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18 March, 2020

This week on Ephemera, Zero will feature mixes from 909 WorldWide DJ’s, Techno Allah and Schoolbook_ Depository.

Techno Allah is a Denver based producer and DJ & calls herself the 808 Clan Represent of 909Worldwide :p. She has been producing for the past eight years & started DJ’ing two years ago.

music>> https://soundcloud.com/tech_noallah

instagram: @technoallahofficial


SchoolBook_Depository is from Santa Fe, New Mexico & has been DJ’ing for the past year. She plans on working on production skills + releasing tracks soon!!!

music>> https://soundcloud.com/schoolbook_depository

instagram: schoolbook_depository

Next week, catch RITCHRD from the label, Out of Respect Records <3