Programmer Review: Bésame Mucho 2023

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20 December, 2023

Words by Tere Arenas (AKA Linda) and Angel Lopez (AKA musititlan) 

KCSB programmers Angel and Tere hit Los Angeles for the 2023 Bésame Mucho Festival. Keep reading for their review and photos. 

Wow, wow, wow. This was the festival of the year!

Bésame Mucho Festival took place on December 2nd at Los Angeles’ Dodgers Stadium and it did not disappoint. In its 2nd edition, over 50 Latino bands singing in Spanish!
There was the Rockero stage, Las Clásicas stage, Te Gusta El Pop stage and Beso Stage. Each offered something unique for the variety of festival-goers! Each stage had a rotating set up, with little to no time waiting for the next band to perform.
This festival sent a strong message… Latinos came out in full support of their favorite music bands. People of all ages singing and dancing, all with the same mission in mind: enjoying the music! 
Bésame Mucho Festival is here to stay… lucky are those who can secure their tickets as this festival sells out in minutes. Bésame Mucho Festival was well attended and organized. It had bar gardens, bathrooms, and food options at every stage. All that was left for us to do was to pick a stage and an artist and enjoy the show.
If you choose to walk from stage to stage, be prepared to encounter large crowds.  It’s the best way to see as much as possible. Our team walked recorded 10 miles in one day but we were well prepared with our best tennis shoes. If you asked me to do it all over again… the answer would be yes!
Can’t wait for Bésame Mucho 2024!

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