or music I’m focusing on it has to “rock” it properly – not necessarily rock music per se. 

My show is like the movie–a 2-hour class via your radio or listening device where gold stars are given for class participation. My ‘students’ of the school of rock are quite dedicated having had listeners for the past 12 years stay tuned in.

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DJ Davy D | Selectric Davyland

Selectric Davyland is a totally freeflowing scheme, spooling out threads of sonic memory, rising from the depths of the historical public. A show indifferent to genre and theme, dedicated to inconsistency and strangeness and the counternarratives of global music culture.

about dj davy d: I am a music scholar, media anthropologist, and prof at UCSB, as well as a father, musician, writer, traveler and teller of tales. I have been off and on college radio waves for 3 decades, at WOBC, WESU, WKCR, and now KCSB, and freeform FM radio been a big part of my life.

favorite KCSB memories: Arrington de Dionyso and Hartyga live in studio, KCSB sponsoring Mdou Moctar’s first US tour, Negativland and Irene Moon joining forces underneath Storke Tower, touring the studio with my son’s 2nd grade class.

JapanoiseThe Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Music


DJ E4 | Bay Area Type Beat

i host BAY AREA TYPE BEAT, where i play up-and-coming bay area artists while i talk about bay area culture & its music’s history. i play up-and-coming bay area hip-hop artists while talking about bay area culture and bay area history.

I am from the bay area. I enjoy sideshows. I ghost ride the whip. I like to function.

I was born and raised in the bay area! i’m known for thizzin’,
telling ppl when 2 go, and getting hyphy

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Demis John (DJ D, Z, and Little J) / The Better Way Gospel Hour

The Better Way Gospel Hour, started by Brother Matthew Brown in the 1980’s, continues to bring gospel music to the central coast with D, Z and Little J. 

Pastors Bill and Bernadette Johnson from Providence 1st African Methodist Episcopal (AME), and St. Philip AME have called in weekly for about a decade, with a Sunday morning Teaching. The enormous variety of Christian musicians is highlighted, from the original old acapella gospel and modern choir gospel, to the many Isla Vista local musicians and modern music from around the country and world—all proclaiming the “good news.”

When Little J was just 7 years old, D brought him to help “operate the board” for Brother Matthew Brown on Sunday mornings. They were both awestruck by this amazing man with a fantastic legacy, having run Santa Barbara’s first black barber shops, personally promoted a great many gospel bands and run a number of gospel radio shows across the state. Full of great stories (like repeatedly seeing Sam Cooke driving through LA, or inviting gospel bands to crash at his parents house), not to mention his love for Jesus and caring for those in need, they loved spending time with Brother Brown. For a little more than a year, Brother Brown and D, Z and Little J hosted/guest-hosted as the trio took over the show, before Brother Brown’s passing in November 2017.


Dakota GuerraSleeper Hits

Sleeper Hits is a cultural arts show centered around discussing underrated and overlooked films along with their soundtracks. As an avid film watcher and movie-goer, I’ve channeled my love for movies into this program where I get to act as a mediocre film reviewer recommending movies you hopefully haven’t heard much about. I also love how soundtracks play a crucial role in the impact of a film, so in this program, I highlight music featured in the movie, songs that remind me of the film and it’s music, and artists that relate back to the film. I got involved with KCSB in Fall 2021 and became a programmer in Winter 2022.

☆ DJ at KCSB since Jan. 2022 ☆ Taurus ☆

DJ AlcastMood Swingz

Mood Swingz is an eclectic, mood-based show that has a different “feeling” each week. These themes range from “teardrop” to “I AM A GOD,” with playlists branching into rap, electronic, spanish, and many more genres.

Hey I’m Alex and I’m a 3rd year at UCSB. I also work at KCSB as the assistant engineer so you’ll probably see me around engineering assistant-ly. Ever since I was a kid I’ve had a deep love for music. My music taste has been largely informed from those around me growing up, as well as the wealth of stuff I’ve found in my growing up on the internet. As a result, I’ve always had a hard time condensing playlists into something cohesive, so that’s what I try to do with my show. Every week, you’ll hear (hopefully lesser known) artists/genres that I feel like deserve more attention, tying it together with a theme that they represent. I hope to do a lot more local features, and even some live mixing on my show, so tune in if tht sounds up your alley and you wanna vibe out w me 🙂

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DJ Çr!ñ&⋲⁣Internet Excess

Hey everyone! I’m DJ Çr!ñ&⋲⁣, and I’m a Communication major here at UCSB (hailing from LA). I’ve been wanting to become a KCSB-FM programmer for a *very* long time, and I’m so excited to finally be on the airwaves!

