text by Niko / edited by digital-media

15 July, 2020

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ Please enjoy our 2020 Cancer season horoscope PSA for June 20th-July 22nd this summer, brought to you by DJ Jess and DJ Dolce ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙

“Howdy my space cowboys, it’s DJ Jess and DJ Dolce, and we are here with your Cancer season horoscope. Being the cardinal water sign of the zodiac, we are being pushed to start new beginnings in our life that are not rooted from the head, but rather from the heart.
Really tap into your intuitive knowledge; Cancer’s home planet is the moon. You can use this nurturing energy to create deeper bonds with the people around you, with the nature around you, and most powerfully, with your highest self.
With the heat of the summer, everything feels like it’s on full volume. Take the time to turn it down, reflect, cut ties that no longer serve you, and give a hug to the most hurt parts within yourself.
You can be the captain of your emotions when you learn to acknowledge them. Give your feelings a face,  and have a good heart to heart with them.
When you understand why you’re feeling something, you give yourself the opportunity to improve and once again take a more hands-on approach to understanding one’s self on a deeper level.
Being sensitive to energies is a superpower. Hold room for empathy, for giggles, and for revelations. There is a grace in moving through the world while soft and accepting. There is a strength in moving authentically and honestly with yourself.”

(Illustration courtesy of Lucy Greenberg, Instagram: @luwitch)