Unmasking Isla Vista: Community Activism

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26 October, 2021

KCSB News · Unmasking Isla Vista: Community Activism

In the sixth and final episode of our series, KCSB’s Daniel Huecias and the Daily Nexus’ Holly Rusch explore activism in Isla Vista through a series of interviews, amplifying the voices behind local political and social movements.

We speak with Taylor Clark, co-chair of UCSB’s Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA), and Maya Sinha, a member of the Cops Off Campus Coalition, to discuss the momentum of social movements throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Pauline Yang and Amy Tran, the co-founders of UCSB’s Asian Coalition, bring focus to #STOPASIANHATE. Additionally, 2020-21 University of California Student Regent and UCSB graduate student Jamaal Muwwakkil discusses his hopes for collective organizing in the midst of an unprecedented social awakening.

Unmasking Isla Vista: A COVID-19 Community Archive is accessible as both a Daily Nexus article and a KCSB newsletter. You can find new articles and podcast episodes at dailynexus.com/unmasking-isla-vista/

Community Activism concludes our collaborative series, Unmasking Isla Vista. Thank you for your continued support, and thank you for listening!

An enormous thank you to those who contributed to Unmasking Isla Vista: A COVID-19 Community Archive.

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