I’m fascinated by the intersection of technology and the internet, music, and the cultural zeitgeist, and how each respond to and are affected by the other. As such, my new radio show “Internet Excess” is built around the conceptual theme of “Music 𝙤𝙛, 𝙗𝙮, 𝙛𝙤𝙧, and 𝙖𝙗𝙤𝙪𝙩 the 𝐰𝐰𝐰.” – that is, music that could only exist in our era of sensory overload and maximalist technological excess; songs that use auto-tune or hyperkinetic, glitchy synths to sound like they’re being beamed in from hyperspace; songs that lyrically embrace the more meta elements of meme culture; music that could only exist in the era of niche internet circles, in which teenagers across the planet from one another can co-create the Next Big Thing. So I tend to play a lot of glitch music, digicore, “hyperpop”, and more!

Besides electronic music, other things I’m passionate about include songwriting, absurdist humor, dancing, data visualization, board games, collaging, the color sea foam green, and dogs doing people things.

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dj domo | superblast!

superblast! is an eclectic, dreampop show and gets it’s name from lush, one of my fav dreampop/shoegaze bands 🙂 sometimes it gets a little hectic but you can always count on me giving a shoutout to my imaginary cat named spaghetti. i’m currently a 2nd year and i’ve had a dreampop show since my first quarter here. i luvv kcsb + am so grateful to have a show.

☆ DJ at KCSB since fall 2020 ☆ Current Assistant Program Director

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dj evska  | Scandinavian Sounds

Heej sötnosar, this is dj evska! My show is about Scandinavian music because as a person who moved to Sweden at the age of nine, I am forever well-versed in the Swedish lore. Changing my surrounding at such a young age consolidated the cultural duality of my being – a bi-cultural Gemini who is constantly on the run, but I try to use my powers as a socialized Swede wisely!! In this show I guide my listeners through the musical landscapes of Sweden, occasionally venturing out to other notable scenes in Scandinavia.

I chose to showcase this region because I feel like American audiences often have a very specific image of Scandinavians (Midsummer anyone?) that I would like to challenge. But it’s not only about the preconceived notions – with the highest number of good tracks per capita in the world, the music scene of Sweden really has it all. Tune in to get the full spectrum of Swedish techno, death metal, indie, and Eurovision music combined with commentary about culture, media and notable events!

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DJ First  Take Me Back

The charm and intention of independent, alternative radio is the precipice of “Take Me Back” as stories come from students and public across Santa Barbara with no preference in any direction other than quality, with the music presented operating in the same dimension. Hearing as students would come onto their shows with excitement, only subdued by a good-humored professionalism, I found KCSB to be a high quality endeavor for those with a genuine musical interest, as well as a diverse radio station with pertinent topics/music showcased by the minute. From this lens I saw, and still see KCSB as an end-goal intersection of music, and radio.

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Dj Gryphn  Smiley Smile

My career as Dj Gryphn started in London during the first electro wave of the early 80’s , playing in underground clubs while also hosting my own weekly , Club Boy .Also responsible for compiling weekly underground dance floor charts for New Musical Express , a weekly international music publication.I later moved into a more avant-garde mixing at the birth of the Industrial scene at the notorious Iron Orchid club, while also being head of promotions at Recommended Records.At the birth of House music I finally found a long time home as House music summarised my entire history of deep listening.To this day I , Gryphn , have not stop playing vinyl . Often searching out vinyl only releases , white labels , unknown artist releases.I am a true digger and an interesting selector.All my shows are presented with vinyl!

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DJ Jill and DJ Mike The Old Millennials

The Old Millennials is a playful combination of married couple banter, pre-Internet nostalgia, and ‘90s European techno/electronic music.

We’re Mike and Jill, a pair of artists who long for a simpler time. Back when Pizza Hut was the hangout, TGIF kicked off the weekend, and you never left home without your Tamagotchi. You know what we’re talking about: the ‘90s! In this show we celebrate the cultural trends that preceded the present, and contemplate what lies ahead for humanity after the takeover of technology. Stuck in the gap between the pre-Internet generations (Gen X and Boomers) and the always-online (Gen Z and beyond), we Millennials have a unique love/hate relationship with this modern world of ours, and look forward to sharing our perspective with you as first-time DJs on KCSB-FM!

☆ DJ at KCSB since April 2022  ☆ Mike’s WebsiteJill’s Website ☆ Mike: Gemini … Jill: Taurus ☆

DJ Juice | Wazzup

My show features hip-hip/rap and R&B from various locations, genres, eras, and topics of discussion in the music world and of our generation. It connects ideas, feelings, and thoughts in the various songs played hoping to bring out something out of the listener so they have their own experience with the song. I always think of songs like memories. An artist or musician may have their own history and experience behind the making of the song but can pass it to others to listen and make their own experiences with the music. But philosophy aside, I love music, listening/talking about, and all of the creative things you can do with music, like a radio show for instance. It brings joy and real genuine feelings/emotions out of people, and what more can you ask for. But yeah my show name was inspired by Wzup radio on the Martin show, classic show if you haven’t seen it. I started Kjuc during covid, spring 2021, and learned virtual programming. Now I’m an Fmer in SB the Summer of 2022 and love it. It was a main goal of mine to have a radio show here and I’m happy it worked out and now looking forward to vibing with the listeners!

