Environmental Awareness PSA: Transportation

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27 July, 2021

The following is a transcript of an aired PSA, produced by KCSB’s Production Coordinator.

This year saw the levels of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere at 419 parts per million — the highest level in more than 4 million years. Though levels initially dropped during the pandemic, greenhouse gases have risen as reopenings take place and people begin to work and travel again. 

According to Pieter Tans, a senior scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, “If we want to avoid catastrophic climate change, the highest priority must be to reduce CO2 pollution to zero at the earliest possible date.”

Transportation remains one of the largest sources of carbon emissions in the U.S. Being more mindful of your transportation practices can go a long way!

By taking public transportation, you can save money and the environment. The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions cites how you can save more than $9,738 per year and a 20-mile commute on public transportation could lower your emissions by 4,800 annually. 

Bicycling and walking also offer alternatives that reduce the environmental impacts of driving a car. You can visit your local bike shop as a source for information on bike commuting. You can also visit traillink.com to find local bike routes.

For more information, you can visit research.noaa.gov and c2es.org! This was a special PSA on ways you can lower your carbon footprint from your friends at 91.9 FM KCSB.

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