INTERVIEW: See Through Dresses (Omaha, NE)

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15 April, 2016

[April 15, 2016]

By Spencer VH

Spencer vH: What brought the four of you together? Were their previous bands that members played together in or are you just all just products of similar parts of your local music scene?

SEE THROUGH DRESSES: Matt and I had been playing in a different band and were itching to start something new. We were floating around until we saw Nate drumming at a show in 2012. I invited him to come over and play and that was it. Alex was playing guitar at the time we found him, he joined us just a few weeks before a month long tour. We were only acquaintances, but became fast friends. We’ve had this line-up since 2014.

SVH: Many bands with two vocalists use them in unison, while you primarily use them individually with guitarists/vocalists Matthew and Sara switching also switching off as being credited as songwriters. Do songs just start out as ‘Matt’ or ‘Sara’ songs until they are fleshed out by the whole band? How do the two songwriters differ the most in what they bring to the band?

STD: For my songs, I’ll write the bare bones of it and then bring it to everyone and they write their own parts. Sometimes they’ll help with structure which is nice. Matt’s very different me, he has a much bigger picture in his head. He’s the one recording us, too, so he can get particular.

SVH: Your 2015 EP ‘End of Days’ features songs starkly unlike those on 2013’s ‘See Through Dresses’. It features some of  the loudest (‘Big On Brains’, ‘Drag Scene’)  and also the quietest (‘End of Days’) songs you’ve ever released. You’ve been quoted as saying these songs didn’t necessarily fit into the plans of your next full-length, but do you see the band going either of these directions more in the future?

SVH: Yeah, definitely. End of Days came from a bunch of songs we were playing live. It was hard to tour with a synth, some DIY spaces have a hard time accommodating that. So we had just a few songs that were just straight up rock songs, easy set-up, fun to play. Matt and I have an affinity for 80’s music as well, our next record has a lot of synth. Once again it’ll be starkly different from End of Days.

We were almost going to make End of Days a full-length so we do have some songs that’ll make the third record. That one will be a “rock” record, less synth, but still weird.

SVH: What is your favorite and least favorite parts of being involved in the Omaha music scene? Are you all from the area originally and if so is it a good music scene to grow up a part of?

STD: All of us except Alex grew up in Omaha. Saddle Creek Records was the big thing when I was a teenager. It was incredible to see so many bands on that roster so often. But it’s also hard to live in that shadow.

SVH: Do you have a specifically memorable (positive or negative) experience from the touring you’ve done as a band?

STD: I’ll start with negative first, haha. Philadelphia on this last tour kicked our teeth in. Just a string of bad things happening. Blew out a tire, realized our spare didn’t fit, and then headed to the show and two songs in, we were told the cops were coming. There’s a picture of us hearing that announcement and I’m just smiling. It was comical at that point.

I don’t know why, but’s hard for me to think of a singular positive experience. Our European tour as a whole was amazing. Visiting pedal companies is great. Eating hamburgers is great. Maybe when we go to Disney World or something, that’ll be the top memory. That’ll be my go-to.

SVH: Are there any specific places you are playing or bands you are playing with on this upcoming west coast trip that you are most excited about?

STD: Honestly, I’m excited for all of it. The Pacific Northwest, California, we’re visiting family in Sedona. This will be our first trip out west. Half of our band has never been to California which is pretty wild.

SVH: You’re playing on May 12th at FUNZONE in Santa Barbara. Did you know that FUNZONE is also a batting cages? Who is the most likely in your band to hit a homer?

STD: Awesome! Matt used to be in little league, so probably him. Alex is pretty athletic, he’ll probably do well. Nate and I will likely scream as the balls are heading towards us.

SVH: Lastly, what are some of your favorite bands from your home turf are your favorites that people out here in California might not have had the chance to hear yet?

STD: Noah’s Ark Was a Spaceship from Omaha. They just released a really great album last month. Better Friend from Lincoln. Aaron who plays in Better Friend, tours with us sometimes. We love him dearly!

Also, doesn’t really count as home turf, but Kansas City is only three hours away. Our dear friends The Author and the Illustrator and Fullbloods. Check out Fullbloods’ album Mild West! It’s incredible.

See Through Dresses will be playing at FUNZONE in Santa Barbara on Thursday, May 12th with Portland, OR band Snow Roller and local bands Honey Maid and Pentagramma. Their most recent album, End of Days, is available now via TinyEngines.

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