Meet the Candidates: CA-24

28 Feb, 2024

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California’s primaries will be held on Tuesday, March 5th, 2024. Ahead of the March 5th primaries, KCSB News interviewed each of the three candidates running to represent California’s 24th Congressional District (which covers Santa Barbara County, most of San Luis Obispo County, and some of Ventura County). The two winners […]

Unmasking Isla Vista: University & Students

KCSB News and Sports · Unmasking Isla Vista: University & Students In episode two of our series, Unmasking Isla Vista: University & Students, KCSB’s Ashley Rusch and Daily Nexus reporter Sindhu Ananthavel narrow in on UC Santa Barbara’s response to four major topics: academic dishonesty, mental health, international students, and […]

Hannah-Beth Jackson on the Importance of Equal Rights Legislation & Activism

KCSB News and Sports · Hannah-Beth Jackson on the Importance of Equal Rights Legislation & Activism President Biden honored International Women’s Day by announcing changes to the way sexual violence on colleges campuses will be handled, vowing to dismantle Trump-era policies that afforded more protections to students accused of sexual […]

The San Marcos Foothills Protest

KCSB News and Sports · The San Marcos Foothills Protest On Thursday, February 25, eight people were arrested during a protest against the development of high end luxury homes on the West Mesa of the San Marcos Foothills. The Santa Barbara Independent reported that of the eight arrested, four were […]

Undocumented Residents and Access to the COVID-19 Vaccine

02 Mar, 2021

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KCSB News and Sports · Undocumented Residents and Access to the COVID-19 Vaccine Lopez says that COVID vaccine sites often ask for at least one source of identification, like social security numbers, which undocumented populations might not possccess. SBC Public Health Director Dr. Van Do Reynoso responded by detailing how […]

Santa Barbara’s Downtown for the Future

23 Feb, 2021

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The Santa Barbara Chapter of the American Architecture Institute with the support of the City has put forth a vision for Downtown Santa Barbara that addresses the housing shortage, popularity of denser mix use development, and post pandemic economic trends. KCSB’s Robert Stark speaks with Noozhawk’s Joshua Molina about these […]

Biden Admin Halts Federal Leasing of California Land. What Does this Mean for Santa Barbara?

Under the Trump administration, the Bureau of Land Management opened up 1.2 million acres California land for oil and gas leasing. The new Biden administration, however, halted federal leasing until further assessment is done. KCSB’s Kathryn Foster sits down with Rebecca August, Director of Advocacy at Los Padres ForestWatch, to […]

Extreme Fire Weather

Increasing wildfire fires due to extreme fire weather are unfortunately becoming the norm for several Californians. KCSB’s Yulene Teagle takes a closer look at the study conducted by researchers Danielle Touma and Samantha Stevenson as they take into account the anthropogenic factors that have increased the risk of extreme fire […]

Latinx Students Being Overly Diagnosed with Learning Disabilities

10 Feb, 2021

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KCSB News and Sports · Latinx Students Being Overly Diagnosed with Learning Disabilities The Santa Barbara Unified School District works to address issues on academic equity, one of these being why LatinX students are more likely to be diagnosed with learning disabilities. Reporter Kali Acquaah speaks with the Vice President […]

Inside the COVID-19 Outbreak at Lompoc Prison

29 Jul, 2020

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COVID-19 Outbreak at Lompoc Federal Prison “He fears that he’s going to die in prison. It’s just painful – it’s painful for the families that are outside, and knowing what they’re going through is just heartbreaking on a daily basis.” Lompoc’s Federal Prison was ground zero in COVID-19 cases in […]

Santa Barbara Faces 2023 housing Mandate

25 Apr, 2019

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Anyone who’s tried to rent in Santa Barbara knows it’s hard to find a place to live, and now the state of California is calling on Santa Barbara to build more units by 2023. KCSB’s Robert Stark talked to city planner Renee Brooke about how the city is working to […]

What’s Next for SB’s Platform Holly?

04 Apr, 2019

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The oil platform off the Goleta coast, known affectionately as platform Holly, has been the source of inspiration of many who venture to Santa Barbara’s coastline. But since the bankruptcy of the platform’s owner and the 2015 Refugio oil spill, the platform, sitting on top of one of the most […]

SBCC Trustee Responds to Racism Claims at the College

01 Apr, 2019

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SBCC’s trustees recently proposed an anti-racism resolution that directs the new superintendent of SBCC to work on anti-racism plans. To learn more, KCSB’s Tianyi Huang spoke with Jonathan Abboud, a trustee on the Santa Barbara Community College Board of Trustees, representing Isla Vista, UCSB and Hope Ranch.

Santa Barbara Main Jail in Need of Renovation

16 Mar, 2019

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While Santa Barbara County’s main jail has been characterized as an outdated facility with expensive maintenance fees, there is no renovation plan and no funding for the plan yet. However, the Northern Branch Jail Project located in Santa Maria, advertised as a back-up for the main jail, has had its […]