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KCSB Community News Feb 27

*New possibilities in the world of stem cell science Gilbert Vasquez *Carpinteria High School mascot controversy Cathy Murillo *Headlines Meredith Taylor, Robyn Pennington, Iris Hanu, Jordan Katz Announcer: Michael Martinez Engineer: Jordan Katz

KCSB Community News Feb 24

*UCSB professor's new book, A Dolores Huerta Reader Erick Mendoza *Environmental Racism, a talk by Robert Bullard Allie Myers *California's public schools suffering, an interview with Jack O'Connell Emma Hammack *UCSB administration seeks new funding sources, students say look elsewhere: --Don't Cut Us Out group trying to protect [...]

Democracy Now! delayed/canceled February 23

Due to a sports game, Democracy Now! will either only be aired in part or not at all today, depending on when the game ends. To listen to Democracy Now! in full, go to

KCSB Community News Feb 20

* Students and landlords oppose the county's proposed Social Host Ordinance Josh Steele, Jordan Katz * Construction on IV's Pardall Road is driving businesses crazy Robyn Pennington * "America the Beautiful," film doc about plastic surgery and body image, coming to town Angie Fotiades * Headlines Emma Hammack, Iris Hanu Announcer: Iris [...]

KCSB Community News Feb 17

* SB Rape Crisis Center's campaign focusing on sexual assault in the Gay community Erick Mendoza * Journalist Keith Harmon Snow in Santa Barbara talking about genocide in Africa Cristella Marrufo * UCSB students respond to a university proposal to grab money from student services Erick Mendoza * Student activists fighting UC nuclear weapons [...]

Democracy Now! February 2, 2009

It's KCSB Fund Drive time! As all of our programming during the time provides Fund Drive information, we are posting our public affairs programs in their entirety on our website. Here's the full version of today's Democracy Now!

KCSB Community News January 22

Ask-a-Lawyer with Associated Students Attorney Robin Unander Cathy Murillo Legal Resource Center lawyer answers questions about tenants' issues Homelessness in Santa Barbara County Roelle Balan Social service authorities to conduct a head count of homeless SB International Film Festival Interview Harry Lawton KCSB talks to film director [...]

KCSB Community News January 20

Interview with Ethan Stewart, reporter in Washington, DC, for the Inauguration UCSB's Daily Nexus to Publish Four Days a Week Casey Capachi University of California Cuts Back Freshman Enrollment Cathy Murillo Interview with SBIFF filmmakers Cassandra Nichols & Tod Lancaster Harry Lawton Headlines Roelle Balan Announcer Allie Myers

Tune in for KCSB’s Annual Film Festival Preview!

Friday, January 16, 2009, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.: The Santa Barbara International Film Festival runs Jan 22 to Feb 1 this year, and once again, KCSB will bring our listeners a two-hour preview show. Find out about films and events, about how the films were made, how films and personalities were chosen, and who will tread the red carpet. KCSB film and [...]

KCSB Community News January 12

KCSB Community News January 12

Headlines Casey Capachi ROTC Recruiters vs. Anti-Military Activists Roelle Balan & Gilbert Vasquez David Goodman lecture excerpt: global-warming scientists fighting U.S. Govt Announcer: Gilbert Vasquez Engineer: Jordan Katz

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