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KCSB Community News May 13

*“Miss Sarajevo," a documentary (Josh Steele) *David Horowitz at UCSB (Avalon Jeffrey, Josh Steele, Cathy Murillo) *SB County agriculture (Tracy Bueno) *Update disaster in Burma (Nicole Mendoza) *Update on UCSB student class loads, MCP (Avalon Jeffrey)

KCSB Community News May 12

*Employee Free Choice Act (Rayma Montero) *Global Headlines: Ariana Van Beurden and Jordan Katz *Local Headlines: Tracy Bueno and Cathy Murillo *Announcers: Elvira Valdez, Tracy Bueno, Avalon Jeffrey *Engineer: Jordan Katz

KCSB Community News May 6

*Model Mentality: Asian-American Depression and Suicide (Nicole Mendoza) *Health Care Reform, Local Rally (Harry Lawton interviews Peter Conn) *Queer Pride Wedding (Stephanie Medina, Stephanie Espinoza) *Headlines: Jackie Sheely, Amy Kalra *Announcer: Amy Kalra *Engineer: Avalon Jeffrey

KCSB Community News May 9

*Chicano Pride Week at UCSB (Stephanie Medina and Ale Reyes) *AFSCME union members take action (Cathy Murillo) *Israeli Independence Day Carnival (Jackie Sheely) *Miss Sarajevo Film (Josh Steele) *Announcer: Tracy Bueno *Engineer: Josh Steele

KCSB Community News May 5

*Cinco de Mayo at UCSB (Stephanie Medina, Stephanie Espinoza) *Peak Oil event (Nicole Mendoza) *Headlines: ACLU event, New UC President (Ariana Van Beurden) *Announcer: Tracy Bueno *Engineer: Jordan Katz

KCSB Community News May 2

*CAB's homelessness forum (Tracy Bueno) *MoveOn.Org: Iraq War causing recession (Stephanie Espinoza) *Proposed spay and neuter ordinance (Cathy Murillo) *Headlines: May Day Rally, Airlines Curbing Fuel Costs (Gilbert Vasquez) *Announcer: Avalon Jeffrey *Engineer: Josh Steele

KCSB Community News May 1

*UCSB student government elections *All-Gaucho Reunion; interview with Mary MacRae *Workers Independent News *Healing Soul of America *Announcers: Stephanie Medina, Rayma Montero

KCSB Community News April 29

*Harry Lawton interviews Peter Conn about health care reform and yesterday's press conference on county budget cuts to health services *Follow on Associated Students election; Jackie Sheely interviews president-elect John Paul Primeau *Announcers: Tracy Bueno and Stephanie Espinoza *Engineer: Jackie Sheely

KCSB Community News April 22

*Harry Lawton interviews Rachel Hommel of Reel Loud Film Festival *Bike to School Day (Avalon Jeffrey) *U.S. Presidential Election in Pennsylvania *All Gaucho Reunion at UCSB

KCSB Community News April 28

*Queer Pride Week at UCSB campus *Headlines and Announcing by Ariana Van Beurden *Update on Associated Students elections (Stephanie Medina) *Engineer: Jordan Katz *Additional Announcing: Tracy Bueno

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