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Al Gore on Climate Change

KCSB reporter Dhara Vala interviewed Al Gore at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival the day after he was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Student Protest on UCSB Campus Shuts Down HWY 217

A student, faculty, and staff strike in opposition to the war in Iraq turned into a protest march that led to the shutdown of the East Campus entrance to UCSB. Student protesters gathered at the bicycle entrance to UCSB in Isla Vista around 1pm this afternoon. The crowd began to grow as planned speakers spoke against the Iraqi war. After the [...]

News-Press Fires Six Employees

Employees who were fired from the Santa Barbara News-Press this week -- joined by other dismissed reporters, union reps, and supporters -- held a press conference on Feb. 6, 2007, in De La Guerra Plaza. KCSB reporters Harry Lawton, Iris Hanu, and Cathy Murillo recorded the press conference statements and interviews after the event. Order of [...]

UCSB’s Daily Nexus in debt $600,000

Cathy Murillo interviews UCSB administrator in regards to the Nexus's financial debt. Former News-Press Editor Jerry Roberts hired to fix problem.

Interview: Thinking Outside the Bomb Conference

KCSB reporter Stefanie Stouffer interviewed Will Parrish at the Thinking Outside the Bomb conference at UCSB. Will Parrish is the Youth Outreach Director at the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. They discuss the in-depth goals of the conference.

Chancellor Yang Responds to Students’ Demands

The invasion of the Chancellor's office in Cheadle Hall proved success for students of "tent city" who have been camped out in front of Storke Tower for two days. Chancellor Yang left northern California to hear the demands of the students. Students and custodial staff at UCSB asked for an increase of wages for custodial staff, University support [...]

Interview with A.S. External VP Bill Shiebler regarding Student’s Initiative

Associate News Director Hassan Naveed interviewed A.S. External Vice President Bill Shiebler regarding the Student's Initiative. The initiative will be on GOLD for the upcoming student elections between Oct. 23rd through the 26th.

Daily Nexus Editorial Staff Against Student’s Initiative

Associate News Director Hassan Naveed interviewed Kaitlin Pike, Editor in Chief, and Nick Dürnhöfer, Opinion Editor, as they explained the Daily Nexus's stance against the A.S.'s Student Initiative.

Proposition 87

Reporter Harry Lawton provides an in-depth look in to proposition 87. If the proposition passes on the November 11th elections it would install a "$4 billion program with goal to reduce petroleum consumption by 25%, with research and production incentives for alternative energy, alternative energy vehicles, energy efficient technologies, and for [...]

Interview: Isla Vista Eviction

Associate News Director Hassan Naveed interviewed Kevin Davis and Jeronimo Saldana regarding the latest information on the Isla Vista eviction situation.

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