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CHICK ROCK: From Girl Groups to Teenage Runaways! on “Rock It Properly” Tonight! (Sunday, November 6)

Of her next broadcast (Sunday, November 6), DJ Darla Bea says, “Join me for Rockology 101: A lesson from the school of Rock It Properly on ‘Girl Groups and All-Female Bands.’ We’ll listen to the groovy harmonies from the 1950′s-60′s then rock out to the sounds of the Girl Bands from the 70′s, 80′s and 90′s. A special tribute to The Runaways and Joan Jett. Get your Chick Rock done right this SUNDAY!

‘A girl group is a popular music act featuring several young female singers who generally harmonise together. All-female bands are where the members sing and also play instruments.’”

“Rock It Properly” airs on Sundays in the fall from 8-10pm.