PSA: Mental Health Transitioning Out of COVID

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10 July, 2021

The following is a transcript of one of KCSB’s PSAs written by our Production Coordinator.


Returning to regular daily life may be more challenging than expected …two psychologists share tips with pbs  for how to handle transitioning out of covid restrictions…

  • Find the right coping skills
    • Assess if a coping skill you’ve been practicing is still helpful, and if not, explore others.
  • Check in to find your mental health “baseline”
    • The pandemic has left many people’s baseline for stress and mental health changed, so just be aware that that is OK.
  • Evaluate your feelings on an ongoing basis
    • While our communities and workplaces adjust, evaluate what stresses you out and how to best handle it.
  • Find common ground
    • With those who had a different experience of the pandemic than you, try to find common ground. But also be sure to set boundaries.
  • Have more conversations about mental health
    • Conversations about mental health should be less under the surface. It is important to process what happened during the pandemic.


Those were five tips from mental health experts, courtesy of the PBS NewsHour. And your friends at 91.9 fm KCSB.

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