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15 November, 2021

KCSB’s music department -Marion, Yousef, and Derian- has compiled a playlist of their monthly favorites just for you! Go on then – put on some headphones and take a walk in the crisp autumn air while taking in the beautiful colors of the fall leaves. We got you covered with the soundtrack. B-)



  • “Triangle” – BADBADNOTGOOD

My favorite part in this song is the transition from the bass and the straight-ahead drums to the introduction of the piano and synth in the chorus. This one gets weird, but in the case of BBNG- that’s a good thing!

  • ”The Fairest of the Seasons” Nico 

This is just a really beautiful song all around. The guitar finger-picking, Nico’s gentle voice singing vaguely meaningful lyrics, and the violin accompaniment are a perfect combination. The product- the perfect song for a brisk, reflective, November walk. 

  • “Sao Paulo” – Braxton Cook 

Again with the bass!! I know, I’m a sucker for a good bassline. Can you blame me? This one is groovy and tasteful, with a title that evokes a warm summer evening in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  

  • “All I Think About Now” – Pixies

Nobody makes the combination of fuzzy guitar and acoustic guitar work like the Pixies. This one’s lyrics are also dripping with classic Pixies angst. 

  • “West L.A Fade Away” – Keller Williams

This is a live cover of The Grateful Dead’s song “West L.A Fadeaway,” by Keller Williams and his band. Watch out for Keller’s masterful playing with Jerry Garcia’s classic envelope filter pedal sound. Also, the keyboards are absolutely insane on this track, giving a simple bluesy funk tune a jazzier spin. 

  • “Queen Jane Approximately” – Bob Dylan

In this tune, Bob Dylan sketches a perfect picture of a proud and bitter protagonist. I would be remiss if I didn’t also highlight the emotive harmonica solos. 

  • “Estrelar” – Marcos Valle

The title of this song translates to “energy.” Appropriate- since this one’s brimming with funky, and electric, energy. 

  • “7 heures du matin” – Jacqueline Taieb

Even though I don’t speak French, I love the lyrics of this song. They detail the morning of a woman who uses the music of Elvis Presley, Paul McCartney, and The Who to kick start her day. It’s extremely gritty, and very French. 

  • “Country John” – Allen Toussaint 

I really love the story in these lyrics, of a man who has to get away form his ordinary life in order to “get away” and play in a band. My favorite line has to be “between the moonshine and the shining of the moon.” Genius! 

  • “Feel the Pain” – Dinosaur Jr. 

Dinosaur Jr. are one of the giants of late 80s alternative rock. The lyrics in this track are phenomenal. But what most stands out to me is how perfect the guitar tone is, and what a lasting influence this single has had on alternative rock today. 



  •  “Dream Palette” – Yves Tumor

– Fireworks are shooting off. The drum solos grab the devil by the horns. Yves Tumor cries for fundamental love in the most electric way possible.  

  •  “styrofoam” – Lil Ugly Mane

A 1920s cartoon rendition of a night spent on Actavis. 


– Glitchy, spellbinding and glittery in the first-half; ominous, aggressive and retribution-seeking in the second-half. Peggy’s been grinding for years, he couldn’t care less about what you think.

  •  “Outside” – Injury Reserve

This song perfectly encapsulates when someone is way too far past help. There’s no agree-to-disagree. It’s not possible. Then Black Midi’s drums kick-in and you’re revitalized.

  •  “Sundown” – Kent Loon

– “Deadstock Js, they ain’t touch the ground yet.” Consider this an official PSA to keep your Air Jordan 1s in pristine condition.

  •  “Just” – Ka

“To get what we need, we did what we must.” It’s a dog-eat-dog world and I’m just trying to survive out here. The beat also sounds futuristic as hell.

  •  “Inside Outside” – Mac Miller

“I should have died already” is the most haunting opening to a tape Mac could have imagined. Mac’s at his craziest, but he’s goofy and I love/miss it dearly.

  •  “Red Dust” – billy woods & Kenny Segal

– You can’t trust anybody and all perceptions are fake. People do things for their own selfish reasons, but it shouldn’t stop you from growing into yourself.  

  •  “Hell on Earth, Pt. 2” – Westside Gunn

Westside Gunn, Benny the Butcher, and Conway the Machine all trade bars here, just like old times, on Westside Gunn’s alleged last album. Even the beat sounds like a classic ‘60s prohibition-era speakeasy.

  • “Stratosphere” – Duster

– I completely dissociate when I listen to this one. It feels like you’re in the middle of taking off on a spaceship and never coming back.



  • “Surrender” The Duke Spirit

– I first heard this track in Forza Horizon way back in 2012, wild to think it’s been 9 years. Anyway this song has this great air of furious resignation, I vibe with it.

  • “Sinking Ship” CAKE

– Remember when they released this single 2 years ago and said “new album coming soon”? Is there any comedy act as funny as CAKE’s release schedule? A surprising evolution from their earlier sound is appreciated though.

  • “Run Down” Easy Mccoy

– I don’t listen to enough Rap, a pity. Anyway this song goes hard, great tempo to it.. 

  • “Vowels” Capital Cities

– The chorus is kinda hokey, but otherwise this electronica grooves. Very Danceable, even if you do it Risky Business style 

  • “Kids (Ain’t Alright)” Grace Mitchell

– First off, the freshmen class proves this song is still valid. Nice piece of harder alt-rock.

  • “Ahora Te Puedes Marchar” Luis Miguel

– Why did we ever stop using saxophones in pop music? It whipped so hard. There’s something about it that makes me so happy.

  • “A=A+A’” Technoboys Pulcraft Green-fund

– Very difficult song to categorize, but my god, what vibes. A really neat piece of music I doubt you’ll find derivative

  • “Feels Eternal” Fall Shock

– Speaking of things I miss: Digital Percussions. They make this moody gothy track highly memorable

  • “Try Walk with Me” Joe Armon-Jones

– This feels like the good part of Bowie’ “Black Star.” Extremely impressive and ethically off putting. Perhaps it’s the tempo of the drums, but I can’t help but feel ill at ease.

  • “Sharp #” negoto

– Man another bout of nostalgia, remember hearing this track like it was yesterday, but it’s been almost 6 years. Horrific. Anyway, a fantastic piece of pop rock, love Aoyama’s vocal precision on this track.