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KING OF QUEEN: Freddie Mercury’s 67th Birthday Tribute (The Music of Queen) on ROCK IT PROPERLY (Sunday, September 8)

“He was the Champion and he did Rock us!”

Image by Orange Beard, used under a CC license.

Image by Orange Beard, used under a CC license.

Join DJ Darla Bea Sunday, Sept. 8th at 8pm for “a Royal Birthday Tribute to Freddie Mercury, the flamboyant lead singer of Queen and showman extraordinaire – who would have turned 67 on September 5th.

Learn about his childhood in India; his obsession with Jimi Hendrix; why he named his band Queen; fans’ reaction to him growing a mustache; the concert for Live Aid; and how his legendary voice and stage-presence has influenced countless singers and bands.

Featuring Covers, Live Tracks, Rare Recordings, Bootlegs, Parodies and more!

Rock out and Listen up for Mercurial Trivia from Santa Barbara’s very own School of Rock!”

“Rock It Properly” airs on Sundays in the summer from 8-10pm.