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dj lekha | Sunkist

i’m a big hip hop buff who has recently been playing around with house music. catch me trying to meld the two genres via sunkist on thursdays from 11a-12p. the intersection between electronic and hip hop is more obvious than you might think…


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DJ Majellan | Club Majellan

I’ve been on KCSB since 2020, but my latest show is Club Majellan, which debuted Summer 2022, and covers dance and electronic music scenes from all around the world. I started at KCSB with my overnight Hip Hop show, The World is Ours Radio, which alternated between nights with songs using the same sample and with artists representing the same city. However, as I dove further into Hip Hop’s musical elements, I found I had an affinity for the World Music sampled in a lot of Hip Hop. In Spring 2021, I decided to switch The World is Ours Radio to daytime and play World Music, each week choosing a new place and time to pull songs from. Next came The Majellan Show with my co-host, DJ Lekha — we not only played the freshest underground hip hop out right now, but we contextualized it and make sure our listeners understand how what they’re hearing came to be. Club Majellan is a fun continuation of my passion for world music within a modern oriented context!

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dj mj | The Break-up Club <3

The word ‘break-up’ has so many layers to it, literally it is made up of two things put together to make a whole new meaning. I take that key phrase and I run with it. how many things can I label as a ‘break-up’? does it only pertain to human relationships? or can we say that Pangea had the biggest ‘break-up’ of all time? i ponder these vital topics with a side of sweet sweet break-up anthems.

☆ DJ at KCSB since Jan 2021  ☆ <3 Taurus <3 ☆





Hey what’s up everybody. I am DJ SOUNDBLASTER and I host a show called BATTER UP which currently airs on Saturdays 12-1am. BATTER UP is a show dedicated to underrepresented hip hop artist. I try to make this show to be a place where artist can showcase their talents and their hustle. I belive all artist should be given the opportunity to be as successful as they can be. Thank you.

☆ DJ at KCSB since 2019 ☆ Virgo ☆





dj sourdough Apricot Jam

Apricot Jam is an eclectic show playing music that streams through the window and wakes you up in the morning. Occasionally, the show features playlists inspired by what I’m reading that week!

I started working at KCSB this year as publications coordinator and I had to pick up programming along the way. There was definitely a learning curve but I really enjoy being live in-studio! As an English and Communication student, KCSB gives me both a musical and artistic outlet that I really cherish <3

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DJ Steely Friedan | Welcome to Xanadu

From his humble roots as a street mime in Tupelo Mississippi, young DJ Steely came to appreciate the value of sound in creating compelling entertainment. After his prior experience hosting Connections and Atlas Sounds, Steely brings his musical knowledge to KCSB’s airways in a new show called Welcome to Xanadu that transcends genre, era, and borders in pursuit of aural excellence. Grab your roller skates and get ready to roll along for 3 hours of music that runs the gamut from brand new releases to the echoes from long ago.

☆ DJ at KCSB since Jan 2022 ☆ Current Assistant Engineer ☆ Libra ☆




DJFM The Light

Hey guys! I’m the host of The Light here. I created my show because I’ve always loved discovering new music and wanted to share the amazing new music I find with everyone. I love R&B and hip-hop, and finding unknown artists with amazing talent has always been something I’ve enjoyed doing. On my show I like to talk about the artists I play, dive into some music current events/facts, and try to play at least one song a week that addresses social injustices going on in the world today. I got involved with KCSB my first year, helping the music directors with album reviews. I loved it so much and was convinced to start my own show! Now I’m here and am always open to talking about anything and everything music, especially when it comes to new R&B/Rap. Don’t be afraid to stop me if you see me around, I’m always down to meet new people!

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Dor plugged in!

i’m the host of plugged in!, where i play underground rap’s most melodic, upbeat artists coming straight out of the internet today. songs that go hard. songs you can count money to. everyday i turn on plugged in! and get swagged out. you should too

focusing on tons of different sounds and upcoming artists from all over the US and beyond, i explore all the cool subgenres rap has today, and talk about how the culture continues to evolve. i want people to see how cool rap is beyond all the stereotypes and commerciality we see today

i’ve been listening to rap since i was literally a baby and for years i’ve wanted to get involved with KCSB, so i’m hyped to be a new programmer this quarter and to be connected with music in a closer way

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El Profe Urbano Montez & Mercy Brown | Raza World Visions

about raza world visions: Raza World Visions is a public affairs and cultural arts radio show hosted by El Profe Urbano Montez, with news and commentary by Mercy Brown, on Thursdays 10:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. at KCSB 91.9 FM. The show explores Latinx life, culture, and politics in local and global contexts. The show offers honest assessments—and continual reassessments—of how power and counter- power really operate in Latinx communities vis-à-vis the world at large. Themes include the history and politics of barrios; Raza and the prison industrial complex; Raza gender and sexuality politics; Raza LGBTQI+ communities; Raza nationalism vis-a-vis internationalism; Raza cultural hybridities; Raza subcultures; Raza art and literature; Raza ideologies; y un chingo de otras cosas.

