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KCSB News: Upcoming Daniel Alvarenga Interview

19 Feb, 2021

fund drive/news

In honor of this year’s Fund Drive, we’re celebrating all aspects of the station – including those hard at work at KCSB News keeping the community informed about COVID-19. KCSB News Directors Ashley Rusch and Aubrey Valerio sit down with journalist Daniel Alvarenga, former KCSB news director and program director, […]

KCSB News Reporter Profiles!

At KCSB News, our team of student and community journalists have a wide variety of interests – ranging from politics, the sciences, and the arts. Emphasizing collaboration, we encourage a variety of skill sets within our team. No journalism experience is necessary to join – only a willingness to learn, […]

KCSB’s Guide to Making Your Ballot Count

22 Oct, 2020


MAKE YOUR VOICE COUNT! THE DEADLINE TO TURN IN YOUR BALLOT IS NOVEMBER 3RD (Voting is already underway!)   This could be the most important election of your lifetime. If you are a registered voter and have requested an absentee ballot, it should be on its way to you now. […]

AS-UCSB Virtual Community COVID-19 Response Town Hall Replay

01 Oct, 2020


More than 160 students and community members were in attendance at the AS-UCSB Virtual Community COVID-19 Response Town Hall on Monday. The event was presented by the A.S. UCSB Office of the External Vice President for Local Affairs, UCSB Health & Wellness, the County of Santa Barbara, Joan Hartmann – […]

The Dangers of Doomscrolling

13 Aug, 2020


“We have been surrounded by the bad news for so long that people are forgetting that this is a long term situation, and… taking care of ourselves for the long term is not unproductive and not selfish.” KCSB’s Jonathan Ya interviews Karen Ho about the phenomenon of “Doom Scrolling”, the […]

The Legacy of John Lewis Moving Forward

13 Aug, 2020


“His legacy is that if we remember him and do the kinds of things he did, and if we hear his voice in our heads as we go forward through this next period of months–we might avert the end of democracy in America.” Congressman John Lewis, a civil rights leader […]

Working to Close the Digital Divide

13 Aug, 2020


“I’m working very hard to convince my colleagues to use the powers that we have to make sure more kids are connected, they say no child left behind, I say no child left offline.”  With some parts of Santa Barbara County not having access to internet connectivity, state and county […]