Native American Heritage Month Resources

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23 November, 2022

With November being Native American Heritage Month, the music department wanted to do a little something to recognize all of the immensely talented artists with indigenous backgrounds. Of course, the scope of music by Native artists is very broad, and ranges from traditional instrumental sounds, to modern/contemporary music performed by people of indigenous descent. We as a music department recognize that there are a lot of different views across all of the different Native tribes and cultures and still want to encourage everyone to learn as much as they can about these different cultures on their own during Native American Heritage Month, for there is only so much research we can do. That being said, we did put together a little spreadsheet of some of our favorite artists and bands that we came across while doing our own research! Here you will also find some other information about record labels that try to represent indigenous artists, as well as a few resources to learn more about the different indigenous communities, and the impact they have on the world. We hope you enjoy, and happy Native American Heritage Month!

Resources Sheet

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