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KCSB Community News March 7

*Access on the UCSB campus (Erika Stern) *Skateboarding safety at UCSB (Stephanie Medina) *Anti-nuke forum (Amy Kalra) *Marine life in SB Channel *City of SB improving waterfront sidewalks *Announcer: Giovanna Acton *Engineer: Josh Steele

KCSB Community News March 6

*Chad Relief Foundation (Josh Steele) *Producer Sam Tyler on "Citizen McCaw" (Harry Lawton) *AFSCME union wants higher wages (Amy Rosner) *IV Tenants Union fights for security deposits (Vanessa Molano) *Former prison escapee arrested (Stephanie Medina)

KCSB Community News March 3

*Jackie Sheely on UCSB students who support the mission of the United Nations *Brooke Elliott with a report about California college students who care about the natural environment *Erika Stern on Hermanos Unidos helping the United Way *Headlines by Amy Kalra and Cathy Murillo *Announcer: Brooke Elliott

KCSB Community News Feb. 28

* Q&A with author Michael Pollan on food industry * Election Unspun * Headlines by Vanessa Molano, Brooke Elliott, Jordan Katz, Amy Rosner, and Jackie Sheely * Announcer: Jackie Sheely. Engineer: Josh Steele

KCSB Community News Feb. 25

*Teacher Sal Castro and the East L.A. student walkouts (Amy Kalra) *Update on events honoring Lawrence King (Giovanna Acton and Cathy Murillo) *Presidential election update (Vanessa Molano) *IV Tenants Union action (Vanessa Molano) *Anti-nuke event, Faulkner Gallery 2/26 7-9 p.m. *Announcer: Giovanna Acton

KCSB Community News Feb. 21

Today's headlines: Electronic Waste Recycling and Collection (Erika Stern) Candlelight Vigil interview with John Paul Primeau (Cathy Murillo) Interview with author Paul Kivel (Jordan Katz) More election news produced by Pacifica and Free Speech Radio News Update on the Resignation of Fidel Castro (Harry Lawton) Announcing by Avalon [...]

KCSB Community News Feb. 19

*Democratic presidential candidates battle for delegates (Brooke Elliott) *Healing Soul of America dot org (Cathy Murillo) *More election news produced by Pacifica and Free Speech Radio News *Announcing and Headlines by Ariana Van Beurden *Engineer: Karla Beltran *Amy Kalra contributed to this newscast

KCSB Community News Feb. 15

The Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars at UCSB tonight (Leonora Howard) Helping children with hair loss (Amy Kalra) Anti-war protesters on this week’s raucous demonstration (Cathy Murillo) Steelhead trout spotted in Mission Creek Announcer: Brooke Elliott. Engineer: Josh Steele

KCSB Community News Feb. 14

Follow-up coverage of the anti-war demonstration on the UCSB campus on Tuesday Avalon Jeffrey interviews UCSB campus police spokesperson Matt Bowman Cathy Murillo talks with protester Natalie Warner Headline by Vanessa Molano Announcer: Amy Kalra.

Anti-War Protest/Arrests at UCSB

Anti-war demonstrators, numbering around 350, disrupted the 2008 ICB Army-Industry Collaboration Conference today at Corwin Pavilion. There was a clash between protesters and law enforcement, and three people were arrested -- two young men and one young woman. ICB is the Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies, a partnership of UCSB, the U.S. [...]

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