about el profe urbano montez & mercy brown: El Profe Urbano Montez is a Chicanx from the barrio of Magnolia in Houston, Tejas, and is an educator in the California Central Coast. His style is punk meets TexMex polka with lots of world riffs thrown in, mostly from Latin America and Spain, and a Harley Fatboy rumbling ‘cause he’s always on the run. Mercy Brown is a Goth Chicanx from the San Fernando Valley with her own vampire vibe radio show—The Hotel Bella Muerte (Tuesdays at midnight of course until 1:00 a.m.).

Raza World Visions features interviews with activists, academics, students, and laypeople from all walks of life throughout the world. The show also has the most awesome Raza playlist you’ll find anywhere because it includes a little from everywhere! We appreciate feedback and are always looking for new takes on Raza life, culture, and politics, and welcome you as a guest on the show!

☆ email: RazaWorldVisions@gmail.com



Erin Eyesore | Ribbon Around a Bomb

Ribbon Around a Bomb with Erin Eyesore celebrates the genius of underground femme artists 1975-1985.

about erin eyesore: Erin Eyesore is a scholar of ultra-rare new wave and post-punk of the 1980s, with a focus on music made by women, transgender and non-binary artists.  Her show, Ribbon Around a Bomb, celebrates this music and often highlights the global nature of these movements, by amplifying ’80s bands from non-western countries. Outside of radio, Erin is a digital storyteller for museums, producing audio and video interpretive content for visitors. Most notably, she is the Executive Producer of SFMOMA’s award-winning podcast, Raw Material.

☆ returning alumni programmer ☆ past KCSB general manager! ☆


Gahl & Ted | Epistolary Echoes

In our distant undergraduate past, Gahl worked in the news department and hosted Kapow (Folk & Americana) and Ted hosted Radio Free PRT (World). When live programming was interrupted, we returned to KCSB with the SF book club Last Refuge of the Incompetent, followed by our solo shows Lemon Tree (Folk & Americana) and Nominative Determinism (Gimmick). Now, we return to co-hosting with Epistolary Echoes. Each week, we take turns crafting an hour of music based on a song one of us sends the other as a prompt. Jumping through genres and eras, we’ll try to surprise, amuse, and confound each other, and hopefully the audience.

☆ DJ at KCSB since January 2006 (Gahl), July 2009 (Ted) ☆ returning alumni programmer ☆



George Yatchisin | Schooled Radio

I am the Director of Communications at the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, and have worked at UCSB since 1994, so a public affairs show about education seemed like a natural. I have been part of community radio for 18 years, and have had two previous shows on KCSB–“Frank ‘n’ George” and “C-90! Go!”

☆ DJ at KCSB since October 2010 ☆ returning alumni programmer ☆ Website ☆ Aries ☆





Grace Bones | House of Chic

James Hancock hails from the UK but now lives between LA and the UK. He has over 20 years experience as a professional music producer, ghost writer remixer & DJ with over 120 releases.

His unique musical adaptability and sheer love of good music has allowed him to incoporate his passion with his work.

Website Instagram






Greg Brown ( DJ Witch Doctor) | American Roots Radio

I am a “closet” musician who dreams about playing music really well. I experience music vicariously through my headphones. Music feeds my spirit and my soul, and I love roots music of all flavors. My show, “American Roots Radio”, is a historical montage of roots music, incorporating blues, jazz, country, bluegrass, R&B, soul, folk, ETC.

favorite kcsb memory: live on-air, telephone interview that I did with David Bromberg and Larry Campbell (a couple of my musical heroes). They were friendly, funny, and they recounted some amazing memories from their lives.

☆ email for radio correspondence: g.L.brown121167@gmail.com 



Hoshwa | 5…4…3…2…fun!!

diy pop radio. playing the hits near misses since 2006!

i love my diy music community and, besides the radio show, I organized all ages events for many years around santa barbara, played shows and maintained a live audio archive. I also worked at kcsb as a student as publications coordinator, music director, program director and general manager and served on the program review committee for a few years.


returning alumni programmer ☆ 5432fun.org





Isabella | Holiday on the Moon

My show “Holiday on the Moon” had its debut during the 2022 winter quarter after making it through the KJUC training program. My parents introduced me to artists like Death Cab for Cutie and Cocteau Twins from a young age and since then I’ve fostered an unmatched love for all kinds of weird and wonderful music. Ranging from 90s jungle to experimental hip hop, I can appreciate it all. Named after a classic Love and Rockets track, my show focuses on highlighting artists from the darker side of the 80s and 90s alternative music scene where I spin genres like goth, post-punk, shoegaze, and industrial. I’ve grown to love these subgenres so much, and as a member of the goth subculture I want everyone to know that it’s all about the music.

