Next Week (2/11) on Unknown Territories Radio

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04 February, 2019

Monday February 11th on Unknown Territories Radio KCSB-FM 91.9 in Santa Barbara we are speaking with special guests Barbara Imhof (Liquifer Systems Group) and Marko Pelham (UCSB – UCSB Media Arts and Technology Program (MAT)). We will discuss many topics around living architecture, habitats for extreme environments and extra-intra space.

LIQUIFER youtube channel:
Participant of the Antarctic Biennale:
GrAB – growing as building:
Living Architecture LIAR — transform our habitats from inert spaces into programmable sites:
Regolight – solar sintering habitats on the moon:
LAVAHIVE 3D printed habitat:
EDEN-ISS greenhouse:
MOONWALK – Human -Robot collaboration:
SHEE – Self-deployable habitat for extreme environments:
FASTER explore space safer and faster:

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