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29 July, 2022

July 23 – August 22

element: fire

key words: confident, bright, bold, proud, regal, 

symbol: the lion

modality: fixed – steady, determined, calm

planetary ruler: Sun

Words and Music Curation by Chloe Kimmel, Digital Media Coordinator 21-22

No one loves life quite like a Leo! Much like the sun, Leos shine brightly and are hard to go unnoticed. The self-confidence and carefree nature of Leo season are emotions this playlist invokes. Light electric pop fits the brightest season of summer, with messages of self-love and diving into the moment. 

This playlist requires more than one song from the queen Leo herself, Charli XCX. ‘Hot in It’ by Tiesto featuring Charli XCX. expresses the carefree self-confidence that Leo season is all about.

Leos have a mixed representation. Much like the sun, their presence is intense and can be a lot for some people. With both my parents being Leos, I am well aware of their pros and cons as they embody the Sun in the zodiac. Personally, I love the warmth and enthusiasm my Leo friends possess. One of my best friends from college is a Leo and  she couldn’t help but bring life into every room she walked into. We could all learn a little from the optimistic energy of Leo season. 

The powerful, self-assured nature of Leo can be felt in the songs “LOVE, STARGIRL” by BLACKSTARKIDS and ‘FACTS’ by JORDI UP LATE. A group of high BPM tracks to dance to are essential for a season about enjoying  yourself. 

Live with passion this Leo season! Treat yourself with regality and focus on nurturing your inner confidence and just enjoying life. Songs like ‘Mon Mood’ by K.ZIA and ‘Body Move’ by Dizzy Fae best capture this sentiment. This playlist embodies the energy we should all strive toward in Leo season, carefree and self-confident!

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