☆ DJ at KCSB since Jan 2022 ☆ Instagram – @isabellasinclair_ // Spotify – @isamarieclair //  ☆ Aries ☆




DJ Pebble; DJ Serotonin | Melodies From the Matchbox

Join Sarah and Jacob every Sunday at high noon for fuzzy music and cozy talks about life. Featuring a variety of music ranging from space age pop to would-be classics, every episode of Melodies From the Matchbox is a uniquely curated trip into the lives of these two DJs. Occasionally joined by friends and visiting musicians, Melodies From the Matchbox aspires to provide the local community with intimate and educational Sunday afternoons.

☆ DJ sat KCSB since Jan 2022 ☆ Pisces; Sagittarius >.< ☆



Lady J | Fire Pon Rome

My name is Lady J and I have been a radio DJ at KCSB since 1996, programming a variety of Reggae shows, namely Positive Heights and Fire Pon Rome.

Fire Pon Rome is a Reggae, Dancehall, & Dub music program that showcases local, domestic, and international artist whose core themes are centered around one love and positivity.

My goal is to play music that feels good and uplifts the soul. As a UCSB Graduate Alumna and KCSB veteran, I am passionate about broadcasting quality programming within our non-commercial educational medium. I love family, fun, food, fitness, flights, adventure, entertainment, yoga, community, and KCSB. 

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Jedi | Mela-tunin’

Mela-tunin’: An eclectic music show exploring soul/R&B/jazz sounds for cathartic release.

I focus on highlighting underrepresented artists who advocate for mental health awareness while creating a relaxed ambience where listeners can tune in, destress, and unwind. You’ll also occasionally hear some brief anecdotes from personal/secondhand experiences dealing with mental health!

Music has always been my safe space and I want to share that w/ others 🙂

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Justin | Drano in Your Veins

“Drano in Your Veins” highlights mostly punk and whatever I arbitrarily deem “punk-adjacent”: math rock, slowcore, shoegaze, post-hardcore, emo, ambient, the Jet Set Radio Future soundtrack, etc. #skramzgang

I forget exactly how I found out about KCSB, maybe it was through one of my Alpha Charlie Foxtrot frat brothers or during football practice or something. Regardless, I’m super grateful to be a part of the station. Highly recommend volunteering here if you’re interested because if I can do it literally anyone can. And shoot me an email if you’d like to do an in-studio show, or help me out with one.

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Thomas | TBD

Hi! I’m Thomas! I’m the host of TBD which airs every sunday 4-6pm! TBD is where i give a wide range of DIY Musicians and artists spanning all different genres, backgrounds and scenes a space to be heard outside of their local scene. I try to host live performances and interviews every week (Even during covid years).

I was a student programmer at KCSB starting in 2017 and worked at KCSB as the Internal Music Director and External News Director until i graduated in 2019 and found community radio and DIY Music to be a huge passion of mine. DIY organizing is so important and it felt great to give back to my community via music. Now I’m a coveted community programmer safely recording my shows from home :O

Write me at my Instagram @tbdpresents

I feel like this playlist encapsulates the show and my interests pretty well lol: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7ioHXSjYD9G0XBSUjQMWAU?si=Meo0I5ZaRki2So7OXb208w

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Lietoc | Lietoc’s Demands Remain Unwritten

Hello, this Lietoc (they/them)! I am a self-described ex-Radiohead stand and REM Apologist, who ran the KCSB’s Internal Music Director desk from June 2019-June 2020. Now I’m just a library clerk blogging about tapes at Tabs Out, or contributing to Post-Trash. Yes, I’m a tape enthusiast with over 1000 tapes. Sometimes I help Thomas with TBD, which is like an institution at this point.

Lietoc’s Demands Remain Unwritten is the successor to my previous shows, Bloghouse & Krankcast, going strong since Fall 2020. My admiration for faint echoes of lost futures, found within pulpy tape music, reverb saturated bliss, and modernist and dadaist punk or noise excursions, all being channeled through label spotlights, yearly surveys, and non-canonical dives. And of course, the latest developments in the ubiquitous college rock marketplace of pastiche. Broadcast remotely, from Southern California.

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Liv | Salad Days

Isla Vista is the epitome of youth: a hedonistic, happy community that thrives off of collective moments that remind us how grateful we are to be young and alive. Alise and I capture the spirit of Isla Vista through Salad Days, an eclectic music show that focuses on extremely youth-specific moments that we have all somehow felt.
When my co-host, Alise Cung, and I first met, we bonded over our passion for music and our love for Isla Vista. With a desire to express this love to the rest of our community, Salad Days formed.

