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News Story: Yes on Measure D

Isla Vista residents are voting on Nov. 4, deciding whether or not the IVRPD should swap land with the county of Santa Barbara; Measure D aims to build underground parking structures as well as a new IV Community Center (which would house the IV Teen Center). It would also allow mixed-use development of Pardall Gardens park. Opponents of Measure D [...]

Democracy Now! Delayed October 29, 2008

Today, KCSB will air Democracy Now! after KCSB's coverage of Gaucho Soccer beginning around 4:30pm. You can listen to the full length of Democracy Now! at

KCSB Community News Oct 21

Proposition 1A, League of Women Voters Educational Forum Matt Fottrell, Stephen Desrochers Shattering the Glass Ceiling Cathy Murillo Talk by Aqeela Sherrills, community organizer and negotiator of Crips and Bloods truce Phil LeVasseur Announcer Cristella Marrufo Additional Reporting/Editing Jordan Katz, Robyn Pennington

KCSB Community News Sept 26

Interview with Matt Gonzalez Ellen McClure Ralph Nader's VP running mate on presidential election issues Hiroshima survivors at UC Regents meeting Students and survivors urge UC to stop nuclear weapons research Reporters: Jordan Katz, Cathy Murillo Ralph Nader & Matt Gonzalez Campaign Stop at UCSB Sunday, Sept 28, 3 p.m., Corwin Pavilion, [...]

Presidential Politics: An Interview with Helene Schneider

KCSB Associate News Director Jordan Katz interviews Helene Schneider, Santa Barbara City Councilmember and former president of the Santa Barbara Women's Political Committee, on presidential politics and feminism.

KCSB Community News Sept. 23

Headlines: UC students respond to state budget, launch voter registration drive; Carpinteria teachers evaluate school district administrators Interview with Eric Cardenas Cathy Murillo New group SB County Ag Futures Alliance aims to resolve agriculture's environmental and social issues Resignation of South African President Thabo Mbeki Harry [...]

KCSB Community News Sept 10

Headlines Dream Act activism, MTD Bus Fares Going Up, November Ballot: Proposition 7 Cathy Murillo & Meredith Taylor Interview with State Assemblymember Pedro Nava Anti-Offshore Oil Drilling Event Planned Announcer: Stephanie Espinoza

KCSB Community News September 5

Permibus Released from Impound during RNC SB Democratic Delegate Says Clinton Supporters Won't Go For Palin No on Proposition 8 Campaign Getting Organized Anti-Offshore Oil Drilling Movement Growing International Piano Society to Sponsor Sunday Concert in Goleta AIDS in Nigeria, a new tactic Hezbollah Shoots Down Lebanese Helicopter Haiti [...]

News: Police Seize Permibus During RNC

Delyla Wilson talks to KCSB about police impounding the Permibus, or the Earth Activist Training Permaculture Demonstration Bus, during the Republican National Convention. More information and updates can be found at Reporter: Cathy Murillo

KCSB Community News August 27

Students Protest at Pardall Groundbreaking in Isla Vista Ellen McClure UCSB's Freshman Summer Start Program Tim Pathak Peace Activist Arrested at Vandenberg AFB Ari Adachi & Missy Guardado Announcer: Meredith Taylor Engineer: Jordan Katz

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