The Beloved Community of IV COVID Campaign

03 Jun, 2020

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KCSB-FM is supporting The Beloved Community of Isla Vista in their COVID-19 messaging campaign. They are urging community members to take care of themselves and neighbors by wearing masks and observing physical distancing. Among other things, the novel coronavirus messaging campaign will showcase colorful signs around the community with encouraging […]

The ‘Dirty Dozen’ on our Beaches

28 Feb, 2019

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Tired of pieces of trash ruining your beach day? Then dig deep into the dirty dozen with Julia Keane, an Environmental Educator with Santa Barbara’s Explore Ecology, a local environmental education and arts nonprofit. She explains the most popular pollutants tainting our beaches to KCSB reporter Maddie Whalen.

How Scientists are dealing with the CRISPR Scandal

On November 24th, 2018, Chinese scientist He Jian Kui sparked international outrage at the Second International Summit on Human Gene Editing when he announced that he produced HIV-resistant gene-edited twins. Visiting UCI professor of Law Judith Daar gives KCSB reporter Anita Carraher the rundown on how genome editing in the […]

Spotting Giant Sea Bass from UC Santa Barbara

06 Aug, 2018

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  A research project launching out of UC Santa Barbara is using more than just technology to help fish off our coastline. KCSB’s Anita Carraher has the story. Find out more about the project here: Image credit: Spotting Giant Sea Bass Project