I am from the small beach town of Stuart, Florida and moved to UCSB to explore the California coast and pursue a degree in Communication. Growing up, music is what bonded my family together, and through KCSB this interest only flourished to become one of my greatest passions. While you can find a range of genres on our show, alternative and psychedelic rock is what I’ll most likely be listening to.

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Marta Ulvaeus | Bright Moments

Bright Moments is a music program that features jazz music primarily, particularly the more adventurous strains. On Bright Moments, listeners hear music from innovators past and present. I seek out artists who are taking risks with the music. They present unusual arrangements or instrumentations of familiar compositions. They compose richly textured pieces or they compose pieces that explore the space between the notes. They are taking the music in directions that are dynamic and intriguing.

Bright Moments has traveled a circuitous path since it began as Roots to the Source on KDVS Davis, in 1983. It then meandered over to KPFA Berkeley, where it sprouted new tendrils in 1987, first as part of the Focus on Women in Music Collective, then First Light, Morning Concerts here and there, and finally the Bay Area iteration of Roots to the Source, which followed Ben Lindgren’s Mob Ecstasy. After a seven-year hiatus in New York City, Roots to the Source re-emerged at KCSB, in 2002.

I enjoy mixing sounds of seemingly disparate music traditions to discover the ways in which they interact with and inform one another.

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Marley Jay | L!V3IR!3

L!V3!R!3: your chill island reggae jam beach vibes kinda show

about marley jay: I have been grateful in the space provided by KCSB to share the lesser-known works of such a wonderful genre. Reggae music is what brought me to the station when I moved back to SB in 2015. I have covered or had a show at almost every single time of day, and definitely all times at night! This music is close to who I am in my spiritual core; I appreciate all the good vibes and years on-air along the way. Tune in and grow your roots with me.. praise Jah praise Akua.

Aloha Aina, Malama Pono!

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naila | homesick at space camp

A show that takes the words out of your mouth. ‘homesick at space camp’ acts as a refuge for those who can’t quite articulate how they’re feeling. This show provides a deep dive into the songs that untangle that dense web of emotions into a few simple, yet devastatingly poignant, phrases. An ode to the artists who bare their souls so that we don’t have to. This show is my way of attempting to explain the inexplicable.

I’m originally from Fresno, California where I spent my days loitering around various parking lots and wide open fields. A lot of the music I play is reminiscent of the people I left behind in my hometown. To those of you who grew up with me, this one’s for you. 🙂

I’m in the process of declaring a double major in Psych & Brain Sciences and English. I hope to be a writer someday. I want to write a novel, one that maybe takes one of these silly show themes and runs with it.

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Nicoletta Browne | Hardly Strictly Americana

I’ve been programming for independent radio since 2011, first with KSPC in Claremont and then with KCSB ever since I moved to the Santa Barbara area for my master’s. Hardly Strictly Americana evolved out of a more traditional Americana format I used to do. While the focus is, overall, on genres under the “general umbrella” of Americana, like folk, blues, jazz, bluegrass, and the like, I mix it up by including a lot of music from other countries and music that wouldn’t normally be thought of as “Americana” but fits alongside it well. I also emphasize picking LGBT, non-white, and non-male artists for a large portion of the music. I do my best to keep bringing new music into my repertoire, and I want to keep doing my show for as long as I feel like I can do it without boring myself!

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ophelia | In Orbit

Experience and explore what contemporary music scenes look like around the world! Each week at In Orbit I explore a new country and genre to try and better understand the perspectives and scene of the artists who live there!  As a Global Studies major, I love to explore and understand art and culture from all over the globe. Non-english music is often automatically overlooked in Western countries, so In Orbit is all about highlighting great music in spite of this! Music influences culture and culture influences music! My tag line is ‘what music cool kids are listening to all over the world’ and I think it sums up my show pretty nicely. I try to delve into the historical context of the music as much as I can as well.

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Pat Cardenas | The Black Nag

The show topic is music of many different countries and cultures around the world. I became involved with KCSB in 1981 and have been a live programmer for 40 years. My background is classical music and I was exposed to folk and ethnic music by my 7th grade teacher. I’ve been collecting folk music from age 10 and will likely never stop.

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Penny Lane |  Echoes of the Revolution

Atlas sounds is a show that takes listeners around the world in 60 minutes! My co-host, Will Bacaj, and I try to make each song from a different place in the world. Songs on our shows cover a wide range of different geographical spots. One of the things we focus on showcasing genres that wouldn’t normally be associated with certain regions (such as French punk, or Italian disco!).

