Unpacking UCSB’s Long Range Development Plan with the Daily Nexus

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19 December, 2021

KCSB News · Unpacking UCSB's Long Range Development Plan with the Daily Nexus

While the term Munger Hall has received national recognition in recent months, many are unaware of the complexities within the context behind the controversial building project. Of particular importance is UCSB’s Long Range Development Plan, the contract developed in 2010 between UCSB, Santa Barbara County, and Goleta that requires the university to build housing to accommodate increased students and faculty by 2025. KCSB’s Ashley Rusch joins the Daily Nexus’ Atmika Iyer and Holly Rusch to discuss their recent Nexus Explained piece on the Long Range Development Plan, Ocean Road Housing, and Munger Hall.

You can find the piece referenced in this conversation at dailynexus.com/2021-12-06/nexus-…ger-hall-housing/.

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