PLAYLIST: Nicoletta of HSA Talks 2019 Faves (So Far)

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17 October, 2019

Written by Nicoletta Browne of Hardly Strictly Americana, SATURDAYS 12-4pm 
It’s time for our last new programming schedule of 2019. How’s the Americana (and Hardly Strictly Americana) of 2019 been so far? It’s been pretty great, and here’s some songs to get started with if you’ve been a bit behind on music for the year. You can listen to the playlist through Spotify here!
1. Faye Webster, “Kingston,” Atlanta Millionaires Club
From what’s looking like it’ll be one of the best albums of the year, here’s an exquisite blend of sorrowful country and hip-hop (!!). It’s a great example of how wonderful slide guitar can be…if you know what you’re doing with the production.
2. Marika Hackman, “all night,” (FCC Warning) Any Human Friend
A wonderful anthem to sapphic love from a folk songstress turned punk. I like all of those, so it’s a good fit for HSA.
3. Doug Tuttle, “In This World Alone,” Dream Road
A catchy guitar line and a catchy song that sounds like a mix of 60s British Rock and Alt-Country. The dude’s an American, so I can only assume…
4. Jay Som, “Superbike,” Anak Ko
Really digging Jay Som’s new, bluesy album and her catchy riffs. Melina Duterte is going places.
5. Long Beard, “Snow Globe,” Means to Me
Bluesy shoegazey dreams of snow globes, just in time for Santa Barbara’s very much not snowy Christmas.
6. Emily Wells, “Rock and Roll Man”, This World is Too____for You
I don’t recommend trying to play the violin parts. You will probably not play them as well as Emily Wells. She can play basically anything.
7. Calexico ft. Iron and Wine, “The Bitter Suite (Pájaro/Evil Eye/Tennessee Train)”, Years to Burn
An example of two “not my favorite” bands complementing each other’s strengths and weaknesses epically. They should make more songs like this.
8. Lily & Madeleine, “Canterbury Girls”, Canterbury Girls
Dreaming in the moonlight, it’s a Canterbury Park in Indiana, not in the UK by the way.
9. Lucy Rose, “Conversation/No Words Left, Pt. 1,” No Words Left
You have to listen to them together. Also I discovered her through an anime opening of all things…Mushi-shiif you’re curious. The song “Shiver”.
10. Faye Webster ft. Father, “Flowers,” (FCC Warning), Atlanta Millionaires Club
I cheated, two songs from the same album. But it’s really kind of a separate experience…country and rap actually working very well together.

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