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08 November, 2019

KCSB wants to give the biggest *hugs* to everyone who came out to the Peek-A-Boo! Bash last Wednesday! Here are a few photos taken by our Publications Coordinator, Kiyomi Morrison. Thanks Kiyomi!!!!!

KCSB News Director, Riley Esguerra, dressed up as Ryuk from Death Note.

CAM GIRL + KCSB Harley Quinn at the show.

CAM GIRL DJ’ing at the KCSB Courtyard! She wore leopard fluffy ears ^-^.

KCSB Promotions Director, Kristyn Schwerdtfeger w/ the one and only, Nardwuar (just kidding). Kristyn’s hanging out with Gabe + friends near the back of the courtyard.

KCSB General Manager, Zero Saldaña, dj’ing hardcore techno. They perform under the moniker, theywept.

The legendary Zah, formerly known as Nightspace, performing under the moonlight. Serving the crowd wench, swampy aesthetics.

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