Inside the COVID-19 Outbreak at Lompoc Prison

29 Jul, 2020

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COVID-19 Outbreak at Lompoc Federal Prison “He fears that he’s going to die in prison. It’s just painful – it’s painful for the families that are outside, and knowing what they’re going through is just heartbreaking on a daily basis.” Lompoc’s Federal Prison was ground zero in COVID-19 cases in […]

Santa Barbara Faces 2023 housing Mandate

25 Apr, 2019

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Anyone who’s tried to rent in Santa Barbara knows it’s hard to find a place to live, and now the state of California is calling on Santa Barbara to build more units by 2023. KCSB’s Robert Stark talked to city planner Renee Brooke about how the city is working to […]

What’s Next for SB’s Platform Holly?

04 Apr, 2019

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The oil platform off the Goleta coast, known affectionately as platform Holly, has been the source of inspiration of many who venture to Santa Barbara’s coastline. But since the bankruptcy of the platform’s owner and the 2015 Refugio oil spill, the platform, sitting on top of one of the most […]

SBCC Trustee Responds to Racism Claims at the College

01 Apr, 2019

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SBCC’s trustees recently proposed an anti-racism resolution that directs the new superintendent of SBCC to work on anti-racism plans. To learn more, KCSB’s Tianyi Huang spoke with Jonathan Abboud, a trustee on the Santa Barbara Community College Board of Trustees, representing Isla Vista, UCSB and Hope Ranch.

Santa Barbara Main Jail in Need of Renovation

16 Mar, 2019

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While Santa Barbara County’s main jail has been characterized as an outdated facility with expensive maintenance fees, there is no renovation plan and no funding for the plan yet. However, the Northern Branch Jail Project located in Santa Maria, advertised as a back-up for the main jail, has had its […]

Arto Halonen on his Movie Murderous Trance

26 Feb, 2019

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Murderous Trance, directed by Arto Halonen and starring American Josh Lucas, is in part a psychological thriller based on real events set in Norway. The central figure hypnotizes young men to commit bank robberies to raise money for a secretive pro-Nazi movement though set after World War II. KCSB’s Harry […]

Sisters of the Valley visit SBIFF

26 Feb, 2019

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The documentary Breaking Habits about the Sisters of the Valley in Merced, recently screened at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. More than a celebration of the cultivation of marijuana, it is a ringing endorsement of women independently organizing, cultivating, healing and offering positive alternatives. The film, which is being […]

Santa Barbara Searches for Next Poet Laureate

25 Feb, 2019

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The Santa Barbara office of Arts and Culture has announced the opening for the honorary position of city poet laureate. The responsibilities of the poet laureate are to promote the artistic, educational, and cultural activities while serving as the literary spokesperson of Santa Barbara. KCSB’s Edward Colmenares spoke with Sarah […]

Robert Jury’s Working Man premieres at SBIFF

12 Feb, 2019

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WORKING MAN is the first film by Robert Jury, and will be in the Santa Barbara International Film Festival this coming Saturday. The story about a factory closure and the attempt of the workers to keep it afloat comes out of the financial collapse of 2008. Its continued relevance today […]

Tiny Libraries Coming to State Street

11 Feb, 2019

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An effort to bring books to state street is underway… And, artists are encouraged to submit their design ideas for the ‘tiny libraries project.’ The winning idea will earn a ten thousand dollar award. KCSB’s Edward Colmenares spoke with Sarah York Rubin, Executive Director of the Santa Barbara Office of […]

New Wells Proposed for Cat Canyon

24 Jan, 2019

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Exxon and Shell have joined forces in a proposal to drill more wells and increase oil production in Santa Barbara County. One week ago tonight the County’s Planning department held a public hearing in Santa Maria for citizen comment on the draft of an environmental impact report. KCSB’s Ray Briare […]

A Mosaic History of Santa Barbara?

02 Aug, 2018

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An unusual art project is slowly taking shape in Santa Barbara: The Timeline Mosaic Project, which will compress 150 million years of local history and geology into a series of mosaic panels, covering 50 yards of wall. KCSB’s Harry Lawton has the story.