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“A CLOCKWORK ORANGE with Malcolm McDowell Q&A” Previewed on THE FREAK POWER TICKET with Guest Anna Brusutti (Monday, December 2)

Image courtesy UCSB Carsey-Wolf Center.

UCSB Carsey-Wolf Center Presents A CLOCKWORK ORANGE – Click to Enlarge

One of this week’s hot-ticket Santa Barbara-area events is Tuesday night’s sold-out screening of Stanley Kubrick‘s dystopian science-fiction classic, A Clockwork Orange. The Carsey-Wolf Center presentation will be followed by a Q&A with its star, Malcolm McDowell, led by UCSB Professor Ross Melnick.

Later today, “The Freak Power Ticket” will honor McDowell’s inspired performance, and Stanley Kubrick’s challenging adaptation of Anthony Burgess‘s satirical novella.

In a recorded interview, producer/host Ted Coe discusses the themes and artistry of this controversial film with special guest Anna Brusutti, an instructor in UCSB’s Department of Film & Media Studies who recently taught a course focused on Kubrick’s body of work. Building on previous broadcasts that also explored the impact of A Clockwork Orange, Coe will also share international rock, punk, hip-hop, and classical music associated with the story. Plus trailers, digital sampling, dialogue snippets, and running commentary.

LACMA'S Stanley Kubrick Exhibition: A CLOCKWORK ORANGE Section - CLICK TO ENLARGE

LACMA’S Stanley Kubrick Exhibition: A CLOCKWORK ORANGE Section – CLICK TO ENLARGE

“The Freak Power Ticket” airs on Mondays in the fall from 11am-12noon.