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Remembering FDR on “Culture of Protest” Tomorrow (Thursday, January 31)

Of his next broadcast, host Richard Flacks writes, “Franklin D. Roosevelt was born January 30, 1886. It seems like a good moment to remember FDR and reflect on his legacy. It’s 80 years since he became president in the midst of the great depression. A new movie, Hyde Park on the Hudson, helps bring him back, but doesn’t tell us much about why he became a working class hero. We’ll listen to a selection of the many songs about him, reflecting his popularity–and also the ways he disappointed. His 2nd inaugural address, delivered after a landslide election victory as the economy was showing some recovery, provides a fascinating parallel with the 2nd inaugural just delivered by Pres. Obama. And we’ll close with a new anthem by the leading musicians of Mali about their nation’s plight.”

“Culture of Protest” airs on Thursdays in the winter from 6-7pm