New Music: Peyton – Make Me Say It Again, Girl

text by digital-media

26 August, 2022

words by: Dorien Medina, Digital Media Coordinator 22-23′

Image courtesy of Stones Throw Records

Peyton shows us how we can appreciate something that’s more than just a cover


       In her first release since her 2021 Album PSA, Peyton reminds us how much of an engaging artist she is with her vivid reimagining of the Isley Brothers’ 70’s classic “Make Me Say It Again, Girl”. With the help of multi-instrumentalist Brian Ellis, she sings blissfully over an electronic rendition that is expressive of the future, however faithful to the past. To me her music has always felt so sincere, and considering that this song heralds long recognition as a classic, she reminds us what value an artist’s personality brings to the table—thematically, sonically, you name it.

       It’s almost as if this song was made with the current summer season in mind, evoking feelings of both comfort and warm excitement as you listen, which are quite prevalent when listening to her entire discography. Both an homage and yet a personal exhibition, Peyton shows us just how innovation can intersect with nostalgia, and how we can appreciate something so much more than a simple cover. Growing up I would hear The Isley Brothers and the like all around the house, so it’s no wonder to me why she wanted to share this with the world. This one feels really like home.