UCSB Reads on KCSB: Week 5 with Diana Escamilla

text by Ted Coe / edited by digital-media

18 March, 2021

On the March 18th edition of “UCSB Reads 2021” on KCSB-FM, we welcome Diana Escamilla, a 3rd year Psychological & Brain Sciences Major at UCSB with an English Minor. Diana is also a member of KCSB-FM’s Executive Committee in her capacity as our Promotions Coordinator.

Diana will be completing When They Call You a Terrorist, Chapter 4: “Magnitude and Bond,” and Chapter 5: “Witness.”

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A quick link to access on-demand streaming of UCSB Reads 2021 can be found HERE. This link always includes the two most recent editions of this weekly radio show.

The annual “UCSB Reads” program of the UCSB Library brings the campus and Santa Barbara communities together each year for dialogue about important topical issues while reading a common book. This year, KCSB-FM revives our own on-air tradition by sharing chapters from the UCSB Reads text as voiced by volunteers from the UCSB community.

When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Live Matter Memoir, by Patrisse Cullors and asha bandele, is Cullors’ personal account of this contemporary movement for racial justice and Black lives, which formed after the unpunished killing of young Trayvon Martin in Florida in 2013, and gained new prominence last year after the police slaying of George Floyd in Minnesota.

In the book, Cullors describes her life as a Black, queer woman who was raised in Los Angeles during the height of anti-crime hysteria of the late 1980s and 1990s. She recounts her — and her family’s — own experiences with racism in the criminal justice system, as well as the origins of Black Lives Matter, which was recently nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

On Weds. night, May 12th, Patrisse Cullors will be giving a free virtual lecture, one of the many affiliated events associated with UCSB Reads for this year. More info about this special programming can be found at library.ucsb.edu/ucsbreads2021.

Relay any questions about this special radio program (or our time-shifting service) by emailing advisor@kcsb.org.

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