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An Interview With Guppy

22 Sep, 2023

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KCSB’s own DJ Steely Friedan had the immense pleasure of hosting Los Angeles based band Guppy on his show Welcome to Xanadu where they shared some of their favorite music and tour van song choices. Guppy’s tour kicks off in Los Angeles on September 25th; check out some interview highlights […]

An Interview With Elliott Fullam

22 Sep, 2023

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KCSB’s External Music Director, Bella Genolio, got the chance to interview Elliott Fullam about his new album, End of Ways. Read on to learn about Fullam’s creative process, inspiration, and future plans. Trigger Warning: Mental, Physical, and Sexual Abuse  Bella Genolio: Can you introduce yourself with your name, pronouns and […]


17 Sep, 2023

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It’s Hispanic Heritage Month, and here at KCSB FM, we wanted to put together a playlist to showcase the diverse musical genres which have flowered from a variety of Hispanic countries. Though this playlist is by no means exhaustive, we hope it will be a good introduction to the range […]

Newport Jazz Festival 2023 Recap

18 Aug, 2023

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Words By Lekha Sapers   The 2023 Newport Jazz Festival, in its third iteration post-covid, was a smashing success. Of course, with lineups boasting the likes of Jon Batiste, Branford Marsalis, and Diana Krall, the musical prowess was oozing from every single stage. As a core tenet of working at […]

Lekha, our APD, Takes Newport Jazz Festival 2023

25 Jul, 2023

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words by: Lekha Sapers (Assistant Program Director 23-24′) If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you have some degree of musical interest – perhaps even, an appreciation for jazz (?). If I’m assuming correctly, then you’re in for a treat. As a native Rhode Islander, I have been privy to the […]

I.V. Bands Left With No Practice Space

18 May, 2023

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words by Marion Suchowiecky (KCSB External Music Director 22-23′)   On any given weekday, students biking into campus through the Pardall tunnel might hear bands running through tunes atop what has become a beloved and invaluable practice space for Isla Vista (I.V.) musicians—UCSB’s Lot 22 parking lot. On Wednesday, May […]

Wednesday & Toner At The Teragram Ballroom 

18 May, 2023

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Words by: Marion Suchowiecky and Justin Africawala On Friday May 5th, KCSBfm’s External Music Director, Marion Suchowiecky, and Music Librarian, Justin Africawala, made their way down into the heart of Los Angeles to attend the Wednesday and Toner concert at the Teragram Ballroom. Read on to hear the pair of […]

Spring Playlist

17 Apr, 2023

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  Spring has sprung, and Excomm is bringing you the best tunes to frolic in a flowery meadow to! Enjoy the songs that remind us of the season of blooming flowers, renewal, and growth! <3   JUSTIN’S RECS “Snowy!” by Your Arms Are My Cocoon This year spring break seemed […]

Spotlight on the Scene: Duende

24 Mar, 2023

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words by: Clarissa Rios Spotlight on the Scene is an interview blog series aimed at showcasing the lively local band scene of Isla Vista. Each blog in the series will provide an immersive experience, guiding you through visual and auditory elements that truly make each band come to life through […]

Rolling Loud California 2023 Recap

10 Mar, 2023

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words by: Yousef Srour (Int. Music Director 21-22′) In the concrete jungle of the Hollywood Park Grounds, Rolling Loud California has emerged as a key festival for hip-hop fans. Especially hip-hop fans of West Coast music. In the age of internet rap superstars, leak/snippet culture, and early rappers not having […]

February’s Add of the Month: Jamila Wood’s HEAVN

23 Feb, 2023

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words by: Jack McKinnon (Internal Music Director 22-23′) With February being Black History Month, it only makes sense to highlight some of the amazing Black talent that exists throughout the music industry today. It exists across all genres and all over the world, but can sometimes be overlooked by other […]

KCSBae Playlist!

14 Feb, 2023

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It’s Valentines Day, and whether you’re a lover or a loner, KCSBfm’s Executive Committee’s got the tunes to keep you covered.   MARION’S RECS  “Tender” by Blur This song’s lyrics do a really good job of describing the best part of falling in love with someone, which is that they […]

Music Department’s Top Albums of 2022

15 Jan, 2023

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Words by: Jack McKinnon (Int. Music Director), Justin Africawala (Music Librarian), & Marion Suchowiecky (Ext. Music Director)   As 2022 has wrapped up, and 2023 has begun, KCSB’s music department has reflected upon their favorite releases of the year, and compiled them all, along with some thoughts, for you to check out! If […]