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KCSB Community News Nov. 20

Today's newscast includes speeches from a union rally that took place on the UC Santa Barbara campus this afternoon (Stephanie Espinoza). And we have a story about a voter registration drive promoted by students (Avalon Jeffrey). Finally, a preview of a Town Hall meeting organized by students concerned about a university plan to increase the [...]

KCSB Community News Nov. 19

Today's newscast includes a story from Jackie Sheeley about a young man who fasted to raise awareness about homeless youth. Joseph Farsakh reports on a UCSB event focusing on globalization. Science reporter Megan Murray has a story about biomolecular materials, viruses, and energy. Headlines: an Associated Students' town hall meeting, scheduled [...]

Support Troops Rally in Storke Plaza

A group called Students Defending Democracy held a Support-the-Troops rally on the UCSB campus today. The event drew about 50 supporters as well as a handful of people who promoted an anti-war message.

Naomi Klein Lecture Airs Monday, November 12th, 8 a.m.!

KCSB FM is once again providing an important service to the Santa Barbara community by airing an exclusive lecture by Naomi Klein, author of the book, “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.” Klein’s lecture will air Monday, November 12, at 8 a.m., as part of KCSB’s singular Santa Barbara Lectures series. Worldwide audiences [...]

KCSB Community News Nov. 2

Today's newscast includes a story from KCSB science reporter Megan Murray about galaxies colliding in our universe. And we have a report from Stephanie Espinoza about increased financial aid for college students. Josh Steele interviews KCSB general manager Josh Redman about the radio station’s upcoming Fund Drive. And we have a global headline [...]

KCSB Community News Oct. 30

Today's newscast: an interview by Wendy Kaysing with a Marine who served in Iraq. He is now working to end the war in Iraq. And we have a report on an upcoming hearing on the National Marine Sanctuary Program (Cathy Murillo interviewed Congressmember Lois Capps). And Summer Galante interviewed UCSB students on their reaction to Halloween policing [...]

KCSB Community News Oct. 29

Today's newscast: A report on what happened in Isla Vista over the Halloween weekend (Erika Stern and Cathy Murillo). And we’ll have a story about a controversial movie screening related to the so-called Islamo Fascism Week at UCSB (Philip Montalbano and Avalon Jeffrey). Finally, we’ve got an update on actions by the Isla Vista Tenants Union [...]

Rally For Peace on Saturday, Oct. 27

KCSB Reporter Tom Standifer produced this story about an anti-war event planned for Sat., Oct. 27, in Santa Barbara. Activists are also calling for a more sustainable society. Participants should gather at Vera Cruz Park at 11:30 a.m.

KCSB Community News Oct. 26

Today's newscast includes an update on the Ranch Fire in Ventura County (Jeff Pollard), a report on a proposal by Fairview Gardens to build farm worker housing (Joseph Farsakh), headlines by Josh Steele, and announcements by Cathy Murillo. Jordan Katz was our announcer.

KCSB Community News Oct. 23

Today's newscast includes an update on Ventura County’s Ranch fire. And KCSB reporter Jackie Sheeley brings us a pre-Halloween story on legal rights students should know about, before they hit the streets of Isla Vista. Reporter Harry Lawton has a story about the film, Killer of Sheep, screening tomorrow night at UCSB’s Campbell Hall. And we [...]

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