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Day 2: KCSB Special Coverage from the Republican National Convention

Hats for sale at a souvenir shop in downtown Tampa

Join KCSB News and Public Affairs programmers for coverage of the RNC this week Monday through Thursday at 5:00 PM.

Corey Dubin and Harry Lawton anchor from the KCSB studios in Santa Barbara while Monica Lopez presents RNC updates and field reports from KCSB reporters on the ground in Tampa.

*Republican Delegates Nominate Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as the GOP Candidates for President and Vice President - Monica Lopez

*Demonstrators Rally Against Voter Suppression Tactics - Annalise Domenighini

*US Postal Service Seeks Federal Relief  - Bianca Beltrán

…and today’s Local Voices segment features President of the UCSB College Republicans, Christopher Babadjanian.

Producers: Monica Lopez (Tampa), Kyle Trager (Santa Barbara)
Associate Producer: Bianca Beltrán (Tampa)
Engineer: Katie Lewis (Santa Barbara)
Field Reporter: Annalise Domenighini (Tampa)
Production Coordinator: Allina Mojarro (Tampa)