KCSB-FM Involvement: Volunteer with Us!

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28 October, 2019

Hello! Do you want to volunteer at KCSB but have no idea how to get involved?  Keep reading to find out information regarding different departments you can volunteer in at KCSB! 



KCSB-FM’s Promotions Department is currently run by the Promotions Director and Digital Media Coordinator. KCSB Promotions is all about informing people about KCSB, our mission statement, and everything in between! Below are just a couple of the Promotions department subcommittees that regularly take place each quarter. 


  • Promotions Committee

Getting the word out on KCSB! We’ll discuss publicity opportunities, ticket giveaways, event involvement, tabling, and the station’s promotional outreach. 

  • Fund Drive Committee: 

Fund Drive Committee is specifically dedicated to the organization and timely execution of all Fund Drive tasks. Our goals include acquiring relevant gifts, improving inventory and database organization, fulfilling gifts, and facilitating more engaging trainings.

  • Website Development  Committee 

Create content for KCSB’s new website! Content includes anything from album and show reviews, opinion pieces, playlists, etc



Our Engineering Department is run by our Chief and Assistant Engineer, along with our Production Coordinator. The Engineering Department regularly maintains the functionality of our stations equipment and also maintains the KCSB transmitter site. Furthermore, Engineering manages pre-recorded content on air and is also responsible for the creation of Public Service Announcements etc. Here are our current subcommittees run by the engineering department.

  • Engineering Committee

Unique opportunity to learn valuable audio engineering skills! Trainings for Live-in-Studio band mixing, setup, microphone placement techniques, EQing and compression, etc. band sourcing and scheduling. You can help by pitching bands or individual performers that KCSB would enjoy having in for a live studio performance. Helping mix Studio A performances, KCSB-hosted events, post production help, the more ears the better the mix.

  • Production Committee

Promote your favorite artists and most important ideas by making PSAs for KCSB! KCSB’s Production Committee is dedicated to getting the most important facts out to the public and raising awareness for social issues and events that might not get the promotion they deserve. 


The music department consists of our Music Directors [Internal + External] and Music Librarian, along with many volunteers. In addition to soliciting and receiving physical and digital music from industry contacts and promoter groups, the music department is in charge of organizing and maintaining the station’s ever-growing music library. 

  • Music Department Committee

The Music Directors will primarily distribute music for review in order to maximize efficiency of reviews and provide more democratic mapping of KCSB’s music library. We’ll spend time at this committee listening to music and discussing its relation to the mission statement! Further, the Music Librarian will help you learn how to organize/catalog the labyrinthine KSCB music library. You’ll be able to offer your input on the future of the library, as well as any attempts at exciting new revamps of this subcommittee.


If you’d like to be involved as a volunteer, please fill out the Google Form Sheet below, so we can add you to our list-servs. Through the list-servers, you will receive regular emails about the KCSB departments + other important updates and station business. 


Don’t forget you can also sign up to KCSB News, Sports, and KJUC! Check our website pages for more information on those programs. 🙂


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