KCSB Covers the Candidates: Cathy Murillo

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26 October, 2021

KCSB News · KCSB Covers the Candidates: Cathy Murillo

Five candidates are running against incumbent Cathy Murillo to be the next mayor of Santa Barbara. Election day is November 2nd. Murillo’s challengers include Randy Rowse, Deborah Schwartz, Mark Whitehurst, James Joyce, and Matt Kilrain.

The winning candidate will serve a five year term. KCSB News reporters speak with each of the six candidates – and you’ll be hearing from them on the KCSB 5’oclock news. You can tune into all of the mayoral candidate interview replays on KCSB FM’s Soundcloud, Spotify, and kcsb.org. More information about voting in the mayoral election can be found at countyofsb.org.

KCSB’s Terrie Jeon sat down with incumbent Cathy Murillo to discuss her qualifications and stance on pertinent issues including housing, houselessness, and business growth in Santa Barbara.

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