Shabang 2024: The Framers, No Drout, & The Walters

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20 May, 2024

words by: Carly Kalunian

Shabang, San Luis Obispo’s yearly music festival, celebrated its 10th anniversary this May. The all-ages event attracts many college students from around California, but of course is very popular with those attending Cal Poly SLO and UCSB thanks to its’ close proximity to campus. This year’s headliners included Thundercat and Peach Pit, not to mention a festival packed full of other talented acts. 

The Framers:

Santa Barbara-local band, The Framers, was the first act I saw at Shabang, and what a warm welcome it was! Playing at the smaller Cuesta Ridge stage, this was a more intimate set. The Framers won the Santa Barbara spot for California DIY music collective Free The Youth’s Battle of The Bands competition, earning them a spot at the festival. The Framers call themselves an indie riot girl band, which I would say is an excellent description of what I heard. The music was fun and lively, and the lyrics were relatable and expressive. I hope Shabang brings more attention to them in future years, because they deserve it! 

No Drout: 

Santa Cruz’s very own Saul Droutman, AKA No Drout, was one of the DJs at Saturday’s Silent Disco Haüs Party stage. Even though it was raining and cold, everyone warmed up to No Drout’s set, which caused them to dance the afternoon away. The vibes in line for the silent disco were anticipatory yet low, with many complaining about the weather. It was a completely different world once I entered the tent – No Drout’s set had everyone smiling and moving. The set itself showed the versatility of No Drout’s DJ abilities. There was something for everyone, and overall, it was just a great time. I got the pleasure of speaking with Saul after the festival about his journey in music. Not only is he a great DJ, he is extremely kind! 


Q: How long have you been DJing, and what made you start?

A: “I’ve been DJing for the past 4 years now. I had been getting more and more into electronic [music] all throughout high school, and after watching my brother learn, I decided it was something I wanted to try and learn as well. I had been asking and asking for him to teach me, and finally, the day before I moved out, he introduced me to the basic concepts. I quickly fell in love, and as soon as I settled into Santa Cruz, I bought my own board and started practicing every day.

Q: How did you get involved with Shabang?

A: I first heard about Shabang through a music collective I’m a part of, Free The Youth, in 2022. Although I didn’t end up going that year, it sounded like an amazing time, so I applied to perform there in 2023.

Q: What subgenre would you use to define your set this year?

A: This year, my set was a little all over the place, starting with some classic house, then moving into some tech house and some melodic techno, and ending with a little bit of UKG (UK Garage)

The Walters: 

The rain was really pouring yet the joy was overflowing during The Walters’ set at the larger Laguna Lake stage. This was a mellow set, with the band playing many of their mellow hits such as I Love You So and Fancy Shoes. What I really enjoyed was the story they told before I Love You So. They talked about the band being together in 2014, breaking up and hating each other, and having I Love You So going viral on TikTok bringing them back together. TikTok is loved and hated by many, but it was enjoyable to hear a story of reuniting over music that made so many people on the internet happy. It made the set more personal as I felt I learned more about the band members themselves.


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