❦pisces season❦

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10 March, 2022

February 18th – March 20th

element: water

key words: emotion, imagination, sympathetic, mystical, intuitive, romantic, escapist, unrealistic, deception

symbol: two fishes

modality: mutable – flexible, adaptable, restless for movement and change

planetary ruler: jupiter (traditional) & neptune (modern) – jupiter is related to abundance, fortune, expansion, and knowledge. Neptune governs all things involving the spiritual dimension, like psychic powers, intuition, and dreams. A powerful combination to make for a dreamy and optimistic water zodiac.


I curated my hour of the Pisces season playlist with the dreaminess and escapist tendencies of the pisces archetype in mind. I also kept the rich blue of Neptune and the attraction to water at the front of mind when choosing songs and artists to add. From The Cranberries to Fishmans to Color Filter to Spiritualized and Estereoromance, I chose 80s and contemporary dream pop to dominate the mood of the playlist. I thought this would induce a dreamy trance in the listener and sonically embody the color blue and the fluidity of water in the honor of Pisces. Shoutout to kcsb’s ethereal Pisces business coordinator, Marley / dj domo, host of the dreampop show Superblast! and our Pisces bff Nelson <3 … we love you!

– dj dolce


Similar to dj dolce, I drew on Pisces’ planetary rulers, Jupiter and Neptune — hence the abundance of “blue” in the song titles. In astrology, Pisces rules the 12th house — which is typically called the house of the unconscious or unseen. It rules dreams, but also deeply hidden fears, secrets, and emotions. Channeling the “unseen,” I decided to play experimental tracks with slight connections to other Pisces qualities, like “a new kind of water” by this heat. I also incorporated some dreamy music from Emily Yacina and 800 cherries that I enjoy listening to when I’m feeling sensitive, which is a lot during Pisces season.


Our final Pisces shoutout went to Nina Simone at the very end of my set. I recently learned she was born on February 21st 1933, making her one of the most ethereal Pisces to have ever existed<3

– dj nausea


✩ fun fact ✩

We are currently in the Age of Pisces, which began in 1 AD and is expected to end around 2150 AD, where the Age of Aquarius will be ushered in. DJ nausea informed us during the Pisces season episode, that the story of the birth of Christ coincides perfectly with this date and potentially explains why many Christian symbols use the astrological symbol for Pisces – the fishes. Jesus bears many of the personality traits and temperament of a Pisces and is considered an archetype of the Pisces zodiac.

Music curation + Words by: Diana Escamilla & Zena Omar

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