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rebecca | melancholy corner

i play indie rock/punk/pop songs that are reflective of my week. sometimes i like to think of my show as a little diary where i can put my honest thoughts down and talk about music along the way. i’ve been programming at KCSB for over 2 years, and i’ve been hosting melancholy corner the whole time 🙂

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Toshihiko | Hibikase

Hibikase is a show that explores Japanese and Chinese music which most Japanese and Chinese people have never heard of before. You know, my dad was a radio love. One of my earliest memories is listening to the Hong Kongese radio station in his car. That’s why I signed up for the KJUC training during my first quarter at UCSB. KCSB gave me the freedom to play all the independent and alternative bands I’ve always wanted radio DJs to play. Growing up in the southern part of China, I spent my childhood wandering on the streets of the east Asian metropolises looking for great CDs and local bands, and now, I want to share all the music I have collected throughout the years with Santa Barbara community. This is the show ‘Hibikase’, and yes, it means ‘Let it resonate.’

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Sans Nom | The Blacklight Special

about the blacklight special: “The Blacklight Special” is a radio program hosted by Sans Nom, and airing on Sunday nights from 10pm until midnight. The goal of the show is to dive into an expansive range of sound and to offer a space for self-exploration, giving the listener an opportunity to “let go.”

Primarily focusing on the underbelly of the House and Techno scene, the program also highlights alternative electronic genres that are otherwise unavailable on mainstream media outlets.

about sans nom: Sans Nom has been a DJ in Santa Barbara for over 16 years, and is part of Underground Souls, a co-operative group of friends who join together in celebration of House & Techno music, Love, Life, and each other. Sans Nom also co-founded Obsidiaan Recordings, a record label showcasing deep and ethereal Techno, House, and “leftfield” Electronic music.

favorite kcsb memory: I would say one of my favorite times at KCSB was when we did the open house / DJ party in the courtyard. What I remember most from that night was the after party, where the guest DJ informed me that “It’s time to get ratchet!”

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Ryan Scibetta and Quill Sang | In The Spotlight

Ryan: Quill and I are a friendship (noun) from far off lands, Hillsdale High School in San Mateo, California. We were barely acquaintances when we both showed up to a KCSB event during freshman orientation. On a whim, we signed up together, and the show has been a success ever since! It is an interview-focused spotlight (eyyyy) for many musicians to manifest magical music into media for members of the masses. Marvelous!

Quill: I am disowning Ryan. (to Ryan) Is there a way to disown someone, but like, more?

If you’d like to be a guest on our show, or know someone who does, reach out to me at ryanscibetta@ucsb.edu!

☆  DJ at KCSB since Winter 2020 ☆ Ryan: Why is this a required question? Quill: Spoken like a true Leo. ☆ 



Selecta Alla | Blazing Fyah

Blazing Fyah plays socially conscious reggae music and guest interviews from the Caribbean and beyond. Friday evenings from 6-8pm.

about selecta alla: Selecta Alla has been on KCSB for 5 years. She has worked closely with the musical arts for many years and loves spending time in the islands.






Sista ROZ | The Experience With Sista ROZ

The Experience With Gospel DJ Sista ROZ show Encourages & Inspires Through God’s Music; Gospel Music and Inspirational Sounds which accompany Words of Wisdom, Christian Meditation, Prayer and More! Even though my DJ name has always been Sista ROZ, my previous show on KCSB was called The Experience With Rosalyn. I have the longest running weekday gospel show on KCSB! Some of my favorite and great KCSB memories are when I got to help Brother (Minister) Matthew Brown (who was in his 90’s) on his Sunday show The Better Way Gospel Hour (the first & longest running gospel show)!

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Steve S. | Joyful Cosmos

I’m Steve S., your host Monday evenings, 6 – 8pm.

Creative improvisation, electro-acoustic experimentation, traditional music of our species and their associated expansions. Joyful Cosmos is a ride on a road constructed of sound. There is no destination.

I started FM radio broadcasting at WRCT Pittsburgh during summer 1990. After moving to Goleta, i got a show on KCSB. The interdependence of Earth cultures through sound making interests me. Transmitting those sounds into the universe is my chosen work.
We facilitate the cosmos becoming conscious.

☆ DJ at KCSB since Summer 2002 ☆ Facebook Ophiuchus

Sunnyland Steve | Views of the Blues

Blues music is an original American art form and the basis for rhythm-and-blues, rock-and-roll, hip hop, rap, and much of jazz and country music. ‘Views of the Blues’ presents the best in blues music in its historical context, including its provenance in west African and African American cultures.

about sunnyland steve: Sunnyland Steve has been a lover of blues music since his teenage years whose journey into the tradition began with exposure to Elvis Presley and exploration into Presley’s blues influences.  He has been a board member of the Santa Barbara Blues Society, the oldest existing U.S. blues society (founded in March 1977) for over forty years, and is a contributing writer of articles and album reviews for two national blues magazines.  He has been co-promoter and stage emcee for a myriad live blues performances locally, regionally, and nationally. He has hosted “Views of the Blues” on KCSB-FM since January 2007.

☆ DJ on KCSB since 2007 ☆ www.sbblues.orginfo@sbblues.org



Ted C. | The Freak Power Ticket

Buy a ticket, take the ride.

