Your Hot-As-Memphis-in-the-Summer Rap Playlist

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21 December, 2018

Looking for a ~chill~ summer playlist to impress all your friends at your next BBQ? Well, it’s here, right here, in this newsletter and it’s all Memphis and Memphis-style hip hop and rap. Memphis rap is known for it’s lo-fi, gritty production and explicit lyrics. It might seem contradictory, but the dirty south sound is perfect for chillin out, maxin, and relaxin all cool.

Princess Loko – “Meal Ticket” feat. Cuzzo
Princess Loko might be most known for her collaborations with Memphis legend Tommy Wright III, but she is more than capable of standing on her own.

Mr. Sisco – “Wig Split” feat. Ayoza
Good for chillin, also good for head banging.

Slim Guerilla – “The Getaway”
Actually from Houston, Slim Guerrilla is part of the collective known as “Passion Playas.” His album Blue Light Cemetery 1995, from which this song is from, is full of tracks that emulate the Memphis sound.

Kingpin Skinny Pimp – “Y’all Ain’t No Killaz”
After a brief stint with Three Six Mafia, Kingpin Skinny Pimp released his debut album King of Da Playaz Ball in 1996, which this song comes from.

Shawty Pimp & Red Dog – “PLAY NO PLAYA”
This is off Shawty Pimp’s 1995 debut album Comin’ Real Wit It, and the whole album was recently remastered and re-released by L.A. Club Resource.

Chillin Villain Empire – “Therapy”
Psych yourself up with this banger.

Blackout – “Dim da lights”
Another 1995 release, Blackout’s Dim da Lights comes off his Dreamworld album.

Ten Wanted Men – “All About Dat Cash”
Led by Tommy Wright III, Ten Wanted Men were a group of Memphis rappers in the mid 1990’s. Wright also produced this track, and the rest of the album Wanted: Dead or Alive, where it comes from.

By Elena Bernick

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