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Hermit Convention & Field Trips LIVE on “5…4…3…2…FUN!!” (Thursday, February 7)

Of his next broadcast, your host Hoshwa writes “This week’s ’5…4…3…2…fun!!’ will host two touring bands playing live in Studio A.

Hermit Convention, from Santa Cruz loops bass guitar with ‘stream of conscious songwriting… weaving together a pastiche of lyrical snapshots consisting of past memories and drunken recollections.’ Also appearing is Field Trips from Oakland, the ‘primary purveyors of SPAZZ-POP, a restless mixture of post-punk danciness, post-hardcore thrashiness, and riot grrrl riff-mongering.’

Both bands will be promoting a show at the Biko Infoshop on Sunday, February 10th with Vancouver’s Imaginary Pants and local band Cave Babies. More info about this show at and for information about the radio show.”

“5…4…3…2…FUN!!” airs on Thursdays in the winter from 10-midnight.