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17 December, 2021

Join us on Zoom on Tuesday, January 11th at 6 PM for KCSB’s Winter 2022 virtual orientation to learn how you can get involved in creating independent, community radio!

In our informational session, you’ll get to hear about the various volunteering opportunities we have in different departments such as:

News: KCSB News is searching for curious minds and student storytellers! If you have an interest in journalism, audio production, or just love the sound of your own voice, you’ll find a home at KCSB News. The KCSB News team is dedicated to covering underreported stories of local, national, and international importance. Our team of student and community journalists produce a twice-weekly newscast of original, educational, and local content relevant to our listeners. Our journalists have a wide variety of interests, ranging from politics and public health, to environmental affairs and the arts. During the COVID-19 pandemic, KCSB News has produced and distributed a student-body newsletter to keep our community informed about case rates and resources. Whatever it is that interests you, KCSB News Directors will help you find your niche and encourage your growth as a reporter. To get involved, email for more information!

Sports: KCSB Sports is the place to be for any sports fans who’d love to be reporting on or broadcasting the action! We cover UCSB athletics events at home and on the road, and we are looking for anybody interested in field reporting, calling games, researching sports stories, video editing, graphic design, audio editing, or writing scripts to help us produce our weekly Gaucho Sports Spot radio program and make content for To get involved, email for more information!

Publicity: KCSB’s Publicity Department manages the station’s website, social media, and overall visibility in the community. You can get involved in our Publicity Ambassadorship program — where interested volunteers are appointed to quarter-long ambassadorships to work on specific projects with department staff members. Our Promos subcommittee meets biweekly to discuss ticket giveaways, event ideas, and more! Also look out for our upcoming Zine Committee! To get involved email for more information!

Music: Love listening to music? Volunteer with KCSB’s Music Department! We host a weekly Music Review Committee for anyone interested in listening and reviewing new music releases the station receives. This is a great opportunity to meet other music lovers, catch up on the latest songs, and to learn more about radio music libraries! To get involved, email and/or for more information.

KJUC/Programming: Do you want to be a radio DJ with your own radio show? Attend the orientation and sign up for KJUC, KCSB’s DJ training program. During the 8 week curriculum you’ll learn essential DJ skills and have the chance to practice producing radio content in both our KJUC Studio, and remotely on a computer. After completing the program, you’ll have the opportunity to submit a demo to KCSB’s programming department to be considered for a weekly time slot on our FM station! To get involved, email and/or

If you’re interested in having your own music radio show, news/public affairs show, cultural arts show, or if you want to get involved with working with our departments — RSVP HERE!

We hope to see you there <3

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