cancer season ☾✩☽

text by digital-media

11 July, 2022

Words + Music Curation by Chloe Kimmel, Digital Media Coordinator 21-22

June 21 – July 22

element: water

key words: empathetic, maternal, intuitive, sensitive, dreamy, observant, creative, nurturing

symbol: the crab

modality: cardinal – active, quick, and ambitious

planetary ruler: Moon. Classically, the moon was thought to be the protector of the earth. The moon is regarded as a nurturing, emotive, and intuitive force on the psyche and in the cosmos.



The compassionate and emotional nature of Cancer can be felt throughout this playlist. I chose songs that embody the raw intensity with which Cancer placement’s wear their emotions like ‘Cosmos’ by Blegh and ‘love you more than me’ by Montel Fish. I chose a lot of dreamy light feminine voices who tend toward singer-songwriter lyrics because of the ease with which Cancer’s communicate and understand their emotions and the emotions of others

I kept the protective and powerful moon in mind when curating this playlist. Dynamic and complex, this playlist also embodies a diverse range of sounds and sentiments.

Lean into the full spectrum of your emotions this Cancer season! Cancer’s are best at recognizing the beauty in all moods. Always looking for a home, Cancer’s love living in nostalgia, which is where song’s like ‘The Little Dipper’ by Career Woman and ‘Midnight Driver’ by Fromm come in.

I curated this playlist with the intentionality of someone with a dominant Cancer moon and mercury in their chart.  Cancer placements are incredibly strong, just like the moon’s strong pull on the tides. Celebrate your Cancer friends this season by loving freely and embracing intuition!!


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