The Freak Power Ticket started around 2002 after I had already put in well over a year at KCSB-FM working as a full-time administrative assistant (largely in charge of the station’s annual fund drive). I had briefly done college radio before while an undergraduate at a different institution and, when I started at KCSB-FM, I was still in graduate school at UCSB – studying English Literature – so I was excited to develop new ideas on the local airwaves.

The Freak Power Ticket has evolved over the years into a solidly eclectic music-and-cultural arts radio program. “A ‘wondrous boat ride’ exploring rock ‘n’ roll & other music, the counter cultural, cinema, pop culture, oddities, etc.

I tend towards themed playlists and special programs, so, at times, you’ll hear me conduct interviews with creative people of all types: musicians, filmmakers, activists, impresarios, writers, actors, comedians, journalists, artists, academics, and just plain folks too. I also enjoy hosting live bands and guest DJs. Furthermore, “The Freak Power Ticket” profiles works and figures of note from a politically radical or decidedly off-kilter perspective.

about ted c.: Since 2015, I’ve been KCSB-FM’s staff advisor. I’ve been strongly committed to independent media production for decades, with a particular interest in punk and other subcultures of resistance. I have roots in Northern California, but have lived in the Santa Barbara area for over 30 years now. I guess I like it here…

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Tio Chuy | ¡Muévelas!

When I turn on the radio, I am ready to let go of the worries of the world and fall into a music that stirs my soul and shakes my can. When you tune in to ¡Muévelas! you will experience a wide range of lively, Latin music with a special love affair for Afro-Cuban Jazz.

I am a Ginger… there, I said it. I may be white bread, but I still got me some spice! As everybody’s Uncle, Tío Chuy, I’m also a vinylphile, a dancing machine and a hopeless hot sauce addict. I remember taking dance lessons with Las Cafeteras at the Franklin Neighborhood Center, getting to interview Poncho Sanchez, Buyepongo, Eddie Palmieri, the Afro Cuban All Stars, and La Misa Negra. So many amazing friendships have blossomed with DJs, musicians, and our listener community! Leave your worries and some sweat on the dancefloor y ¡Muévelas!

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TStone | The 2022 Rebellion

The 2021 Rebellion is a Hip Hop & Reggae-Dancehall show based on conscientious artists & music for thoughtful people.

about tstone: My name is DJ TStone & I love listening to meaningful music. I would like to promote more intelligent & peaceful music in Hip Hop & Reggae-Dancehall. I was on the air as a student in the early ’90s, a time period also known as the Golden Age of Hip Hop.

favorite KCSB memory: Back when I was doing a live show in the ’90s, Madlib & his group Lootpack & many other DJ’s like DJ Babu & DJ Rhomes would come up to my live show on Friday nights and do live DJ mixes. They would bring a lot of their friends like WildChild & others who would rap and do freestyles live on the show. It was epic, really.

☆ returning alumni programmer ☆ zodiac sign: capricorn ☆ programming from santa barbara ☆



EASTBOUND is an Asian indie show. Modern Asian music has a rich history of influences from around the world, as well as extremely talented musicians. Despite this level of quality in the music, Asian indie remains a genre left relatively unexplored in the US. EASTBOUND is my way of bringing these sounds to the West, my own sort of Silk Road. Listen on Saturdays at 3 AM if you’re awake 🙂

This is my first quarter at KCSB, and I am excited to continue producing content here! Coming from the KJUC program and first impressions of the KCSB community make me really excited to work with everybody here.

☆ DJ at KCSB since Spring 2022 cancer/aries/taurus



XTEK OVERLOAD | @MixxAdventures

I fell in love with Mix shows when I was in the 5th grade. Becoming a Dual-Tape-Deck-Editor by 7th grade. I got my Technics 1200’s when I was in the 9th grade. I started being a guest dj on KCSB when I was in the 10th grade. Mastering the skill of using a 4-Track Recorder and using MIDI to interface a Roland 626 drum machine with a Boss 505 along with a Yamaha Sampler. I used to go to the record store weekly for new records. I loved the megamixes. Thrift stores is where I would dig for Jazz, Soul, and Funk records to Sample.

These days I collect music videos to do live video mixing on www.Twitch.TV/djXTEK still working hard.

☆ IG: @MixxAdventures @Xtek_Overload ☆ Gemini ☆


Zeytoon | Through the Wire

On Through the Wire, we’ll dive into different genres of Middle Eastern music every week. From Persian funk to Armenian rabiz to Arab pop, I’ll show you some groovy tunes and tell you about the cultures behind them.

I’m a student of the English and History department at UCSB. As a Middle Eastern person, I have used music to help me connect with my culture. I have found so many amazing artists and genres that I would love to share with you! Music is an amazing way to learn about different parts of the world and respect the cultures of others.

☆ DJ at KCSB since Spring 2022 ☆ Virgo