03 Jul, 2021

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KCSB’s Finnegan Smith sat down with the genre-bending trio known as Kero Kero Bonito to discuss the band’s musical influences, exciting creative visions, and more. Read the interview below!   Finnegan: The past year and a half has been a roller coaster for everyone. How did the pandemic and the […]

Tanyradzwa Tawengwa Interview

24 Jun, 2021


In February 2020, right before the pandemic, a Zimbabwean-born opera singer visited the University of California, Santa Barbara. She collaborated with Dr. Mhoze Chikowero, an associate professor of African history here at UCSB. Together, they adapted Ms. Tawengwa’s senior thesis from Princeton, ‘Dawn of the Rooster,’ into an abridged one-hour performance […]


21 Jun, 2021

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KCSB’S External Music Director Finnegan Smith sat down with emerging English experimental rock band Black Country, New Road. Read and/or watch on to hear about Black Country, New Road’s artistic journey thus far and where they’re headed from here on out. Finnegan: Most members of Black Country, New Road attended […]


18 May, 2021

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KCSB’s Internal Music Director Yousef Srour sat down with innovative multidisciplinary artist and house producer Dirty Bird to discuss his artistic journey, important vision, and more. Catch a live DJ performance with Dirty Bird hosted by KCSB & KZSC on Saturday, May 22nd at 8 PM streaming live via Zoom and […]


30 Mar, 2021

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Eclectic singer/songwriter Indigo De Souza sat down with KCSB’s General Manager Emma Mesches, and Internal Music Director Yousef Srour, to discuss her music and artistic journey as a creative human being. Stay tuned for her upcoming livestream performance, where she will be performing live on KCSB’s YouTube channel this Thursday, April […]


20 Mar, 2021

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Open Mike Eagle’s new project is quite literally about Anime, Trauma and Divorce. It’s a nonchalant trip down the rabbit hole of Michael W. Eagle II’s spiraling imagination as he works through a divorce, the trauma that proceeds & ensues, and it’s all told through comical lyrics and his signature […]

Candy Mountain Mixtape Presents: Max and the Martians!

04 Mar, 2021

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This week, get ready for a very special episode of Candy Mountain Mixtape with Hattie Belle & the Candy Mountain Rambler, featuring a very special guest: Max and the Martians! This show will be sharing an interview with Max and the Martians, some music from his recent album, as well […]

Last Refuge of the Incompetent Presents: Nick Hubble

23 Jan, 2021

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Your favorite local sci-fi radio show Last Refuge of the Incompetent presents you with a special guest this week: Nick Hubble! This episode will air on Saturday, January 23rd at 6 PM. Nick Hubble is a professor of modern and contemporary English at Brunel University. Their latest work, “Growing Old […]

Checking in With Aural Canyon

16 Nov, 2020

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The private press labels on Bandcamp continue to surprise me at every turn. One reddit comment about my Indonesian tape haul turned into a quick recommendation for Aural Canyon. Now, I’m a fiend for new age ambience and various transient noise bursts. If you are as well, Aural Canyon has […]

KCSB vs Crash Symbols

20 Aug, 2020

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Over the course of a decade, Crash Symbols has been on the ground floor of bringing otherworldly cassette goodness to tape decks around the globe. Just this year alone, the label is boasting releases like the dadaist ambient of Ylangylang, the collaborative psychedelic jams of Spiritczualic Enhancement Center, and even […]

Interview with Mystic Timbre

04 Aug, 2020

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Mystic Timbre: The Short, Sweet Life of a Tape Label While I love listening to music on tape (as you should know!), I have a great affection for the labels that are sending these out like messages in a bottle. Recently, I stumbled across Mystic Timbre, which as a label […]

Two Back-to-Back Interviews this Friday!

