Inside IV: Deltopia Weekend – Keeping it Local

31 Mar, 2022

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Isla Vista’s unsanctioned annual street party is supposed to happen this weekend. And, locals are making a strong effort to keep the festivities upbeat and local. KCSB’s Jennifer Yoshikoshi speaks with community leaders Spencer Brandt (president of the IVCSD), and Shannon Sweeney and Diana Collins Puente from Associated Students UCSB […]

IV’s Local Government Turns 5 Years Old

13 Mar, 2022

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Cityhood for Isla Vista has been a dream for decades. In recent years, IV residents came together to form a local government. This week, IV’s local government – the Isla Vista Community Services District (IVCSD)- turned five years old. KCSB’s Dick Flacks spoke with Jonathan Abboud, general manager of the […]

Addressing the Isla Vista Housing Crisis with Organize IV

26 Oct, 2021

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KCSB News · Addressing the Isla Vista Housing Crisis with Organize IV In light of Isla Vista’s current housing crisis, student activists with Organize IV are calling on UC Santa Barbara administration to provide an online option for students in the upcoming fall quarter and offer fairly priced housing options […]

Unmasking Isla Vista: Community Activism

26 Oct, 2021

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KCSB News · Unmasking Isla Vista: Community Activism In the sixth and final episode of our series, KCSB’s Daniel Huecias and the Daily Nexus’ Holly Rusch explore activism in Isla Vista through a series of interviews, amplifying the voices behind local political and social movements. We speak with Taylor Clark, […]

Unmasking Isla Vista: Community Reflection

26 Oct, 2021

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KCSB News · Unmasking Isla Vista: Community Reflection In episode five of our series, KCSB News reporter and Daily Nexus Assistant Photo Editor Pia Ramos explores the Isla Vista community through interviews with local leaders. Isla Vista Community Services District President Spencer Brandt and IVCSD Director Ethan Bertrand reflect on […]

Isla Vista’s Unprecedented Housing Shortage

26 Aug, 2021

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The community of Isla Vista is facing an unprecedented housing shortage ahead of the fall quarter, leaving many students to consider drastic options such as commuting several hours or even living in their cars. Many factors are playing into the crisis, including high enrollment rates at the university level, lack […]

Unmasking Isla Vista: University & Students

KCSB News and Sports · Unmasking Isla Vista: University & Students In episode two of our series, Unmasking Isla Vista: University & Students, KCSB’s Ashley Rusch and Daily Nexus reporter Sindhu Ananthavel narrow in on UC Santa Barbara’s response to four major topics: academic dishonesty, mental health, international students, and […]

Move-In Day During a Pandemic

02 Feb, 2021

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KCSB News and Sports · Move-In Day During a Pandemic “Chaotic..excitingly chaotic” and “rushed” were the words used to describe the weekend of Jan. 15-18th. In a span of four days, 1,000 undergraduate students moved into university-owned apartments for the Winter and Spring quarter. KCSB’s Pricila Flores has more on […]


05 Jun, 2020

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We demand that SB City Council adopt a resolution condemning police brutality and declare racism a public health emergency. Email Mayor Cathy Murillo and city council members. We demand transparency and accountability from the SB Police Department. No more “community conversation” without changes to policy and practices No more internal […]

The Beloved Community of IV COVID Campaign

03 Jun, 2020

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KCSB-FM is supporting The Beloved Community of Isla Vista in their COVID-19 messaging campaign. They are urging community members to take care of themselves and neighbors by wearing masks and observing physical distancing. Among other things, the novel coronavirus messaging campaign will showcase colorful signs around the community with encouraging […]

UCSB A.S. holds Town Hall of Food Security

25 Apr, 2019

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On Tuesday, April 16th, The Associated Students of UCSB held a townhall to re-evaluate the communities progress towards Food Security of students and the community of Isla Vista. KCSB reporter Kody Chong covers the issues brought by speakers and community members at the town hall.

Isla Vista Prepares for Deltopia Weekend

01 Apr, 2019

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Both students and the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department are planning for Deltopia, which is a social “street party” organized for this upcoming weekend. KCSB’s Megan Stafford speaks with Deputy Justin Schroeder about the precautions local law enforcement is taking and what Goleta residents and UCSB students can do to stay […]

CSD Meets for Deltopia 2018 Recap

16 Apr, 2018

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Around 10,000 people walked through Isla Vista this past Deltopia weekend. The IV Community Services District met Tuesday to discuss the event and the future of it. KCSB reporter Héctor Sánchez Castañeda recaps the meeting.