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05 June, 2020

We demand that SB City Council adopt a resolution condemning police brutality and declare racism a public health emergency.

We demand transparency and accountability from the SB Police Department.

  • No more “community conversation” without changes to policy and practices

  • No more internal investigations of misconduct

  • Create a civilian review board, with members selected by community

  • Prioritize mental health services and rehabilitation

We demand transparency and accountability from the SB County Sheriff.

  • Update use of force policy to center deescalation

  • No isolation/quarantine for inmates attending court or contacting their lawyers

  • Reduce jail admissions by redirecting people to community-based mental health and substance abuse treatment services.

We demand protection and preservation of Black landmarks, rather than monuments to white supremacy.

  • St Mark AME, Friendship Baptist Church, and Franklin Neighborhood Center have been symbols for Black unity and peace.

  • Prioritize the restoration of these spaces and name their Black creators.

We demand institutional support for an annual Juneteenth celebration.

  • A city and county commitment to allocate funds for this annual celebration of black emancipation and liberation



For more information, please visit JuneteenthSB.COM