15 Jul, 2020

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Tune in to KCSB-FM this Friday (7/17) for two exclusive interviews on two wonderful shows back-to-back, from 10am-2pm! First up, on Ribbon Around a Bomb (10am-12pm) with Erin Eyesore, you’ll be able to hear a discussion with Debora Iyall, Romeo Void frontwoman. Iyall is a powerful Native American rights activist, […]

Interview: Park 70

06 Jul, 2020

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Matthew McPherson interviews Cain and Ryan of Park 70. This interview was originally done for the KCSB Zine 2020: Love and Light (coming soon!) In general, what kickstarted the conception of Park 70? A lot of the droney sounds reminded me of early Kranky. Additionally, how much has it grown […]

Interview: Astral Spirits (KCSB Zine 2020)

26 Jun, 2020

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Matthew McPherson interviews Nate Cross of Astral Spirits. This interview was originally done for the KCSB Zine 2020: Love and Light (coming soon!) How did Monofonus Press birth Astral Spirits and why was keeping it DIY so essential? I had been in a few groups that had releases on Monofonus […]

Interview: Reserve Matinee

26 Jun, 2020

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Interview conducted by Mattew McPherson (Wane Lietoc).  Where’d the name Reserve Matinee come from? I’ve always been listening to this music at night! JD: Haha. We had a few lists of names going and “Reserve Matinee” quickly became a favorite. This was during a very inspired, hazy-yet-electric time of finally […]

Interview with Captain Suun with Kiely Ward

07 Nov, 2019


Interview by Kiely Ward of Sell the Sizzle (currently on hiatus)       I first heard Captain Suun while standing beneath the shimmering, gold streamers that border the stage and ceiling of Moth Club, a local venue in London’s Borough of Hackney. They were opening for Holy Wave, a […]

Interview: OPIUO x KCSB x Lucidity Festival 2019

08 May, 2019

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Headlining act OPIUO, Oscar Davey-Wright, came out from Melbourne, Australia to grace the main stage as one of Lucidity Festival’s killer headliners. Complex and captivating elements such as spacey laser visuals combined with his seamless flow of upbeat bass, future funk–and more irrefutably dance-inducing sounds made the set especially memorable. […]

Tuesday on ¡Muévelas!: Eddie Palmieri

06 May, 2019

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Join host Tío Chuy this Tuesday 5/7 as he interviews jazz legend Eddie Palmieri. Dance-able music is important to both the multi-grammy award winning piano player as well ¡Muévelas! host Tío Chuy.  Join the party 6 – 8 AM this Tuesday for a chance to win tickets to see the […]

Interview: CHEW (Atlanta, GA)

18 Nov, 2016

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Atlanta-based trio CHEW aren’t your ordinary psychedelic rock band. Frantic pacing, technical riffing, bombastic drumming and electronic weirdness encompass their wholly unique take on the genre. 91.9 KCSB-FM’s Spencer VH was able to speak to the band about what it’s like being an instrumental band, must-see destinations in California and their hometown Atlanta […]

Local Band Spotlight: Lanayah

22 Apr, 2016

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LANAYAH is a three-piece band from Santa Barbara, CA. They’ve developed a fanbase in a short time, likely due to their loud and enveloping live performances. KCSB’s Spencer vH asked the band a few questions. — KCSB: How long has Lanayah been around and what brought the members together? Do you guys […]

Interview: Geographer

17 Apr, 2016

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[April 17, 2016] Interview by Amanda Katz and Claire Breen. Edited by Spencer vH. Photos by Emily Sevin. Mike Deni of Geographer is a self-identified fan of pop music, ranging from fellow New Jersey native Bruce Springsteen to Justin Bieber, and many artists in between. He doesn’t shy away from his […]

INTERVIEW: See Through Dresses (Omaha, NE)

15 Apr, 2016

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[April 15, 2016] By Spencer VH Spencer vH: What brought the four of you together? Were their previous bands that members played together in or are you just all just products of similar parts of your local music scene? SEE THROUGH DRESSES: Matt and I had been playing in a […]

Interview with Haybaby

24 Feb, 2016

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[February 24, 2016]   By Spencer vH Spencer: Did any events or series of events lead to the formation of Haybaby? Were there other bands with similar members or anything else that influenced bringing the band together? Haybaby: I feel like our origin story is not super interesting. I used […]