Unmasking Isla Vista: Community Reflection

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26 October, 2021

KCSB News · Unmasking Isla Vista: Community Reflection

In episode five of our series, KCSB News reporter and Daily Nexus Assistant Photo Editor Pia Ramos explores the Isla Vista community through interviews with local leaders.

Isla Vista Community Services District President Spencer Brandt and IVCSD Director Ethan Bertrand reflect on the impacts of COVID-19 and the resilience of Isla Vista community members. Pia speaks with Ash Valenti, Isla Vista Recreation and Park District Director, to discuss IVRPD’s efforts to increase resources for students in the community, including the creation of a food forest in collaboration with Eco Vista. Additionally, Isla Vista Liaison and Senior Advisor to Campus Organizations Viviana Marsano discussed ongoing initiatives to revive community events in Isla Vista.

Unmasking Isla Vista: A COVID-19 Community Archive is accessible as both a Daily Nexus article and a KCSB newsletter. You can find new articles and podcast episodes at dailynexus.com/unmasking-isla-vista/

Stay tuned for the FINAL EPISODE of our series! Unmasking Isla Vista: Community Activism will air on SEPTEMBER 13th, a week from Labor Day.

An enormous thank you to those who contributed to Unmasking Isla Vista: A COVID-19 Community Archive.

KCSB Journalists: Alexandra Goldberg, Daniel Huecias, Pia Ramos, Ashley Rusch, Yulene Teagle, and Jennifer Yoshikoshi

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