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KCSB Morning Headlines – April 23, 2009

Some of the headlines at 8:00 am PT... Cheney and Rice Signed Off On Interrogation Techniques Two Top Sri Lankan Rebels Surrender GM Plans to Shut Down Plants for Nine Weeks Unemployment Insurance Claims Higher Than Expected Pathogens Reported "Missing" From Fort Detrick Biolab  Man Convicted of Murder and Hate Crime for Killing [...]

KCSB Morning Headlines – April 22, 2009

Headlines at the 8:00 o'clock hour... Member States at UN Anti-Racism Conference Agree on a Declaration Obama Leaves Door Open for Prosecution of Torture Policy Architects CFO of Freddie Mac Found Dead in Apparent Suicide UCSB Associated Student Government Elections Underway Earth Day Turns 39

KCSB Morning Headlines – April 21, 2009

KCSB Morning Headlines – April 21, 2009

The headlines at 8:00 am PT... Congresswoman Denies Offering to Lobby on Behalf of Pro-Israeli Lobby Sri Lanka Rebels Say Hundreds of Civilians Killed UN Conference Against Racism Regroups After EU Delegates Walkout on Day One (see raw video footage of clown demonstration of Ahmadinejad speech here)  *Note:  This version is [...]

An Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism by Greg Hillis

UCSB Religious Studies Professor Greg Hillis delivered a lecture on April 8, 2009 at the Unity Church in Santa Barbara. This event was one of many leading up to the April 24 appearance by the Dalai Lama. Recording courtesy of Unity Church.

Associated Students Candidates Forums

Wednesday, April 15: * Reps at Large * On-Campus Reps/University Owned Housing Reps Thursday, April 16: * Student Advocate General Moderator Aaron Jones

KCSB Morning Headlines – April 16, 2009

Obama Heads to Mexico, Then Summit of the Americas NSA Reportedly "Overcollects" Email and Phone Messages of US Residents India's Elections Underway, Marred By Violence Israel Refuses to Cooperate With UN Investigation Into Possible Human Rights Violations 

KCSB Morning Headlines – April 15, 2009

KCSB Morning Headlines – April 15, 2009

KCSB Morning Headlines Obama Administration Set to Name US-Mexico Border Advisor New Report Shows Most Deportations Triggered By Non-Violent Convictions Mumbai Trial Faces Obstacles in Legal Representation for Accused 200th Person Condemned to Die Under Texas Governor Rick Perry

Associated Students Candidates Debates –Week Two

* External Vice President -- Statewide Affairs * Second Presidential Debate Moderator: Aaron Jones

KCSB Morning Headlines – April 14, 2009

KCSB Morning Headlines – April 14, 2009

North Korea Halts Its Participation in Six-Party Talks, Says Will Continue Nukes Program US Reportedly Uses Political Clout to Influence Afghanistan's Presidential Elections Iranian-American Journalist On Trial in Iran for Alleged Espionage UCSB's Fight Night Cancelled After Alleged Hate Crime (The web version of the headlines is [...]

KCSB Community News April 13

* Headlines: U.S. policy change regarding Cuba, SB County annual agricultural production figures, latest on Somali pirates situation, political turmoil in Bangkok, Thailand * UCSB's Take Back the Night event Casey Capachi * Gender, Race, and Sexuality: a workshop sponsored by the MultiCultural Center Omer Harari Announcer Meredith [...]

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